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Quote# 132940

The more 'progressive' a society becomes, the more decayed and degenerate it truly is.

Oathsworn, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  10 Comments [10/14/2017 3:23:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132909

i’m gonna get bombarded with hate for this but i s2g these fucking pro-choice people make me so mad with their self righteous attitude “you don’t know what consent means” fuck you. you’re dealing with another person’s life here. and it’s your own fault for having this baby. unless your life is in danger, there is absolutely no excuse


follow up: this was directed toward an aggressive post in particular on my feed which was bashing pro lifers, i have honestly nothing against anyone with this opinion, please just??? don’t???? have this fucking attitude???

dragolb, Tumblr 5 Comments [10/14/2017 3:21:40 AM]
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Quote# 132899

De Maizière wants to import official Islamic holidays

In a CDU party event in Wolfsbüttel at Monday evening the interior minister Thomas de Maizière took the next step and showed his readiness to Islamise Germany. "I am ready to talk on whether or not we should import a Muslim holiday", said the minister. He remembered besides this however that Germany is a Christian embossed country, but: "When there are many Muslims, why can't we think about a Muslim holiday too", participating for the plans of the "sons and daughters" in Islam.

Thus there where despite the disproportionate Muslim factor which gave birth to parallel societies in the country de Maizière wants to cement that the uncult can expand further end that everyone that rejects our traditions can withdraw even further in their cult of blood and violence and can live it out. I simultaneously compared this method with the tradition of the Catholic all saints' day, that is ultimately only celebrated in a few German regions, like how it should have been.

The intercultural calendar of the minister for migration and refugees mentions that there are 13 days of celebration in 2018. But many other faiths too. None has claimed to install their religious celebration day as official ones, to resign work. It's already bad enough when in schools and at the work place the daily work of Muslims is interrupted by the multiple throwing of carpets and that all of Germany has to take into consideration, that the Allah-warrior (daily "Fasting" with allavening eating orgies) dehydrated and undersugared, enrich our days even more aggressive than usual.

Since 2013 upper Muslim Aiman Mazyek from the central committee of Muslims, that the regions had to import two fixed legal Islamic holidays because it was important for integration. Which? Oh yes, that of the Germans in Islam. Back in the day the CDU rejected it, today we are more open due to the from Merkel successful depeopling and hope for "new voters".

We can be sure due to the statement by the interior minister, that they aren't talking about it anymore and that the "Hit the woman cult" gets its own holiday. In "return" St. Martin's Day will be abolished and Christmas will be called "light parties" (completely abolishing it isn't wanted because it's needed for Jihad).

But don't forget: There isn't any Islamisation! Who thinks otherwise is a right-wing radical!

L.S. Gabriel, PI News 3 Comments [10/14/2017 3:21:05 AM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 132892

On Wednesday’s edition of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson kicked off his Dear Abby-style “Honest Answers” segment with a question from a viewer who was very concerned that her son had married an atheist and wanted to know what she should do about that.

Ethyl wrote:

When my son told me he was going to marry an atheist, it was a tough pill to swallow, but I managed to get through it. I raised my son to believe we, as Christians, should only marry inside the church, but I know he loves her so much that I can’t bring myself to say anything about it. Should I respect his right to make his own choice?

Yes, yes Ethyl, you should absolutely do that. Because it is not your business.

That, of course, is not what Pat Robertson said.

He said that Jesus doesn’t have any fellowship with Belial (the Devil), and that people in the church should not be “unequally yoked” with non-believers, and that Billy Graham said, “You marry an atheist, then you’ve got the devil for your father-in-law.”

This is factually untrue. If you were to marry me, you would have Dante for a father-in-law. Not the Inferno one, of course, just the one who is my dad and has no relation to the fiery pits of hell whatsoever. Robertson explained to Ethyl that although she could give him advice and counsel him, this was all her fault for having been such a terrible parent.

Why? Because the Bible said to “Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he’s old he won’t depart.” And then, just to hammer home the point, Robertson added, “You haven’t raised him very well if he’s going into atheism right now.”

Pat Robertson, Patheos 10 Comments [10/14/2017 3:17:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

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DETROIT (WJBK) - Earlier this month, 41-year-old Robert Pattison went to introduce himself to his fellow firefighters at Engine 55 at Joy and Southfield in Detroit. Second Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty calls it a tradition for firefighters.

"It's not mandatory, it's voluntary," he says. "You come in bearing gifts. The usual gift is doughnuts, but you are allowed to bring whatever you want to bring in."

