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In some blogs, I've seen women presented as the destroyers of Western civ. Are Western women obscenely selfish, objectifying, and obsessed with status and Alpha males? Sure. Do they tear down the fabric of Western civilization so they can screw barbarians to satiate their narcissism? I think it's a bit more nuanced than that. Women have a different sexual strategy than men, but they aren't dangerous unless unrestrained and hysterical (ex. the Swedish feminist government).

Similarly, the argument that Jews are the virus to Western Civ (with different purposes than women) is overwrought IMO. I saw Macdonald make an objective mistake with how he portrays Jewish holidays, and it made me question the objectivity of the rest of his work. Doesn't mean there isn't some truth his claims, though.

Rameses2, Reddit 4 Comments [3/9/2017 1:53:01 PM]
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Was Donald Trump the best candidate to pick for zoo rights as a way of preventing the cat lady demographic from taking over the White House and Supreme Court?

1) You just know Clinton had two justices lined up a good deal more liberal than Merrick Garland, and we'd absolutely end up with two more Ginsburgs (once she kicks the bucket because seriously, she's old). You're not going to see a lefty SC pick defending bestiality on a national level, and while you're not going to see a standard conservative do so either, you'd be more likely to get a Libertarian justice under Trump who just might be edgy as fuck enough to do so.

2) She's reblogging George Takei shitposts. She's liking every post on Occupy Democrat. She's knitting her hat for the pussy march between strokes of her housecat's back. She's signing online petitions. She's sobbing about endangered species and animal welfare while she has a beef roast preparing in her slow cooker. She's having her morning Starbucks instant coffee before heading out to brunch with the girls to have even more Starbucks coffee and talk about the latest thing Trump did that she read on Thinkprogress, and you just know her minivan has a COEXIST sticker on the back of it.

It's the most staunch enemy of zoophiles in the past few decades, the white feminist liberal cat lady. Or maybe staunch isn't the right word, because the cat lady doesn't really fixate on any particular cause, and doesn't have much energy to do anything but sit around on Facebook clicking on fake news article and getting outraged about whatever social causes her media sphere tells her to get outraged about. But, mind you, this is separate from what Reddit usually chimps it about in regards to >THE SJWS REEEEEEEEEEE. Because while the common social justice warrior actually makes an effort at being woke, the cat lady is mostly driven by simple moral disgust, and is actually pretty fucking ignorant when it comes to the issues outside of the bubble of being a straight, cisgendered middle class white woman.

"Ugh! I miss when presidential candidates had class. I miss the days of Reagan and Kennedy," you'll hear her pine, without any irony whatsoever and despite being a 21st century Democrat. "I can't believe our children's president is going to be someone who says 'grab them by the you-know-what!' What will we tell them?"
"These poor, starving Syrian children! Did you see that picture of that dead one washed up on the coast? Bless his little heart, we should take in the entire MENA region to save all of those kids."

"Bestiality? Ugh! Sick, sick, sick! They should get raped by an animal and see how they like it! Here's a link to donate to the Humane Society, everyone."

Take a look at the end of this video.

Take a look at any Facebook or local news comments section.

It's just cat ladies. It's almost always the cat ladies screeching about the evil animal rapists, combined with the occasional dumbass old right-wing cat lady who believes that Obama is the devil and shares even more autistic memes than the left-wing cat lady does, and there's a pretty high chance she ended up staying home or voting for Clinton regardless because she was too emotionally distraught as a result of some of Trump's remarks. And that isn't to say that there's not non-cat ladies against bestiality too, because seriously, most people are, but it's cat ladies who are prone to outrage and boredom enough to adopt fighting it as their pet cause because they actually do not have anything more interesting to do in their life and they aren't politically savvy enough to actually care about causes more important.

Thoughts? And really, Trump/Bannon do not strike me as being the type to actually give a shit about zoophilia at all, whether it's supporting or opposing it. Trump's a moral degenerate when it comes to sex, and Bannon is much more concerned about other cultural battles as well as the impending horde of migrants from South America that will be heading up north once global warming really starts to kick in.

