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Quote# 104250

"And the last thing we need is to feed the white woman’s narcissism which is already inflated thanks to feminism."

That’s interesting. Atheist Indian once made a remark on Robert’s blog to the effect that white American women who travel to Eastern European countries are humbled on account of not being treated like hot shit, as they are normally accustomed.

However, white women who travel to places like India have their egos skyrocket due to the desi worship of white pussy.

Bay Area Guy, Occident Invicta 13 Comments [10/22/2014 3:42:43 AM]
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Quote# 104248

There is an Austrian Jewish Write Otto weininger who called “Jews are sons of EVE and satan “—His book “sex and character” shows why Jews are solipsistic, they are devoid of any Masculine character—Where ever organized Jewry Exists, it tries to destroy family unit,and attack all institutions which impose restraint over female sexuality

Its not just Jews that are solipsistic but even Indian Hinduism for the most part is a solipsistic faith, from my knowledge most indians are extremely solipsistic, they dont understand the harm they inflict on others,as long as its favourable to their survival they go along with the tide

Is it mere coincidence that Organized Jewry and hindus got a nation around same time?, or is it just an accident when Jewish thought became a norm in Western Civilization today, Hinduism (another Solipsistic culture)is making inroads into west ?, or is it just an accident that both these cultures despise Christianity and Islam –or is it just me who is seeing feminization of Western world where every masculine virtue is degraded and despised.

I think Weininger was right ,When Jewry triumphs they will dissolve every masculine trait in man,They despise masculinity…I believe its a kind of parasitism that Jewry exhibits , when the ecosystem of host nation is completely subdued by Jews,they make sure that all forms of threats are neutralized, First threat to organized Jewry is masculine identity of society,which keeps a constraint on feminine sexuality, once you dissolve masculine identity, All fundamental institutions of society will be destroyed.

I believe behind the mask of innocence, there is some thing evil and despotic about Female Gender.

Ancient Greeks believed that Women are created by God as a punishment for man, Feminine spirit seeks unchecked freedom and Unchecked Female freedom leads to destruction of everything great that men have built

Weininger’s book is eye opening atleast for me, He thinks there is some masculine spirit and Feminine spirit in this world, While masculine spirit strives for aggression ,creative thought,adventure—Feminine spirit seeks revenge,Destruction,unlimited freedom without check..Weininger in his book says,that Feminine spirit in essence is satanic, “The biblical EVE Never liked Adam, she is still in Lust for satan and seeking that forbidden fruit”–He likens “Women as Necessary evil in this world and Jews are seed of Eve and Satan,” . Although i am not religious , I believe the comparison is accurate…

There is another Hungarian Statesmen who despised the Jewry and Reached some what same conclusions as weininger, He wrote a book ” Tragedy of a man” in which biblical Adam,eve and satan are re-incarnated every time in each century as different prominent personalities, the EVE cheats of Adam and begets children from SATAN , God tries to intervene and punishes EVE and gives her next life , but again EVE will stray and will have children with Satan…After each passing century the Humanity on earth becomes decadent …God again intervenes to stop his creation from complete decadence,he gives a final chance to Eve to mate with Adam and establish kingdom of God on earth…The story ends with Eve as Queen and Satan as a minister hatching up a plan after their sexual intercourse to murder the king ( Allegorical ADAM)…and Eve Kills adam and Kingdom of Evil will be established on earth—

The final chapter of ” Tragedy of man” shows Eve Fornicating with satan while their children who inhabit this earth will participate on sodomy ,incest..

India_LandofRapes, Occident Invicta 16 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:30 AM]
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Quote# 104247

Every living organism – including humans – is in a constant state of degradation or deterioration not evolution. From the moment something comes to be, it already is dying and will eventually die.

The entire living organic system is in a constant fight for survival. Unfortunately, there is nothing in its intrinsic composition powerful enough that would enable it to suppress the inevitable and fateful pull toward its own dissolution or death.

Otherwise, it would divert all of its energy into overcoming said fate by ‘evolving’ out of it, exactly like X-Men’s Wolverine manages to do. Why? Because the survival instinct is the most dominant one. Said evolving characteristic – if it were possible – would in turn be uniformly present in all of creation and entropy would be nothing but a bad memory.