And Pattison, a probationary firefighter, decided to bring a watermelon wrapped in a pink ribbon. We're told some African-American firefighters were instantly offended, since 90 percent of the people who work at Engine 55 are black.

"When you get your first detail at a firehouse you pretty much know what you are getting yourself into," says Patrick Trout. "So you would have to say it was probably a bad call."

FOX 2: "Is it racially insensitive to bring a watermelon into a fire house?"

"To some people," McCarty says.

FOX 2 spoke to Pattison by phone, who claims it was not a joke - and he did not mean to offend his fellow firefighters. But he clearly did. Fire Commissioner Eric Jones says the Fenton native was officially discharged.

In a statement Jones says: "There is zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior inside the Detroit Fire Department. On Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, at Engine 55, a trial firefighter (probationary employee) engaged in unsatisfactory work behavior which was deemed offensive and racially insensitive to members of the Detroit Fire Department.

"After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the best course of action was to terminate the employment of this probationary employee."

In a world where racial tensions run high, some tell me the trial firefighter should have known better. Trout doesn't know if he meant anything by it - but feels it was a bad choice.

"For sure by far it was."

The question is did DFD take it too far?

FOX 2: "Should he have lost his job over a watermelon?"

"I don't think so," McCarty says. "Between what he did and what was there are a few things that could have been done."

Detroit Fire Department, FOX 2 Detroit 14 Comments [10/14/2017 3:16:11 AM]
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Quote# 132890

Wow, even at trying to make Christianity sympathetic you suck. You honestly think someone who feels oppressed by LGBT having basic human treatment is on par with people facing true discrimination, suffering and death. How sociopathic do you have to be?

Wow, another cowardly christophobic anon who thinks that LGBT people are all cute innocent angels who do nothing wrong and only want “peace and equality”, and that they are oppressed by us EBUL KRISTIANZ because we don’t want to make cakes for their weddings, while ignoring the actual oppression that Christians (like every other group of people actually) face! How original. Colour me shocked.

For the umpteenth time, anon, read my lips.

1. Christians do NOT want to deprive LGBT people of their inalienable human rights. PERIOD. If there is any Christian out there who does, he is not following Christian principles OR the law.
2. There is, however, some OTHER major religion which views homosexuals and transsexuals in a VERY negative light and uses some really gruesome and inhumane methods against them, and in their countries homosexuals face REAL oppression, suffering and death, yet you SJWs miraculously want that religion protected…for the life of me, though, I never seem to remember what that religion is called! I think its name begins with an “i”…Independent Norse Rastafarianism, perhaps?
3. A wedding cake or flower services are not fundamental human rights.
4. Not feeling offended is not a fundamental human right.
5. Getting married according to the practices of a religion of which you are not a part is not a fundamental human right. Getting married according to the practices of a religion which considers any marriage but one man and one woman in a lifelong sacramental commitment ontologically impossible is not a fundamental human right.
6. ACTUAL human rights involve:
i. Freedom of speech
ii. Freedom of religion
iii. Freedom of association
7. Depriving others of their fundamental human rights or harassing them and doxxing them because they disagree with your lifestyle, or punishing them for exercising the aforementioned rights, is something in which YOUR side (modern secularist leftism) routinely engages and it is unconstitutional and immoral.
8. Surprisingly enough, the death threats and doxxing and punishment of dissenters ONLY (or overwhelmingly so) takes place when the latter are Christians. Dare to actually imply that imams should be forced to marry homosexual couples, or that Muslim bakers should be forced to bake cakes for gay pride events, and you may as well sit down for the next days and watch the swarm of “Islamophobia” accusations fly against you even from within the LGBT community itself.
9. If you search my recent feed (perhaps in a few days, the post might still be queued) you will find a news story about a homosexual baker who found himself in trouble because he refused to bake a cake with a pro-Nazism message. Can you guess what happened in the notes?
That’s right! Leftists suddenly remembered that freedom of association is a thing!
Ergo, they most blatantly proved that they only want basic human rights for their Precious Protected Victimhood Groups™, whereas Christians and conservatives can sincerely go f*ck themselves.
If this is not the pinnacle of hypocrisy, then I don’t know what is. If ALL THIS doesn’t convince you of the hate that is peddled by YOUR side, trust me, that speaks VOLUMES about you.