Cephaliarch, /r/zoophilia 18 Comments [3/9/2017 1:44:48 PM]
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for anyone wondering why killing of the firstborn:

a) Pharaoh had 9 warnings, even from Moses, so there should've been no reason for it to go that far. Even his own men were begging him.
b) Pharaoh killed Israelite babies which implied he should be okay with it happening to him and his own people. This is to show hypocrisy is wrong and poetic justice.
c) The line of Judah, where the promised Messiah would come from is under threat. If Israel had been wiped out or what not, there would be no savior and we would all still be guilty of our sins.?

Mi Les, youtube 17 Comments [3/9/2017 1:41:37 PM]
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Here’s a thousand things that are wrong with not referring to God as a He.

1. It’s essentially disrespectful to the text, where God refers to himself exclusively as a He.

2. It makes men the enemy. You’ve already made God your enemy, by not referring to him by the pronoun he chooses for himself. It’s obvious, then, what you think of men. Should men, then, give up their male pronouns? I know you think so, but you’re devaluing and making an enemy out of the Other.

3. You’re ruining the English language, as indeed does anyone who insists on being referred to as “they” or “xe”. English deals in gendered pronouns. Other languages have an easy use of neuter pronouns, but we don’t. Of course, if you’re translating the Bible into those languages, and you can chose a male pronoun, you probably should, since that’s largely how God refers to Himself in the Hebrew and Greek.

4. If you feel like you’re cut out of the picture, as a female, because God is male, you have a dismal picture of yourself and God. Maybe this is the church’s fault for a thousand years, but I really doubt it. I think feminism has managed to make women feel cut out of the picture, when they haven’t been. Unless you take up the Whole picture, say some feminists, its like you’re not even in the picture. Which is foolish and selfish and wrong. The picture is actually of God, and you don’t get to be in the picture, much, except maybe as a tiny roughed out sketch in the bottom corner. And here’s the thing about God–which you would discover if you read the Bible–he is big enough to Know You As You Are. He isn’t limited by gender in the way that men and women are. You can’t understand the man, because the man is unlike you. You can’t understand God, because God is unlike you. You can’t understand yourself because you’re crazy. But God is not bound by these limitations. He doesn’t understand you, as a woman, imperfectly because he takes a male pronoun. He understands you better even than you understand yourself because he made you. Truly, a woman can approach the throne of grace, can come before the Savior, can be known and loved by God just as a man can. No difference, no distinction, no limitations. The trouble comes when you project your sense of humanity, of the broken gendered relationships of men and women, into the heavens. Which we do all the time.

5. When you get rid of gendered pronouns, for everyone, but especially for God, you actually increase the distance you have to go to understand and know each other. You force the Other to come onto your ground, your space, your sense of who you are, and know you in that space. Which they can’t do. They can’t. And truly, this is the opposite of love described in the Bible. Your tiny, impossible pronoun makes it impossible for you to love God, yourself, and others with the agape love of self sacrifice and self out pouring. You Cannot love the other, so focused as you are on your gender identity, which means you will never be able to love yourself. Whereas, if you address God as He, and other people in reasonable and normal ways, and don’t demand that people get on board with who you are, you shift your focus out towards the Other, towards the world. Which means that there is hope for you as a person. It’s all about love, it really is.

6. And finally, because six is the number of man and not of God, when you refuse to refer to God as He you really look catastrophically small and foolish. So ungracious, so unlovely, so tortured is the one shouting “Godself” over the din of a congregation mumbling along through the prayers that the sensible person shudders and slips out the back and goes out for a coffee instead of taking communion. What are you trying to prove? You who refuse to think of God as a man. Do you think you get an extra special blessing? Congratulations from your tribe? As I tweeted some weeks ago, “I take particular pleasure in referring to God as He, not only because the Bible does, but also because it makes all the right people angry.”

Anne Kennedy, Patheos 10 Comments [3/9/2017 1:41:17 PM]
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Just remembering the world was without sin until a woman showed up #daywithoutawoman

shaunminnix, Twitter 27 Comments [3/8/2017 2:44:59 PM]
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One of my commenters asks “Why not just become Muslim?”