On the surface, X-Men may appear to favor the theory of evolution, but once pertinent questions are asked, that whole facade crumbles like a butterless cookie leaving but a handful of apologetics that work in favor of creationism. [Emphasis added]

1) If according to evolution, mankind is the end result of animals evolving into a better species – hence the word evolution which Webster defines as a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state – how come many of the X-Men like Wolverine devolve into beasts? Let’s face it, that’s a step back. It’s no longer evolution, but degradation or devolution.

But, let’s just say that the X-Men are really in the process of being fully humans, then-

2) The writers of the series are absolutely right in parading these mutants amidst their fully human counterparts. It shows they have a good grasp of what true applied evolution would really look like. And said understanding raises the most obvious of questions: how come there are no evolutionary mutants running around for real?

The proponents of the Evolution Religion would quickly interject that it takes millions of years for any species to evolve.

How convenient! They can’t explain their cockamamy theory so they throw millions of years at it to confuse the poor-minded into believing a lie.

Biblicism Institute, Biblicism Institute 38 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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Quote# 104242

The goal of this name changing is to help students “recognize and celebrate the gender diversity of all students” and to “challenge students to think more expansively about their notions of gender.” Really, what this handout is encouraging teachers to do is to destroy any distinction between male and female. This is a natural outcome of a culture that has rejected the Bible as its foundation for thinking in every area. As our culture continues to reject Jesus Christ and move further away from basing its thinking on the solid foundation of the Word of God, we continue to see more of everyone “doing what is right in his own eyes” (Judges 17:6). And our culture seems determined to make sure the next generation follows suit.

This type of thinking has serious consequences. If man is the ultimate authority, then why not just discard gender? And, for that matter, why not just make marriage whatever you want it to be?

Now gender distinction for humans is so important that in the very first chapter of the Bible, which is foundational to the whole Bible, God emphasizes this gender distinction.


God has clearly revealed to us in His Word that gender is not something we can choose to discard. When God created mankind, He made them male and female (Genesis 1:27). It’s only concerning our spiritual state in Christ where there is no male or female distinction, as both are equally made in God’s image and equally valuable in His sight (Galatians 3:28).

Males are neither inherently superior nor inferior to females, but males and females are different. And that distinction becomes particularly important when marriage is in view. Secularists are desperately trying to teach our children that gender is an arbitrary choice rather than a part of who they are designed to be. Yet according to our Creator, each person is designed to be either male or female. And that same Creator stipulated that marriage is a union of a man and a woman. By erasing in children’s minds their identity as male and female, then when they grow up, the ideas of gay marriage and homosexual behavior and any other aberration will seem to be valid and acceptable choices on their menu for life. But man is not the ultimate authority—God is! The Son of God who came into this world to die for the sins of men and women and boys and girls affirmed that from the beginning that being “male” or “female” has been a part of each person’s created identity.

We, as followers of Christ, need to stand firmly on the Word of God and teach our children the truth about gender and marriage. Gender is not a social construct—it is part of who we are because it is a creation of God’s that has been present from the beginning. Neither is marriage whatever you want it to be. God created marriage at the beginning so only God has the right to define marriage.


We also need to teach our children that sin has affected the human race—not only our spiritual state but physically also. Certainly, there are those (an extremely small minority) for which sin may have affected their physical development in some way relating to their sexuality. (See “Feedback: Hermaphroditism.”) Such people need our understanding, love, and care. Also because of the sin that affects us all, some people might be tempted more easily than others in regard to blurring the gender distinction or suffer some confusion or dissatisfaction with the gender God clearly created them to have. But then we all to need to believe God’s Word that:

No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

As a teaching exercise for your family, if you have a Bible program on your computer and can do a search on when the words male and female occur in the same sentence, you will be able to see reference after reference in regard to all sorts of human matters where God clearly uses the male and female distinction in regard to humans.

Our children desperately need to be taught the true history of the universe. And every child needs to be taught that he or she has been specially and wonderfully designed, even before they were born (see Psalm 139:14–16), as male or female in the image of God. I encourage you to bring your children to the Creation Museum to help them develop a biblical foundation—remember kids are free in 2014 with a paying adult!

