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[=A comment on a video educating on Christian Universalism and its intepretations in scripture; ancient languages, understandings and metaphors, etc=]

Research and discuss all your man made assumptions.. FACT is that hell is eternal fire and brimstone just as the bible says and many who had seen and been there will back up the scriptures. Only ONE version of hell and you do not want to go there. Jesus bless you all.?

Andrew Yuniar, Youtube  16 Comments [11/4/2017 4:06:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher

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Eugenics is natural and approved worldwide. Eugenics is natural. We see it in selecting crops for food, and in animal husbandry where certain breeds are selected for specific jobs or abilities.

The idea that eugenics will destroy variety is incorrect. Dogs came from wolves. Wolves still exist, as do hundreds of different dog breeds. The same can be said for cats and plants.

Even now, we select the best possible mate we can. This is natural. Eugenics simply enhances those traits we find desirable. These traits can be altered over successive generations if needed. The only people who are afraid of eugenics, are those who are concerned their genes will not be passed on into posterity.

subman, Debate 9 Comments [11/4/2017 4:05:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133837

In a world like this where humanity is continuously facing new obstacles and dangers we need to do everything we can to survive. Eugenics will help us with that! Eugenics will make us stronger and better and more prepared to fight! We do not know what the human body develop to, in 50 years we could be as strong as bears and as fast as antelopes!

If people would just open there eyes to what eugenics can help us become! And yes, overpopulating is a problem, but eugenics can help us solve that, my friends! As more developed human arise we can cut out the less useful ones! If I must be one of them, then when that day arises, I will, as a rightful soul, sacrifice myself for humanity.

TheStrongLeader, Debate 14 Comments [11/4/2017 4:05:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133835

A European speaking a European language coming to a European-derived nation is going to be in the in-group quicker than someone from an entirely different culture who looks different and has different customs. That's human nature, and it's quite normal and absolutely acceptable. From a risk standpoint, he is less of a threat to the in-group.

It will take the non-European longer to assimilate and be accepted, and it should, as he/she is a unknown commodity to the in-group. Perhaps this individual is special and will learn the language and customs so fast that the in-group will accept him faster than the European? Or perhaps the individual will struggle in this society?

What's unacceptable is not giving the stranger any chance whatsoever. However, he is an unknown commodity, and should be treated as such until the situation plays out.

Rameses2, Reddit 6 Comments [11/4/2017 4:04:46 PM]
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This is a state of man (inediate, not-eater, breatharian) characterized by the absence of eating, resulting from (or rather being a stage on the way to) expanding of the Consciousness sphere in which man lives. In general an ideal (fully realized) inediate, breatharian or not-eater has no need to eat or drink to keep the body working perfectly. A breatharian consumes no food and no drink, they needs only air to nourish the body.

Many not-eaters (even if they call themselves a breatharian) drink water, tea, coffee or other beverages from time to time. Some of them, in order to satisfy the sense of taste, eat a piece of chocolate, a cookie, some cheese, horseradish or something else once in a while. The not-eating state of an inediate, breatharian, not-eater doesn't require any ascetic practices of the body. This is more about the freedom of choice and a lot of benefits.

A person who regularly drinks liquid food, e.g. fruit juices, can't be called an inediate, breatharian or not-eater. This is a diet called liquidarianism. Also, we don't call a person an inediate or breatharian when he/she is fasting or on a starvation diet. Also in these cases food is not (or almost not) consumed during some time, but such situation lasts only temporary and then food consumption is resumed or the person dies. An inediate or breatharian, never starves or dies for lack of food because his/her body needs not matter called food.

Permanent not-eating, inedia or breatharianism are states which usually appear as a side effect of expanding one's sphere of the Consciousness. However there are also many cases that this state happened unexpectedly and lasted for months or years. A person who by force tries to refrain from eating can't be called an inediate or breatharian. Such action, if prolonged, is harmful to the body and can lead to death. Fasting and starvation diet are different subjects the inedia, breatharianism and not-eating.

Becoming an inediate or breatharian results (often as a side effect) on a way of expanding the sphere of the Consciousness which the person lives in. Inedia, breatharianism is more like a characteristic features of a life style and is not limited to just stopping all food intake. Because an inediate or breatharian sets him/herself free from the need to feed the body, he/she has the choice to eat or not to eat, but one thing is for sure, a real inediate or breatharian does not need to eat to keep the body working normally.