I presume he means conservative Muslim, since a whole lot of Muslims are pozzed, are not breeding and not getting any pussy.

That is the Mormon solution (control women’s socialization) plus the orthodox Jewish solution (make female status artificially low), plus the ever popular individual male solution (illegal violence or the quiet potential for it) plus you turn off the Cathedral’s ever vigilant immune system plus you have a pre-existing community. (Just grow a wildman beard, attend mosque, and you are in like Flynn.) If you want to marry those eighteen year old socially conservative virgins, you need high socioeconomic status (they are in high demand), which leads to a problem with the wildman beard (tricky to have high socioeconomic status with the wildman beard), but that one is easier to navigate than political correctness, plus if you are Muslim you get a pass for all political incorrectness relating to gays and women. No one is going to ask a Halal bakery to bake a gay wedding cake. I see a lot of engineers putting on a dress and declaring that they are trans women in order to get ahead. Declaring yourself to be a Muslim almost makes you trans brown. Should be almost as good for your career as declaring yourself a trans woman, a whole lot better for your sex life than declaring yourself a trans woman, and the wildman beard is not nearly as bad as the dress. You also get a free pass to be manly, which helps with the ridiculous beard. If you lift iron and do a little bit of high intensity training, the beard will not look quite as bad.

Plus this is the solution we are going to get if we don’t do anything dramatic, if we continue to drift along our present course, if the passengers don’t attack the cockpit and kill whoever is flying the plane to its doom. Wherever we get data on Muslim births in Western countries the data shows that Muslims are massively outbreeding the natives. I assume this is conservative Muslims, since anecdote suggests that pozzed Muslims have the same dreadfully low reproductive rate as pozzed Jews. Islam is quietly becoming the official religion, in that sacrilege against Islam effectively carries the death penalty (in most western countries if you drop bacon on the pavement outside a mosque the judge will give you a jail term comparable to that which he gives for raping and murdering small children, and while you are in jail some Muslims will kill you while the prison authorities turn a blind eye, like the blind eye Berkeley police turn to black bloc beating up pro-trump protestors) while sacrilege against Christianity is almost mandatory: (Gay wedding cake, Church required to pay for abortions, Pope kisses the feet of aids infested homosexual transvestite prostitutes, government funded sacrilegious “art”, free pass for gays and feminists to physically attack Christians and disrupt religious services.)


What we need to do is import the good parts of Islam into Christianity: Patriarchy, repression of women, execution of homosexuals, holy war, intolerance of sacrilege, intolerance of heresy, and intolerance of apostacy. Retain the good bits of Christianity, the trinity, the attitude to logic, reason and law, the Orthodox communion of the saints, where the final authority on faith, doctrine, interpretation of the bible, and morals, is ancient Christians. Keep the Episcopalian married clergy, plus Episcopalian subordination to earthly authority. Decorate the result with a few Episcopalian symbols and call the result Episcopalianism, and make it the official state religion of the US empire in place of progressivism, with all other religions subordinated to it, second class, and unequally backed by the state. In school, kids get taught that official Episcopalianism is wise, good, and right, and all other religions are stupid, much as today they are taught that official progressivism is wise, good, and right, and all other religions (except possibly Islam) are stupid and evil.

Jim, Jim's Blog 25 Comments [3/8/2017 2:44:55 PM]
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Pastor James David Manning is a radically anti-gay preacher who initially loved Donald Trump—even meeting with him at Trump Tower and declaring that “Jesus would endorse Donald Trump”—but felt compelled to withdraw his support after Trump expressed support for the LGBTQ community following the deadly terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub in Florida last year.

Manning has now completely turned on “Tribulation Trump,” as he calls him, and demonstrating that he can be as outrageously offensive when attacking women as when denouncing gay people, released a remarkably nasty and misogynistic video last week accusing Trump of having an affair with Kellyanne Conway after a photo emerged of Conway kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office.

Manning said that the photo of Conway “on the sofa, on her knees with her dress jacked up and her legs wide open” is proof that she is a “stringy-head slut” because no decent woman would sit that way while all the men in the room “are standing there getting erections.”