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 25 Comments [10/22/2014 3:30:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Nemo
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Quote# 104237

The Mystique Of The Feminine Mind

Abso-fucking-lutely not. Why would anyone envy women? Sure, I’ve always wanted to be a lesbian, if only for a few years, but that’s comparatively insignificant. The drawbacks are far heavier the benefits. The most obvious drawback is the body. There’s a reason that men don’t squawk about how independent they are. Women are tiny. Almost any woman could be raped and killed by almost any man regardless of all the self-defense classes and jazzercise she does. Let’s not kid ourselves. Women live in a constant state of fear, which is why they keep screaming about being strong and empowered. A truly strong and empowered person has no need to convince himself of it.

But the body is not the main reason I wouldn’t want to be a woman. By far the most terrible thing about being a woman is having a woman’s mind. Sure, they have better time-management skills, but that just means they’re wired for service. Women suck complete shit at objective reasoning. Why did you hate high school English? Because a woman taught it, and she told you that a poem can mean whatever you want it to. They couldn’t expect you to do something they could never figure out themselves.

I’m in law school right now. Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t find any data for what fields of law women tend to study, but from what I’ve seen, they are almost always either “fun” fields like child advocacy, sports, or entertainment, or “clean” fields like tax law or prosecution. Women don’t study divorce, custody, criminal defense, or anything that is morally vague or subject to interpretation. They make better grades, but that just means that they are wired for studying for tests. It is said that there are twice as many law jobs as there are new law graduates, but that’s because people specialize in bullshit fields that are flooded by cowards. If you study law, you will either learn moral flexibility or die in poverty.

Also unsurprisingly, the kind of men and women who go to law school aren’t the type of people who read Return of Kings. I realize that doesn’t have anything to do with the female mind, but this seems as good as any place to make that observation. Law school attracts the absolute worst in humanity. Weak, cowardly men and cutthroat, entitled women.


Women are terrible at historical criticism, philosophy, or anything that involves value judgments, and they generally seem uninterested in it unless it directly affects them. This is because a woman will always argue the person, not the issue. There’s a reason St Paul said that women should never teach or speak in church. Women just aren’t equipped to perform with men when it comes to deep thinking, and that is why all the women’s liberation in the world will never enable them to accomplish much worth remembering. For example, rock music has always been pretty liberal, and there have been exactly two well-known and talented instrumentalists in all of its history: Nancy Wilson of Heart and Kim Deal of The Pixies. Imagine all of the money record companies could have made had they been able to find a talented female rock band.


Women, of course, will never understand their inferiority any more than a child can understand his. You cannot argue with a child. Instead, you must discipline to build good behavior, and in time, that good behavior will turn into a worldview. The same is true with women. Women are inherently terrible people, and you can’t correct their bad behavior with words alone. No, you must tame the shrew using positive and negative reinforcement.

Religion is best for the job, but in today’s pluralistic marketplace, that’s often not an option. Furthermore, society has decided it’s best for women to continue acting like children, ever focused on their wants instead of their shoulds. But with a subtle reward and punishment system, you can turn the any promiscuous harpy into a submissive virgin bride. Perhaps I am a fool, but I like to believe the best in people.

You cannot tell the hawk not to devour the mouse any more than you can verbally teach a woman right from wrong. You can hate the effects of women, but you cannot call women evil. Every strong, empowered woman at heart is a scared little child lost in the woods. She’ll never admit it to herself, but every woman has a Disney fantasy about some strong man taking her away and becoming her identity. Those movies made a fuckload of money for a reason. Be her identity.

Blair Naso, Return of Kings 19 Comments [10/22/2014 3:27:25 AM]
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Quote# 104236

[Janna Darnelle explains how her life was ruined when her husband came out as gay, divorced her, gained custody of the children, and married another man.]

My Children Deserve Better

Our two young children were willfully and intentionally thrust into a world of strife and combative beliefs, lifestyles, and values, all in the name of "gay rights." Their father moved into his new partner's condo, which is in a complex inhabited by sixteen gay men. One of the men has a 19-year-old prostitute who comes to service him. Another man, who functions as the father figure of this community, is in his late sixties and has a boyfriend in his early twenties. My children are brought to gay parties where they are the only children and where only alcoholic beverages are served. They are taken to transgender baseball games, gay rights fundraisers, and LGBT film festivals.