Explanations for the open-minded. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." No matter whether we believe in something or not, the phenomenon takes place irrespective of our knowledge or belief. Besides, no matter how we try to explain it, is the explanation arrived at really so important? The most important thing is that from the beginning of our civilization, there always were people who never ate. Such people existed, exist and will exist, which means that we too have this capability. We only need to find a way to adapt the body to a different kind of energy processing.

Explanation for an esoteric person: Ubiquitous energy, whether called prana, qi, ki, orgon, liquid light or by other names, maintains the organism of someone who doesn't eat. A human body can be powered by prana if the subconscious (which manages the body metabolism and shapes the physical body) acquires the skill of automatic transformation of ubiquitous prana to satisfy the needs of a human body.

Explanation for those scientifically-minded: Of all the other organisms, the human body is the most complicated, integrated and self-regulated energetic system. It is complicated and in many aspects unexplored computer-mechanic-chemical formation, controlled by the brain with the whole layout of magnetic, electric and gravity radiation. This complicated machine can be adapted to all possible living conditions on Earth, if given enough time and developed in right way. We haven't fully explored the human organism energy system. One of the ways of powering human body is energy and substances created by the chemical and physical factory of the body (excretory and respiratory system). Apart from this powering system, there is another, a reserve one (or maybe major one but moved away to the reserve role), which is able to transform the available energy directly. This powering system transforms the energy directly into matter, so in this way all that the organism needs.

The pineal gland is claimed to have a crucial role in this process. This hypothesis is confirmed by research undergone on some people, where CAT scanning shows a significant enlargement of this gland. The pineal gland manages (like a central processing unit) the mechanism of direct energy exchange between the organism cell and the surroundings (it actually occurs at a sub-atom level).One explanation, purely scientific, which comes from a nuclear physic says as follows: the organism consists of tissues, which are built of chemical molecules, and next these molecules are built of atoms. Atoms consist of electrons and protons, which are built of smaller elements. As the result of this way of looking for an origin element, we reach the point, where the matter does not exist. There, we have only something, which we can call vibrational whirls of energy.

As long as history exists it has been known under different definitions, for example prana, orgon, light. Hence such definitions originated such as "living on light" or "prana nourishment". All the matter which exists in the Universe, including the human body, is comprised of whirls of vibrational energy. The human body is the best well-known sophisticated, programmable and simultaneously self-controlled electronic-physical-chemical machine with a central management system, called the brain. There are centers in the brain, which manage body energy and chemistry (mainly pineal gland and pituitary). In this way, the organism lives and builds itself using these whirls of energy.

Explanation for a deeply religious person: God is everything. There is nothing which exists without God, there is nothing which has not been created by God. The inconceivable and almighty God is the only One and the highest perfection. Since the Almighty God has created everything and He/She/It is the highest inconceivable perfection, He/She/It can bestow the ability to live without eating on people of His/Her/Its choice. Since God is inconceivable and almighty, it is no use asking how God is able to do this. Important is the fact that God can and does select people to receive this grace. We can ask God for the grace of not eating, because God listens to sincere requests of the devoted children.

Unknown author, Breatharian.info 10 Comments [11/4/2017 4:04:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133833

Studies have shown the health benefits of brief periods of fasting, but one couple is making the bizarre claim that they have learned to survive largely without food and are instead sustained by “cosmic nourishment”. Camila Castello, 34, and Akahi Ricardo, 36, are what is known as “Breatharians”. They say they eat just three times a week, with each ‘meal’ consisting of just a piece of fruit or some vegetable broth.

Such claims have attracted equal measures of ridicule and alarm in the past. Breatharianism has been linked to the deaths of several people, including Verity Linn, a 49-year-old Australian whose emaciated body was found on a mountain in north-west Scotland in 1999, alongside a diary recounting her 21-day fast and a copy of a book by the founder of Breatharianism, known as Jasmuheen.

Born in Australia as Ellen Greve, Jasmuheen has herself warned of the dangers of life with no or very food.

“If a person is unprepared and not listening to their inner voice there can be many problems with the 21-day process, from extreme weight loss to even loss of their life,” she wrote in one of her books. Jasmuheen took part in a monitored fast for Australia’s 60 Minutes news programme in an attempt to prove her claims, but the show’s doctors cut short her attempt to last seven days after she became dehydrated, lost weight and her speech began to slow.

Nevertheless, Castello and Ricardo, who live between California and Ecuador, say they have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. They claim they survive on the “energy that exists in the universe and in themselves”. “Humans can easily be without food, as long as they are the connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing,” Castello says.