He said the photo “shows you the level of sexual demonic spirits” that are at work in the Trump White House.

“I don’t blame Kellyanne Conway for that,” Manning said. “I blame Tribulation Trump, because he’s a demon and obviously he’s having sex with her and she just probably feels like, ‘I can be like this around him because I think he likes me that way.'”

“This is the ugliest slut I’ve ever seen,” he said. “This is an ugly, stringy-head slut.”

James David Manning, Right Wing Watch 22 Comments [3/8/2017 2:44:24 PM]
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(Commenting on an announcement of use of bikers to provide security for the Trump inauguration)

If they insist on being violent. Then I insist on the following:

I want dead liberals littered throughout the streets. I want their carcasses piled up 20 to 30 feet high. I want sanitation trucks on every corner to help remove the refuse.

TheyDon'tMatter, Liveleak 27 Comments [3/8/2017 2:41:50 PM]
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Quote# 125213

Abortion worshippers might best be described as "killers gonna kill." :-)

WorldGoneCrazyBDeadLongLiveWGC, Live Action News 17 Comments [3/8/2017 2:41:27 PM]
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(On why incels should hate women)

because they try to make us believe that they're not truly as evil as their nature, their lies can cause real harm to the most naive

[Just for clarification purposes, you're saying that women are evil by nature here?]

well arent they in your opinion?

[No. Sure, some are, but so are some men. Most people are just trying to live their lives, they're not out to get you.]

honesty and loyalty is something most women never heard of, because they act according to their emotions exclusively which makes them mediocre "rational" beings overall.

"they're not out to get you" you say? tell that to the hundreds of thousands of male victims of child support or alimony, tell that to the victims of false rape accusations, tell em to their faces and see how they react. you can only benefit from keeping a distance between yourself and women, they are little big trouble makers

[That's an awfully big blanket statement you're tossing out there. I can tell you my girlfriend very rarely acts according to her emotions exclusively. Sometimes it happens, but I've seen plenty of males react based on their emotions as well.

And you can very easily flip the coin and see all the women who don't see any child support and yet still have to raise a child. My former boss as an example, she doesn't get child support from the father of her first child, and even when she was with the father of her second child, he wouldn't pay for anything, not even rent when he was living with her.

And by the numbers, false rape accusations doesn't hold up to actual rape numbers, and it's a bit of a stretch to say being accused of rape is actually worse than being raped.

This mindset is exactly why this sub gets the criticism that it does. You treat women as if they're sub-human, and that's sad.]

what rape really is: oh noo i was forced to "sleep" with someone who i consider ugly for 30 minutes, now i wont be able to live anymore hurr durr

victim of false rape accusation: possibility of imprisonment and being marked as an offender which cripples your career path and makes you disgusting to everyone around until the last of your days

boo fucking hoo

globalball, /r/incels 24 Comments [3/8/2017 2:17:21 PM]
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Quote# 125210

And why the fuck would I or any incel hate women? I wouldn't hate a robot that's programmed to kill people. So why would I hate women for following their biological programming to only select the top male that they can? I'm more of a victim of natural selection than of women.

ThatPostGaveMeAids, /r/incels 7 Comments [3/8/2017 2:17:11 PM]
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Quote# 125209

Women would rather fuck dogs than sub 6 subhumans.

Dogs are more aesthetic than sub 6 men. Start embracing the LDAR lifestyle asap. If you are sub 6 everyone will HATE you. Fuck off with this normie bullshit 'we don't even acknowledge your life" "we don't hate someone we don't care about". NO. Ugly men are HATED, looking at an ugly face causes EMOITIONAL changes in people.

That emotional change may not be hate but it is NEGATIVE. And that NEGATIVE emotional change is an unwanted feeling by the stacy and normie population. That's why they HATE you, because they hate feeling disgusted by your face and they hate being reminded that the majority of men aren't 7+ ascended male models

Looks-are-everything, /r/incels 18 Comments [3/8/2017 2:13:07 PM]
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Quote# 125208

They could save time and money if they opened the Bible. It reveals the keys to life.