Both of my children face identity issues, just like other children. Yet there are certain deep and unique problems that they will face as a direct result of my former husband's actions. My son is now a maturing teen, and he is very interested in girls. But how will he learn how to deal with that interest when he is surrounded by men who seek sexual gratification from other men? How will he learn to treat girls with care and respect when his father has rejected them and devalues them? How will he embrace his developing masculinity without seeing his father live out authentic manhood by treating his wife and family with love, honoring his marriage vows even when it's hard?

My daughter suffers too. She needs a dad who will encourage her to embrace her femininity and beauty, but these qualities are parodied and distorted in her father's world. Her dad wears make-up and sex bondage straps for Halloween. She is often exposed to men dressing as women. The walls in his condo are adorned with large framed pictures of women in provocative positions. What is my little girl to believe about her own femininity and beauty? Her father should be protecting her sexuality. Instead, he is warping it.

Without the guidance of both their mother and their father, how can my children navigate their developing identities and sexuality? I ache to see my children struggle, desperately trying to make sense of their world.

My children and I have suffered great losses because of my former husband’s decision to identify as a gay man and throw away his life with us. Time is revealing the depth of those wounds, but I will not allow them to destroy me and my children. I refuse to lose my faith and hope. I believe so much more passionately in the power of the marriage covenant between one man and one woman today than when I was married. There is another way for those with same-sex attractions. Destruction is not the only option—it cannot be. Our children deserve far better from us.

This type of devastation should never happen to another spouse or child. Please, I plead with you: defend marriage as being between one man and one woman. We must stand for marriage—and for the precious lives that marriage creates.

Janna Darnelle, The Witherspoon Institute 28 Comments [10/22/2014 3:25:49 AM]
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Quote# 104234

Atheistic science predicts that earthquakes will be correlated with fault lines. That is simply not true, as many recent earthquakes (Napa Valley, Japan, etc.) have demonstrated. It would be fine if atheistic science admitted it doesn't know, but instead it claims it does know, but it is wrong.

Atheistic science also fails to explain the many examples of beauty in nature, including the blood moon.

Biblical scientific foreknowledge, meanwhile, is spectacular in its success.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 34 Comments [10/22/2014 3:25:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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Quote# 104233

That's bad logic.
The Bible also doesn't say "there is not a purple monster living on mars who has his own heaven and hell that mice go to".
But we know that's not true because of what the Bible does say exists: only one God, only one heaven and hell, etc.
We can know there are no aliens because of what the Bible says: only one Redeemer, only one planet made to be inhabited, the heavens are the Lord's.

ExaltGod, deviantArt 20 Comments [10/22/2014 3:24:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: katrinahood
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Quote# 104232

You are I suspect getting your analysis from Steve Sailer: He is a Nazi, therefore right on race, wrong on economics, and wrong on Jews. He thinks the trouble with the elite is that its full of Jews, and we should have instead the authentic, genuinely superior elite making collective decisions. He mistakes the Cathedral for the Jews, and the Jews for the Cathedral. It is true that the Cathedral is full of Jews, but the leadership of the opposition to the Cathedral was also full of Jews. Moldbugs analysis of Cathedral Jewry is more accurate. Cathedral Jews are converts away from Judaism, having converted into the post protestant religions of global warming and transnational progressivism, which conversion manifests as their hatred of Israel.

Jim, Jim's blog 11 Comments [10/22/2014 3:18:14 AM]
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Quote# 104230

Under the Old Covenant, God’s approach was “kill it before it spreads.” Priests were the highest authority in the land before Israel became a monarchy. If you lipped off to a priest after he reprimanded you, you were to be executed. God is a huge fan of the death penalty. Without it, societies run amuck with unchecked violence. If Israel had actually abided by Yahweh’s laws, she would have maintained her reverence for God. But as it was, she ignored His system of justice and let the hardcore rebels in her midst to prosper. Children who showed no respect for authority were allowed to grow up into uncontrollable monsters. Samson was an excellent example of what happens when a brat isn’t disciplined properly. According to Yahweh’s laws, Samson should have been executed many times over. But at the time he lived, Israel was in a state of anarchy and no one cared about justice. So Samson got away with fornicating, brutalizing people, dishonoring his parents, murdering, and spitting in God’s face. The man was one long repulsive string of rebellious acts until God finally took him out (see Samson).