So, good day, my kind sir/madam, and I hope you can soon realise that the “you shouldn’t hate other people just because they’re different” moral imperative also applies to you. Oh and, by the way, given your side’s intellectual dishonesty, hypocrisy and hatred, it’s REALLY rich for you to call us sociopaths.

arcenciel-par-une-larme, Tumblr 9 Comments [10/14/2017 3:12:55 AM]
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Quote# 132954

(commenting on story "Seth Rogen slammed for trying to get Costco to stop selling conservative writer's book"

How long until the left starts burning books they don't like?

Lady Checkmate:
Are you NOT aware that they buy bibles just to burn them...an example of their alt-left idiocy.

Never heard that.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 17 Comments [10/13/2017 4:59:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 132952

traingirls-vs-trigglypuffs, Tumblr 21 Comments [10/13/2017 4:58:46 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 132950

Some “theologians” today are perverting Bible stories to promote their agenda. We can’t let them hijack the gospel.

A few weeks ago when I addressed the topic of homosexuality, a reader posted a comment on our forum suggesting that the biblical King David and his friend Jonathan were gay lovers. After a few other readers questioned this interpretation, another reader repeated the claim. “The Bible is clear that David and Jonathan were physical, sexual, gay male homosexual lovers,” this person wrote authoritatively—without citing a chapter and verse.

Most evangelical Christians would drop their jaws in bewilderment if confronted with such an odd theory. Even people with minimal knowledge of the Old Testament know that (1) David was married to Jonathan’s sister, Michal—and he had a few other wives, and (2) David’s biggest blunder was his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba—a woman he saw bathing on a rooftop. God was not happy about David’s lust or with his decision to have Bathsheba’s husband killed so he could hide his sin.

It is illogical to read homosexuality into the story of David and Jonathan because neither Jewish nor early Christian tradition ever endorses sex outside the bounds of heterosexual marriage. If you read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, you will never see a depiction of a gay relationship, ever. Nor will you see homosexuality affirmed. You cannot get around the fact that the Bible says gay sex is flat-out wrong.

But that doesn’t mean people won’t try to change the meaning of Scripture. “Theologians” from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds have written books claiming that various Bible characters were gay. They have suggested that Ruth and Naomi were lesbian lovers; that the Roman centurion in Matthew 8 had a gay relationship with his servant; and that the disciple John had a homoerotic relationship with Jesus.

Gay-affirming theologians also have pounced on the story of David and Jonathan. They point to David’s words in 2 Samuel 1:26 when he eulogized Jonathan and Saul: “I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; you have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was more wonderful than the love of women” (NASB).

So how do we interpret this verse? We need to keep these points in mind:

1. Old Testament morality has not changed. Our culture today is redefining sexuality. We’ve made killing babies a right, we celebrate fornication and we’re on a mad dash to legitimize gay marriage. But with all the bending, twisting and legal redefining, we cannot change what was written in the Bible thousands of years ago. It’s silly to make the Bible imply something it never said. And it’s laughable to suggest that David, the author of many of the psalms—and the biblical figure who best represents a true worshipper of the one true God—would be recast as being in a gay relationship.

Conservative Jews in our country agree. The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), the nation’s largest body of Orthodox Jews, recently reaffirmed their commitment to Old Testament morality. The RCA recently stated, “The Torah and Jewish tradition, in the clearest of terms, prohibit the practice of homosexuality. Same-sex unions are against both the letter and the spirit of Jewish law, which sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony.” Jewish priests in the time of David and Jonathan held the same view.

2. David and Jonathan had a model friendship. Scripture says Jonathan loved David “as himself” (1 Sam. 18:3). Jonathan’s love was selfless and heroic. Even though he was in line to be the next king of Israel, he recognized David would step into that role—and Jonathan not only celebrated his friend as the rightful king but also protected him from his father’s spear-throwing tantrums.

Jonathan’s love was not lust. It was the ultimate in sacrifice. He laid down his rights so his friend could be promoted. He opposed his father’s self-willed ambition and instead affirmed that David should be the true king. Jonathan showed us all how to be a true friend. David’s comment that his friend’s love was “more wonderful than the love of women” was not sexual; he was praising Jonathan’s loyalty and brotherly devotion.

3. We should encourage healthy male friendships instead of sexualizing them. In our fatherless culture, men are starved for affirmation and encouragement. God wired men to need close friends, but few of us are willing to build those kinds of relationships because of insecurity, inferiority or pride. Many guys are lonely, isolated and afraid to admit they need help. Some may even struggle with sexual confusion, yet they could find healing through a combination of the Holy Spirit’s power and healthy male bonding. The church today should do everything possible to encourage male friendships.