Besides, if we found life on any planets, we would no doubt start a war and kill them.

Keys to life? Scientists explain how newly-discovered exoplanets could be habitable
Thrilled by the discovery of 7 new exoplanets, scientists explain the key ingredients needed for life in the alien system

Ray Comfort, Ray Comfort's Facebook page 23 Comments [3/8/2017 2:12:59 PM]
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Quote# 125207

President Kennedy was a champion for youth to grow and learn and be healthy in a safe environment! President Obama will be forever known as the most perverted and unholy President we have ever had!

gingerlily53, Grassfire 16 Comments [3/8/2017 2:08:59 PM]
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Quote# 125206


(((Weekend Past Blast Cartoon))) Obama Wiretapping Trump’s phone during the 2016 election is looking very much like Orwellian 1984, or more like O-wellian. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2015

A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect 23 Comments [3/8/2017 2:08:39 PM]
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Quote# 125204

End Times radio broadcaster and unhinged conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles dedicated his radio program yesterday to warning that a secretive pedophile ring is working to destroy President Trump before he can expose their murderous global network.

Wiles said that Trump is “besieged by a slithering cabal of seditious snakes” who are attempting to carry out a coup against against him at the behest of the “perpetual war and pedophilia party that has ruled America since they assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963.”

Wiles said that if Russia was responsible for leaking internal Clinton campaign emails, “then they deserve the highest citizenship award that this country can give anybody because they exposed the most vile, disgusting corruption I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

“It’s about pedophilia,” Wiles said:

"They’re fighting like cornered animals to prevent their pedophile network from being exposed. … It’s about the darkest, most disgusting, vilest corruption you can imagine. And if the American people ever find out the truth about their politicians and their celebrities in Hollywood and their TV idols and their favorite TV anchormen and women, and they find out all these great famous people and they find out that they’re just child molesters—not only molesters, but child murderers, sacrificing children to Satan. When they find out, they will drag their bloody carcasses down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., with meat hooks! They’ll have meat hooks in their carcasses."

Rick Wiles, Right Wing Watch 18 Comments [3/8/2017 2:03:21 PM]
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Quote# 125203

keep in mind that this person is actually physically in their mid-late thirties and is talking about their multiple personalities or "headmates"/"alters" . The word "system" in this context refers to people with multiple personalities/"headmates"

I am 17 years old. This is not an age regression thing or anything like that; it is “I literally did not exist before a specific incident in 1999.” [b]My body, however, is twice that age. I am the closest thing to a Responsible Adult in here; I am the voice of reason and restraint and caution and the one who tends to take care of adulting.

If I am in a relationship with a 23-year-old, is that gross and predatory? If so, who is abusing whom? Show your work.

This is common logic used by predators and pedos. You’re 17, but then use ur “physical age” to prove how ~wise and mature~ you are? If you mentally think ur 17 ur not a responsible adult then lol ur really not if ur mentally 17 like most of the other discoursers. Stop trying to act like ur some authority bc ur actually 30, but think ur really 17. A relationship w a 23 yr old obviously is not predatory on their part as ur not actually 17, and ur brain physically is developed past that point/you aren’t in highschool anymore. There’s a difference between you being actually 30 but mentally 17 and dating a 23 year old vs a real 17 yr old dating a 23 year old.

Are you also trying to imply that it’s fine for 23 year olds to date 17 year olds, like actual 17 year olds

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, pal. Not only do you have the actual facts involved completely ass-backward (try reading a post before replying to it, instead of trusting blatant lies), but you are actively encouraging child abuse here with a bonus side of ableism and dehumanization.

Please do systems everywhere a favour and stay far away from us. Your ideas about us are harmful and (I can’t emphasize this enough) encourage the actual abuse of literal children

I,,,, what, ? In ur original post you say try to pull weight/claim ur more adult/more mature than other 17 yr olds but u literally cannot have it both ways ? Like, you’ve claimed to be a real adult on other posts ur urs like using the fact ur actually 30 something as support for why you are right.