“For three years, Akahi and I didn’t eat anything at all and now we only eat occasionally like if we’re in a social situation or if I simply want to taste a fruit. “With my first child, I practised a Breatharian pregnancy. Hunger was a foreign sensation to me so I fully lived on light and ate nothing.

“My blood tests during all three trimesters were impeccable and I gave birth to a healthy, baby boy.” Dee Dawson, an expert on eating disorders, once gave an insightful explanation as to why some people seem to honestly believe they are do not need food. “Breatharianism is a fraud, but breatharians may be deluded,” she told the Guardian.

She suggested believers tend to overlook some of the food they eat in a similar way to people who are struggling with their weight. "Every obese person who comes into my surgery says, 'Doctor, I can't understand why I'm not losing weight — I haven't eaten all week,” Dawson said.

“Then I say 'What did you have for breakfast?' 'Oh, just three pieces of toast.' 'And lunch?' 'Just one sausage and few chips...' Add it all up and they've eaten 2,000 calories that day.” While Castello says she “ate nothing” during her pregnancy, this is meant as a figure of speech meaning “almost nothing” as she also says she “only ate five times, all of which were in social situations”.

The couple have a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, but they don’t impose their Breatharian lifestyle on the children. “Our children are aware of Breatharianism and the energy that exists in the universe and in themselves,” Ricardo says.

“But we would never try to change them and we let them eat whatever they want – whether that be juices, vegetables, pizza or ice-cream! “We want them to explore the different tastes and have a healthy relationship with food as they grow. It would be unfair to impose Breatharianism upon our children now but maybe as they grow, they will get deeper into the practices.”

The couple met in 2005 and first discovered Breatharianism in 2008. They eventually transitioned from vegetarians, to raw vegans, to fruitarians and finally to Breatharians. “There is a freedom that comes with not being attached or dependent on food,” Ricardo says. “Obviously, our living costs are a lot less than most families and that has allowed us to spend our money on things that really matter like travelling and exploring together.

“It’s given us a clear sense of what we want in life ... It’s not about never eating food again, it’s about understanding cosmic nourishment (not just physical nourishment) and living without limits." According to the NHS, “eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health".They recommend a balance of fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, dairy or dairy alternatives, protein, unsaturated fats and plenty of fluids

Camila Castello and Akahi Ricardo, The Independent 6 Comments [11/4/2017 4:04:01 PM]
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I hope someone is keeping screen shots of some of the “better” (more egregious) global warming entries. Our descendants will scarcely believe that the same generation that rapidly advanced in so many areas of science went all delusional doomsday cult over CO2. History is so going to mock this nonsense, it could fill a museum.

Notanist, Watt's Up With That 9 Comments [11/4/2017 2:16:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133828

Yes. Climate “science” is actually an attack on science, on reason, and on humanity.

Bruce Cobb, Watt's Up With That 7 Comments [11/4/2017 2:12:01 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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There’s a popular liberal myth that claims that individual cops can be good. This claim is rooted in white supremacist mythology that suggests racism is an individual act committed by anybody. First and foremost, policing is not a question of individualism. It is not as if a random individual gets a gun, a badge, a police car, and a blue uniform. The police are a highly organized institution with systemic power. In order to understand any institution, it is important you start with the history of that institution, the institution of modern day policing evolved from the slave patrol system.

Enslaved Black bodies were the foundation of the american economy, as enslaved Africans were more valuable than america’s industrial capital combined. Many Black people attempted and successfully ran away from slave masters, which made the white ruling class lose money. This led to the creation of the police. Their motto was to serve and protect, not citizens, but the institution of slavery. This fueled the american settler colonial empire, and subsequently boosted the capitalist economy.

While the role of police/policing during chattel slavery was to protect the “property” of white slave-owning land stealers, the system evolved. Shortly after the “abolishment” of chattel slavery, the 13th amendment institutionalized slavery through the federal government. The police transformed into the gatekeepers of the prison slavery industry. A system that enslaves Black men at a higher amount than chattel slavery, and advocates for the criminalization of Black women and girls. The more bodies in prison the more potential for exploited labor and disenfranchisement.

The police also serve as a neo-colonial paramilitary force that protects and promotes the white capitalists interests. A prime example of this neo-colonial force was at Standing Rock. The u.s. government authorized police to forcibly remove indigenous people from their land. All of this violence was done in the name of an oil pipeline that donald trump is invested in.