It is incredibly perverse—not to mention blasphemous—to suggest that anything sexual was going on between David and Jonathan. Yet I suspect that leaders in the gay-affirming church movement will continue to come up with more bizarre examples of Scripture-twisting in order to promote their agenda. We can’t allow them to hijack the purity of the gospel.

J. Lee Grady, Charisma Magazine 13 Comments [10/13/2017 2:50:37 PM]
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Quote# 132947

Can one have opposite views on the “should this voice be included” debate and still be morally consistent? Here is my take. On the Hillel excluding Jewish non-Zionist voices, they are wrong because Hillel is supposed to represent ALL Jews on campus. An ideological litmus test on Zionism is therefore illegitimate because many Jews say it is, not because Zionism is inherently wrong or right. If Jewish ideas are banned at Hillel, it can not claim to be universally Jewish. On the other hand Black Lives Matter, Feminism, Palestinian call for BDS as examples are not trying to represent all people.

They are representing marginalized people knowing full well that most power and in many cases majority opinion are not on their side. Social Justice movements by definition are working to change and challenge power and by definition those who are oppressed don’t need to make room for those who already have all the cards and power. Excluding for example Zionists and White Nationalists from social justice movements makes sense as their presence serves little purpose but to distract and destroy the very fabric of the change that is sought.

So all in all yeah, I won’t loose any sleep over advocating both the inclusion of non-ZIonists in Hillel while making the case that a litmus test that excludes white supremacist views and Zionism is quite appropriate for Black Lives Matter and all anti-opression networks.

Pdxmuscle, MondoWeiss 1 Comments [10/13/2017 2:47:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132943

Three members of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community have been sentenced to death in Pakistan’s Punjab province for committing blasphemy by tearing up posters that demanded boycott of the minority sect.

They have also been fined Rs 200,000 each and in case they don’t pay the fine, they would undergo six months of rigorous punishment.

Additional District and Sessions Judge of Sheikhupura district of Punjab province Mian Javed Akram announced the verdict on Wednesday after the prosecution submitted evidence and presented all witnesses in the case.

A blasphemy case registered against them in May in 2014 for tearing religious posters.

According to Sharqpur police station official Muhammad Ashar, the people had displayed posters in the village urging social boycott of the Ahmadiyya community. “The posters carried Islamic verses,” he said.

On removing the posters, a complaint was filed against the three men that led to their subsequent arrest.

The convicts admitted before the court that they had removed the posters for demanding social boycott of Ahmadiyya community but not to commit blasphemy.

Their counsel will challenge the verdict in the higher court.

On Wednesday, ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Mohammad Safdar launched a tirade against the Ahmaddiya community, demanding their exclusion from the government and military service.

The Ahmadiyya community was declared non-Muslims in Pakistan through a constitutional amendment in 1974 during the tenure of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

This measure was later followed with former president Gen Ziaul Haq, making it a punishable offence for Ahmadiyyas to call themselves Muslim or to refer to their faith as Islam.

The community is also banned from preaching as well as from travelling to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. They are also not allowed to publish any material propagating their faith.

Members of the community in Pakistan have often been targeted.

Pakistan government, The Hindu 2 Comments [10/13/2017 2:46:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132937

we have 23 chromosomes, a Monkey has 24, the reason we have 23 is because 23 is the # of Judgment that God will judge all of the unsaved throughout the entire world if you are not saved. A Monkey has never talked and never walked like a true man, they can not talk and they can craw walk, on all 4 limb.. If we evolved from something that means that we would still be evolving, but we are devolving because of sin, so that is your poof, we were created perfectly, and when Adam an Eve Sinned in the Garden of Eden, than, the whole world fell into sin, including the world and the animals, plants and everything, because in the beginning everything was made perfectly in God eyes, until we sinned and God sold us to Satan and sin and we fell from the grace of God, read Romans 6:23 read Ephesians 2:8 read Galatians 5:17-23

Ralph, Y! answers 14 Comments [10/13/2017 11:33:56 AM]
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Quote# 132936

I forgot to order bible tracts this year, so I may have to pick some up from the the Christian Bookstore. I attach them to the [Halloween] treats and when the kiddos come a-knockin, I hand them a treat and a tract :). For some reason, even when my lights are off the kiddos still knock on my door. It used to creep me out but I'm used to it now.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 18 Comments [10/13/2017 11:33:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 132935

Ah, but observation of Leprechauns is observation is it not. And presumably if one has been seen another could be videoed and yet another caught and examined.
The divine is not observable in the same way. If you are going to accept the principle of interconversion from the supernatural to the natural then at some point observation in the classic sense becomes possible......and somehow that has fallen under your Radar.