How am I encouraging child abuse and pedophillia since that’s what u tagged this as lol

One: You’d think that if we’re constantly leaning on our bio age for authority, as you claim, you would be able to actually get it right. You have not. That’s revealing.

Two: You’ve got your understanding of my situation ass-backward, because you listened to someone else’s lies instead of actually reading what you were replying to.

Three: You just said, in so many words, that it is okay for adults to date teenagers. This should be cause to seriously reevaluate what you’re saying and doing. And in the meantime, keep the fuck away from systems.

You said ur mentally 17 yet physically 30, then asked what those ~antis~ were gonna say about ur 23 yo partner ? Like unless u mean something else by antis? I assumed u we’re talking about people being anti pedophillia? Ur the one asking if the 23 yr old is abusing u, the mentally 17 yr old, is a condescending fashion??

Nope. Try again. I said I am literally 17. At this time in 1999, I did not exist. At this time in 2000, I (am reasonably sure I) did. If you scroll up very slightly, you can see this for yourself! Along with me mentioning that I am, in fact, the Responsible Adult in my system - that is, my maturity and responsibility level is considerably ahead of my chronological age

Still off-base. It’s almost like we don’t actually wave our age around as much as you claim!

So are you planning to address what I actually said, or still having fun being ableist as fuck and ignoring the fact that you literally said it was okay for adults to date teenagers?

wetwareproblem, Tumblr 8 Comments [3/8/2017 2:03:15 PM]
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Quote# 125195

A Muslim teenager has received death threats after she was filmed twerking in a busy city centre while wearing the hijab.

The girl, believed to be 17, was caught on camera as she danced provocatively with a friend and a street performer in front of a crowd in Birmingham.

The short clip was posted on social media and has since gone viral, sparking widespread criticism from other members of the Muslim community who branded her a 'f****** s***'. One wrote: 'Stupid b**** needs to be killed.'

The girl later publicly apologised for her actions in a YouTube interview, saying she had 'disrespected' the religious veil.

Speaking later in an interview, the girl explained she was shopping with friends when they came across a man playing music on the street.

The girl, wearing long, loose clothing, was filmed as she danced to the R&B track, squatting down as she thrust her bottom back towards her friend.

At one point the friend made way for the male street performer, who lifted an arm into the air as he gyrated with the young woman. She appeared to be in good spirits, smiling, clapping and singing along.

The video sparked a heated debate when it was posted on Facebook.

One viewer wrote: 'Truly disgusting. Some people don't understand the meaning of the veil. You can dress in a nun outfit and dance like a w***e in public. Defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?'

Another posted: 'She didn't mind twerking in public so why should we hide for her f*** that h**'.

A third added: 'That's so disrespectful is you are wearing hijab you are representing Islam respect dignity so how to act like a fool that is a big disrespect.'

However others spoke out in defence of the girl, saying she 'just wanted to have fun'.

One wrote: 'I feel sorry for her - people shouldn't be judgmental'. Another added: 'Everyone makes mistakes and she shouldn't be held for it.'

The teenager later spoke to Muslim YouTube star Ali Dawah, who makes videos around spreading the message of Islam and clarifying misconceptions.

She said she 'hesitated' before joining in the dance and explained she has mental health problems that means she 'doesn't think straight'.

Holding back tears, the teenager revealed she has previously battled with depression and had only started practising her religion two months ago.

She added: 'To all the girls that wear hijab and wear abayah, I'm sorry for disrespecting it. I've learnt from my mistake.

'It's gone viral and I'm just hurt, I just want everybody to leave it alone and keep everything away, I don't want it to be how it was and I am not going to do anything like that again.

'I am sorry for disrespecting it and thank you to all of you that helped, it's up to Allah to judge, at the end of the day I will be judged for it, not you guys.'

Various Muslims, The Daily Mail 18 Comments [3/8/2017 2:01:39 PM]
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Quote# 125190

It’s the region white evangelicals want their chosen president to carpet bomb, invade, and steal oil from.

They do? Who claimed that, anything about carpet bombing or invading or stealing anything? Anti-Christians liberals is who. And if you are claiming that, what does that make you, if you agree with anti-Christian liberals. Your whole article is based on liberal propaganda and lies.