To suggest that there are good cops is like saying there’s good slave patrols or good colonizers. It acts as if policing is an individual act that isn’t a product of racial capitalism. A cop might have “good intentions”, but these good intentions don’t change the fact that they are a part of a system that is rooted in anti-Blackness. These “good intentions” don’t change the fact that the system they work for criminalizes the whole Black community. I am anti-police not just anti-police brutality. If you are only “anti-police brutality” you are simply saying that you think slave patrols are good just as long as the slave patrols doesn’t beat anybody.

The police must be abolished if police brutality is to end. There’s no such thing as reforming a system of policing that was founded on slave-catching. Every branch of the u.s government supports the institution of police which is why the entire system must be removed. Now, some might argue that abolishing the police will create more “crime”. The entire idea of crime is a racialized profit scheme (but that’s another article). I want you to imagine a world in which a $100 billion every year isn’t spent on the police. $100 billion dollars could fund the college education of every “american”.

$100 billion dollars could feed every person in this country. $100 billion dollars could make sure everyone has the right to clean water. $100 billion dollars could make sure that every person had adequate health care. We must abolish capitalism, as capitalism places human life in cell blocks and uses slave labor to expand the american colonial project.

Blake Dont Crack, Medium 12 Comments [11/4/2017 12:38:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133823

(Responding to story "Country music publicist Kirt Webster offered fans meet-and-greets, backstage passes in exchange for sex, employees say"):

That's why you should never trust an alt-left lunatic in business.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 17 Comments [11/4/2017 12:37:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 133810

hey Deidre, it is obvious that you are an enemy of the world…baker is a surname given to the much later descendants of the albino’s and are of the whores of satan who are destroying our world, called anglo-saxons or OF CAIN/KANE, which is the mark of KANE and his whores…research that YOURSELF, if you are even capable and by your illiterate post, I think not!

Oh and perhaps educate yourself in migration and real history, not the bullshit we were taught in our anglo-saxon whore schools! The Dutch, Norwegians, sewedes, irish-scotts-english-welsh whores of today, are the children of satan, the illuminati, the NWO, whatever they want to call themselves, the truth is they are of reproabte minds, like you and as my CREATOR said, something else they messed with, the bible, half truth and half bullshit, anglo-saxon bs!

They are the GERMANIC CLANS of red and blondes, with blue eyes, these are KANE’s line! The mark of Kane is ALBANISM! And now after all the destruction and slaughter they caused, they now live n islands away from us, ever notice that?? Cowards hide and royalty is what they hide behind, but most don’t show their “royalty”, they become politicians, presidents, prime ministers, actors, actresses, singers, athlete’s, all those famous people only make it because of who they are…FACT, HELLywood was created by these anglo-saxon viking-germanic CLANS, not tribes!

Not needed, AfricaResource 15 Comments [11/4/2017 5:32:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133805

However, the other races were created from us, and obtained their individual racial phenotype - due to the interbreeding with the Neanderthals and Denisovians, which both aren't human, nor created by God, but by the demonic aliens. That's why you caucasians are so evil, think and act like neanderthals, with satanic intelligence. ??

brazillo19, Youtube 12 Comments [11/4/2017 3:00:05 AM]
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Quote# 133804

[From "What is Bipolar Disorder"]

See How Josh Beat Bipolar Disorder
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How EMPowerplus Helps
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Since the symptoms of bipolar disorder are caused by chemical issues in the brain, why treat your condition with more chemicals? Try EMPowerplus Advanced today to see for yourself how nature can work in harmony with your body to help you feel like your best self.

Click here to see one recommended plan to begin addressing your Bipolar Disorder with micronutrients.

Anthony Stephan, Truehope 13 Comments [11/4/2017 2:58:34 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 133803

"Or alternatively they could've appealed to the 13th amendment which makes slavery illegal."

You are confusing "legal" with "moral" and "limiting rights" with "slavery."

Equating the abolishment of abortion with "gestational slavery" is the "logical" equivalent of saying that the REAL slavers were the ones who abolished slavery by limiting the "rights" of slaveowners. You can surely see what kinds of absurdities that leads to - reducing the "rights" of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles somehow becomes "slavery."

What you REALLY need to prove is why it is moral to apply the death penalty to innocent humans. (Unless you are going to deny simple science and declare that the human in the womb is somehow not human.)

Good luck making that case!

WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet, Live Action News 8 Comments [11/4/2017 2:58:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 133802

A good alternate title would be 'One step closer to midnight'.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 15 Comments [11/4/2017 2:57:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 133797

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (often referred to as The Theory of Survival of the Fittest) describes the positive effects resulting from any “pressure” on an animal species that removes the least fit among the species and allows only the most fit of the species to reproduce. Many of us are well aware of this “Survival of the Fittest” theory, but few are aware that Darwin also makes mention of the negative effects resulting from unlimited reproduction of a species’ least fit when the weak, the lazy, and the stupid are left unchecked.

We like to think otherwise, but our species, Homo sapiens-sapiens, isn’t that long “out of the trees” and the same laws of nature that affect all of God’s creatures apply equally to us. If we were to observe any other species that had been allowed to reproduce without limitations, we would know immediately what the consequences will be.

Whenever the weak; lazy; and stupid of a species are allowed to reproduce unimpeded by predators that feed off the weak; lazy; and stupid, they soon outnumber the strong, productive, and intelligent. When the weak/lazy/stupid dominate the gene pool, the entire population becomes weak/ lazy/stupid, (Democrats/Socialists/Communists) and then the population collapses.

DJ Taylor, Free Republic 14 Comments [11/4/2017 2:56:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133796

Observations: Men are not lions, or dogs, or black widow spiders, or praying Mantises. The general rule in nature is heterosexual. But there are exceptions, and just because a behavior occurs in nature, does not justify men copying that behavior. Our behavioral standard is defined by what our Creator told us.

DannyTN, Free Republic 14 Comments [11/4/2017 2:56:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Sick Fuck Award

Just when you thought that it was physically impossible for incels to sink lower...

Quote# 133730

[Red Pill] You're not a true incel if you're not willing to fuck this

[WARNING: Image redacted for being extremely disturbing. It is a female victim of a serial killer/lust killer. Click at your own risk.]

Jawimplants, Lookism 73 Comments [11/3/2017 11:59:00 PM]
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Submitted By: DiarrheaMan

NSFL Award

Trigger Warning: Everything

Quote# 133735

Children can never be sexual in our society because they cannot consent

Children are sexual. Just because society attempts to reject that fact, doesn't make it less of a fact. There is also no evidence that consensual early sexuality will screw up a child's life. Consensual sex play (or even consensual sex) between children is generally accepted as beneficial by child psychologists. It helps them learn about sex and also helps them to accept sex as natural and not something to be ashamed of.

Age of Consent laws are a problem because they don't account for child sexuality. You may believe that an adult should not be allowed to have sex with a child, but two children should be able to have sex without both of them being considered rapist.

Fuckin' gross, dude. Children develop sexually and sexuality. Like their other various forms of intelligences, they start simple and grow over time, so that at any observed moment, their level of sophistication falls on a continuum.
This does not mean that a statement like "children are sexual" is in any way, shape, or form correct or, considering what the likely motivation behind such a statement is, anything less than fucking abhorrent.
Consign yourself to a deserted island, you shitty predator. Any adult who takes and active and undue interest in children's sexuality is doing so for self-serving reasons, and needs to be monitored and contained. If you don't take steps to keep yourself physically removed from sources of temptation (in this case, meaning those not yet experienced, mature, or savvy enough to recognize your advances and protect themselves from your overtures), society needs to do it for you.

Did you know that most babies (under 1 year old) learn to touch their genitals as a form of pleasure. They can't orgasm at that age, but they can find the sensation pleasurable. In many cultures, parents also touch the genitals to sooth and comfort a baby.

Touch is healthy, especially from people you are comfortable with. Babies perceive (edit: non-forcible) touch to their genitals as pleasurable, unless they are taught not to. In sexually permissive cultures, children can learn to masturbate (for pleasure) by the age of 6 to 8. Children begin engaging in coitus by the ages of 6 or 7.

We live in a society that deliberately teaches children not to be sexual. We create a taboo around sex and sexuality, especially in regards to children. So in our society children are perceived as non-sexual, because we teach them not to be. We teach them that they should feel guilt or shame about sex. Many are harmed by this view; adults who grow up with feelings of guilt or shame about their sexuality. Children who are imprisoned or on the sex offenders list because they acted sexually.

Also I'm not going to have sex with a child. I believe that in our society the potential for harm to her from external pressures (society, therapist, law enforcement) is too great.