These, I would have thought were the rules of engagement on this board.
That there was a method for the so called physical and arguments for the philosophical and metaphysical.

I understand that this makes things hard for the physicalist but hey you pays your money and you takes your choice.

'Andles for forks, Religion and Ethics 10 Comments [10/13/2017 11:33:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 132933

What shall an Atheist invoke? that life is meaningless & without purpose???..Nihilists of the Dung heaps!!!..haha

Rommel R. Alanis, Facebook 13 Comments [10/13/2017 11:32:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132922

(responding to story "Caitlan Coleman family refuses return to US; husband fears Gitmo over past")

(story here, not really relevant to this posting: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/10/12/american-caitlin-coleman-family-freed-from-afghanistan-captors.html)

Lady Checkmate:
I knew they were lying.
Think about it. If you'd been held captive (against your will) anywhere in the Middle East, and was released you'd get the heck out of dodge, not decide to stay. Actually, I'd be surprised I survived that long-as a Christian woman, lol.
I guarantee the alt-left will claim Stockholm Syndrome and excuse their behavior, smh.

Gary Ritzman:
There both crackers. Who goes for a hike in the countryside when the Talban and others are torturing and killing nearly everyone they come in contact with.
The one’s who will suffer most are their children thanks to Mr. Boyle. Difficult to believe their mother has no maternal instincts to protect her children.

Lady Checkmate:
I don't know how to respond, lol. I want to up vote you and agree with you, but your use of the word "cracker" confuses me. It's considered a racial epithet and I don't like racial epithets at all nor support their use, but I'm not sure if that was your intent, and if so I must ask that you edit it out. If I misunderstood your usage of the word, then please enlighten me.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 19 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 132921

I'm seeing that Atheism is becoming a religion and that the horoscope magazines are teaching that the Bible was written to "make people submit" philosophy...

Thus, they are taking prayer to new heights of criticism and judgement: taking people to court!

so as Christians we need to bind this activity of atheism in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. And beware of them.

Annette Margaret Blanco, Facebook 25 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132920

As far as I know, Atheism is a recognized religion in the U.S. So one religion doesn't like the idea another religion gets people together and exercise their constitution rights to gather together and pray.

A definition of Atheism says they don't acknowledge the existence of a God. They know it exists but don't want to acknowledge it exists. Sounds like they have a God in their beliefs that they live by.

Jim McRae, Facebook 19 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132919

Those players don't look like they're being forced into anything. If there were more prayer in schools there would be more unity and possibly less bullying.

Screw the atheists. Public or not, schools need to promote prayer. Prayer, not politics is why we kneel...pro-sports could learn a thing or two from this.

Jennife Tempest, Facebook 18 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132918

Boy Scouts were pedophiles love to hang ! this day and age I don't trust any of them, . All these liberals pushing their agenda on our kids wouldn't want them involved in any of this anymore.

Erie Grizwald, Facebook 4 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132914

LGBT activism is terrorism perpetrated towards young people. These people should ALL be run out of town or otherwise agressivly dispatched.

bk1000, Free Republic 10 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132913

It is not “sex-reassignment” surgery.

It is mutilation of a body where every nucleus of every cell of the body continues to cry out the body’s gender, regardless of the mutilation and regardless of the lifetime of massive doses of hormones and drugs.

It is all, 100% pretense to satisfy an obsession carried in a mind struggling with a mental problem, an identity dysphoria. It requires strong, compassionate, continuous and consistent professional help getting the young mind out of it’s obsession.

Yes, it’s a struggle akin to getting out of the worst addictions. The easy path, the comfortable path, just like satisfying an addiction is to satisfy the obsession. Yes, that is the path of least resistance, the “calmer” path. Yet, it is never 100% satisfying. The body does not lie about its gender, it’s written in every cell.

What young “transgender” persons need is not adults who will become the enablers of the obsession their child is inflicted with, but adults who will help them through the struggle to end the control of the obsession.