And remember, as you are obviously choosing to forget, Obama said Afghanistan was the valid war. So it's OK if liberal Presidents do what you are claiming but not OK if Republicans do it.

RedRaider, Slacktivist 5 Comments [3/8/2017 2:00:35 PM]
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Quote# 125187

Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton delivered a presentation to a Tea Party group in Virginia over the weekend, where he stated that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive orders banning non-essential state travel to North Carolina and Mississippi are violations of the laws of nature.

Barton was making his standard argument that natural law was incorporated into the Constitution and so things like abortion and homosexuality can never be legalized when he took issue with Gov. Cuomo’s orders, which were responses to the passage of anti-LGBTQ laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.

As Barton explained it, barring non-essential state travel to those two states is a violation of the natural right to expatriation.

“Expatriation … is the right to move freely among herds,” Barton said. “If I’m with an elk herd and I’m tired of this group, then I’ll go over to that group and I’ll change and I have the right to move among herds and that’s why Article II in the Constitution gives us the right to move freely between the states.”

Cuomo’s executive orders, Barton said, “violate the rights of expatriation” because “I’ve got the right to move freely among all the states.”

“We’ve got a governor who says, ‘I don’t like what they’re doing, so you can’t go to those states’,” Barton said. “No, you can’t do that. That’s the right of expatriation.”

Barton’s argument is obviously nonsense, since the executive orders do not prohibit anyone from traveling anywhere they like, but rather simply ban non-essential “publicly funded or publicly sponsored travel” to these two states. In fact, by Barton’s logic, any employer not allowing any employee to use company funds to travel anywhere they want for any reason would be a violation the natural right to expatriation.

David Barton, Right Wing Watch 13 Comments [3/8/2017 2:00:27 PM]
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Quote# 125184

In Hawaii, the Rainbow Village doomsday cult is building an ark in the middle of the jungle in anticipation of the apocalypse.

Again, the setup gives seemingly pertinent background on other doomsday cults and their leaders, including Jim Jones, David Koresh and Heaven’s Gate. But the group the show chooses to embed with appears more like a loose-knit hippie commune than anything else. Self-proclaimed prophet JeZus doesn’t even seem all that sure of why 40 or more people have chosen to live with him in the jungle and invest in a vision that isn’t much of a vision at all: Stick with him and you might survive the coming floods and destruction. Even JeZus admits his theatrical displays – rants, flailing arms, word-salad revelations – are oftentimes a front: “If you can survive my narcissism, you can pass the test,” he says.

JeZus, Los Angeles Times 12 Comments [3/8/2017 1:42:05 PM]
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Quote# 125183

Amazing! Trump Cuts US Debt by $12 Billion In His First Month – UPDATE: Trump Tweets Our Numbers

President Donald Trump reduced the US Debt burden in his first month in office!

On January 20th, the day of the Trump Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. On February 21st, a month later, the US Debt load stood at $19,935 billion. Trump cut the US Debt burden by $12 billion and 0.1% in his first month in office!

On January 20, 2017, the US debt was $19,947 billion.
On February 21, 2017, the US debt was $19,935 billion.

By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $200 billion in his first month in office.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit 10 Comments [3/8/2017 1:41:45 PM]
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[From "Kremlin Worried About North Korea"]

I generally shut off as soon as I see something about that “North Korean threat.”

The media has been talking about this for decades, ever since the end of the cold war, and yet nothing ever happens and it generally looks as though North Korea are not the big baddies the Jewish media claims.

There is no way to have any idea what is happening in North Korea, because the only information coming out is from “defectors” who have a reason to lie.

All of the pictures we see from the country, everyone is smiling, happy and healthy-looking.

However, the Russians have just came out and said they’re concerned about NK, which should give us pause.


Most likely, Jong-Un is unnerved after having been framed in the murder of his brother – which definitely appears to be a total frame-up – and thus may be acting irrationally.

Whatever the case, the solution is to open a channel of communication with Pyongyang, instead of just wondering what the hell is going on.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 9 Comments [3/8/2017 1:41:29 PM]
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