Men don't need to be removed from women because they are a source of temptation and might rape them. I don't need to be removed from association with kids, because I will not rape them. In another society I would be willing to have consensual sex with a child, but not in this one. I'm not will to risk the harm that society would do to her if they found out, even if she was a willing and enjoyed the act itself.

is the very definition of predatory, no matter what nickerson and the other virpeds say.

The VirPed's (who are anti-contact - which is to say they believe sexual contact between adults/children is always harmful) do not say this. The pro-contacter's do (which is to say, we believe sex between an adult and child would be non-harmful and even beneficial if social and legal views changed).

Sexual education and the ability to form their own moral compass in regards to sexual activity is very important.

But society does not allow them to form their own moral compass. It gives them the moral compass. It starts when a parent pushes their babies hand away from their genitals and continues throughout childhood as children are actively discouraged from exploring their own sexuality and are not answered when they ask about sexuality. Sexuality and especially child sexuality are taboo in our society.

However, they should be able to discover these things in their own way, at their own pace, with their peers.

I almost agree, I would say with whomever they choose, rather than their peers. Let them form their own moral compass, let them act on that moral compass. Even if their moral compass permits sexual contact with an adult. As noted above, our society does not do this. Our society pushes them away from self-discovery, purposefully slows their pace and discourages sexual interactions with others (especially adults).

taking advantage of a child if they had physical relations.

Why? What makes sex so special? An unrelated adult can have a emotional relationship, a friendship, even a physical but non-sexual relationship. Or should all adults avoid unrelated children unless it is a professional relationship with that child?

pfta2a, reddit 18 Comments [11/3/2017 11:59:00 PM]
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Quote# 133785

stalin was the russian leader who brought the ussr closer to socialism then any russian leader before him, so obviously he will get the most flak from the west.

stalin did not kill millions, he wasn't some crazy dictator, and he wasn't a racist. he was a good person, just keep learning, and dont close yourself up.

sovietmushroom, r/communism101 7 Comments [11/3/2017 1:10:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133784

Why escalate the language here. When all precautions are taken not to hurt anyone this is just classical sabotage. Still too dangerous to execute, IMO, because fires are uncontrollable, but hardly terrorism. There was a case from a dutch man in 2002 who shot a conservative politician partly over animal issues, but also on general cultural issues beyond that. On the other hand hunters have killed several protesters during mass sabotage actions.

Like any social movement I don’t think vegans should let themselves be divided by the question of violence. Nobody likes it, we shouldn’t fetishize it as a movement, but situationally it probably can turn out useful and we should stand in solidarity those who endorse or use it reasonably.

goiken, r/DebateAVegan 7 Comments [11/3/2017 1:09:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133783

I believe the ends justify the means. Now you may not agree with that, but we probably can agree that it is at least a reasonable thing to believe. Also vegans are not pacifists. Some may be, but many are not.

What (ethical) vegans have in common is the desire to minimize harm to sentient beings. And again I think it is reasonable to believe that the harm caused to some few people by burning down their farm or lab is smaller than the harm that would have been caused to the many animals in those faculties.

jan_path, r/ARActivism 3 Comments [11/3/2017 1:09:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 133781

Very very few vegans support bombs and arson because as you pointed out it risks harming people. Many do support non violent actions such as rescuing animals or property damage. It's very much a case of one man's freedom fighter another man's terrorist.

Plenty of revolutions have involved violence, apartheid and anti slavery for example, so I don't think the simple fact that a campaign uses violence makes it terrorism. Ultimately the ALF are trying to stop violence being inflicted on innocent and defenceless animals for no reason.

Lapster69, r/AskVegans 6 Comments [11/3/2017 1:06:28 PM]
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Quote# 133780

Jihad denial is totally based on the FACT that ALL freaking muzslime are commanded to it. IF WE CAN EVER come to the place where we do NOT use the ultra stupid word “TERRORISTS” and simply call ALL of the freaks exactly what they are, MUZSLIME, then we just might have a chance to defeat the damned devils. If we never can speak this TRUTH then just bend over and kiss IT by by!!!

Don Spilman, Bare Naked Islam 4 Comments [11/3/2017 1:05:59 PM]
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Rule number one: Don’t bare your soul on social media. She lost the job because she is a professing Christian who believes in Christian values.

She lost the job because she is not the modern “Who am I to judge?’ Christian. Christians are now social outcaste. A strange turn of events in a nation founded by Christians which at the time of the founding nearly all of the original 13 states had state religions.

Pontiac, Free Republic 7 Comments [11/3/2017 12:59:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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