Wuli, Free Republic 10 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132912

The LGBT crowd is trying to create some kind of sex zombies. Go to one of those “pride” marches in San Francisco and see what you see.

subterfuge, Free Republic 21 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132911

Whether it be homosexual child molestation or children subjected to the “care” of gender benders, the schizoid Left has always been particularly harmful for children.

allendale, Free Republic 4 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132910

The gaydar AI algorithm would peg this face [picture of Mary Wollstonecraft] as a rugmuncher mug.

Wollstonecraft married, but in the 18th Century it would have been common for lesbians and gays to marry into heterosexual relationships.

The origin of modern feminism — the particularly nasty and virulent form of feminism that seeks to invert the sexual market to the perceived benefit of ugly women by removing all constraints on female sexuality and stripping moral agency from women, while maximally restricting and pathologizing male sexuality and burdening men with all moral responsibility — was disproportionately a Jewish and ugly woman movement. The book that begat modern feminism was The Feminine Mystique, by Jewish woman Betty Friedan.

What followed in Friedan’s wake was a freak parade of uglier and uglier women fronting the modern feminist agenda, and enacting their warped vision of the sexes into policy (e.g. Title IX).

Steve Sailer argues feminism is a WASP concept, and 20th Century Jewish immigration and dominance in media and Hollywood actually delayed the triumph of feminism (seen in the WASPs passing Female Suffrage and Prohibition), because Jewish men, like all Semitic men, evolved in a patriarchal and ethnocentric culture and didn’t see a need to extend respect to shiksas.

Maybe proto-feminism is WASPy, but that doesn’t explain the Jewishness of modern feminism, unless one considers Jewish feminism an ethnic-scale case of intratribal negative transference. Jewish female feminists were rebelling against their patriarchal religion (and seething with resentment against their Jewish men lusting after pretty Gentile women), but as is the wont of their tribe they organized their resistance around defiance of the Gentile soft-patriarchy culture of comfortably accepted sex roles and sex-based preferences, instead of targeting their attacks against their own Swinesteins. They transferred the cause of their bad feelings onto the contemptible goyium.

Jewish-led feminism was actually a reaction to their own anti-feminist ethnic culture. But since Jewish men, like all men, are more interested than are women in acquiring status and power to exchange for sex, the heights of industries like Hollywood filled with patriarchal Jewish men instead of feminist Jewish women.

That’s not the end of the story. Jewish men eventually caught on that hypocritically espousing the radical feminism of their tribeswomen was a great stick with which to beat goy society and poison relations between Gentile men and their women….and also to fool naive feminists into bed using the “Hugo Schwyzer” male feminist ruse. If you’re a casting couch sleazebag running a de facto brothel for skanky actress wannabes, posturing like a champion of women’s lib is an effective way to keep the heat off you and your whores satisfied with a pittance of hush money and empty promises.

When one sees feminism, and especially modern feminism, through the lens of homosexuality, ugliness, and Jewishness, the tenets and demands of the twisted ideology begin to make sense.

Lesbians resent men. They love feminism because they want to be men in every way that matters, and that means they have a stake in undermining sex-differentiated norms and even sexual dichotomy.

Lesbian Feminism is the agenda of making unfeminine women into second rate men rather than first rate women.

Ugly women resent pretty women. They love feminism because they want to reduce the competitive advantages pretty women enjoy by enforcing equality and uniformity among women. Ugly women also love feminism because they understand on a deep level that they are too ugly to find a provider husband and must pursue careerism to collect the resources themselves.

Ugly Woman Feminism is the agenda of pitting the bottom quarter of women against the top three quarters of women.

Jewish women resent their patriarchal culture and Gentile social norms. They love feminism because it subverts the traditions of their ethnic religion and gives them cover to corrupt the benignly sex-differentiated Christian culture which largely rejects the radical value system of Jewish women.

Jewish Feminism is the agenda of delegitimizing patriarchal Judaism/Semitism and of poisoning the benevolent sexism of Christian Gentile culture.

Put those three origins of modern (and proto-) feminism together — the lesbian, the ugly, and the Jewish — into one monstrous frankenshrew, and you get intersectional insanity like “white male privilege”, the UVA rape hoax scandal, and the constant invocation of the mythological discriminatory “wage gap“. Not to mention the gross anti-male injustice known as the family court industrial complex.

PS Even WASP feminism is tainted in origin. Prohibition was a failure, and Female Suffrage has inarguably shifted America politically leftward and into the waiting petri dish of Poz.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 6 Comments [10/13/2017 1:59:21 AM]
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