When we look around the world today, we find many Samsons running about. Terrorists are gunning down whoever they please. Children are cussing out their parents. Gunmen are blasting their way into schools and shopping malls. Murderers drift in and out of prison like they’re checking into a hotel. All of this is because our governments have fallen down in their God-given roles as administrators of justice, and to God, justice has always included the death penalty.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 14 Comments [10/22/2014 3:12:40 AM]
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Quote# 104220

(In response to the owner of a shooting range banning Muslims from entering)
I say good for her. A lot of you talk about the rights they have under the Constitution being that they cannot be discriminated against because of their religion. Islam is nothing more than a cult following. It is not a peaceful following as they try to make people believe. This is a nation founded on Christian beliefs, values, and principles and our forefathers gave reverence to God the Almighty, the one and only true God. The way I see things, if there is anyone in this country who is not a citizen of this country, they have no rights. The vast majority of Muslims deny our laws because we are not a Muslim nation, but yet the have infiltrated our society and are trying to force their beliefs and laws onto us. If I had my way, they would all be gone back to their Muslim homelands.

James Rea, www.guns.com 44 Comments [10/21/2014 2:37:29 AM]
Fundie Index: 20
Submitted By: Firestarox
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Quote# 104219

This last blog is directed to the one hundred percent of those in society who oppose any attempt by the Christian Church to exert any influence in the public sphere.

You will fail. If you despise religion in general and/or Christianity in particular and you want to eradicate its influence from all realms of daily life…you will fail. Its been tried, and tried, and tried. You liberals and progressives really don’t study history very well. Yes, for over two millennia you have persecuted, tortured, and martyred multitudes of us. You have successfully marginalized Christian faith in many cultures. And lately you have even swayed most of the eighty-percenters who ordinarily don’t like involvement of any kind in church to join your ranks (the poor souls actually believe it when you tell them the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality, that when Jesus referred to eunuchs He was talking about homosexuals, and that gayness isn’t about sexuality but love).

Yet no matter how hard you try and how seemingly successful you appear in turning the tide of public sentiment your way about numerous issues…you just can’t seem to stifle and silence the faithful remnant of the living God (the twenty-percenters). Who would have guessed during the reigns of Lenin and Stalin in Communist Russia that Christians could not only survive but thrive? The same could be said of places like China and even Iraq! For that matter have you an answer for how in the world the Jewish people could reestablish themselves in their homeland after having been dispersed for the better part of two thousand years? Surrounded by people who have sworn never to rest until they are annihilated? Look on a map, hundred-percenter. Have you an explanation for how that tiny sliver of land and its people have held on despite being surrounded and outnumbered? When will you learn?

You may go on a tear and win battle after battle after battle. But you cannot win the war. You are not the first generation of liberals and progressives! Your critical mistake is thinking that once everyone sees your supposed superior logic they will either swoon or take flight. Your self-aggrandizement just doesn’t know what to do with itself when the twenty-percenter is neither impressed by your argument nor afraid of your loathing. Our faith is stout. Our resolve is firm.

This blog may sound harsh and may be interpreted as the rantings of a mean-spirited evangelical Christian. Yet, while I intend to write with clarity I do not write also with spite or anger. I simply wish to inform you that even should you take full possession of all three branches of American government and pass laws in all 50 states criminalizing everything conservative or Christian the twenty-percenters would still be a vocal thorn in your side.

Ray Rooney Jr., American Family Association 38 Comments [10/21/2014 2:34:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: PhillipaFry
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Quote# 104217

There is nothing in the Bible about same-sex marriage, because it is the wrong argument. Satan loves to get people arguing over the wrong thing. While the world is arguing whether or not they should be married, the Bible is arguing whether or not they should be alive. Don't get mad at me, God authored the Bible and said that homosexuality is a crime in His government, punishable by death in Leviticus 20:13. Granted, that seems overly harsh to me as well, but I didn't make the rules and write the Bible, God did. I don't question God's Word. I'm not as righteous as God, so I cannot fathom God's justice and laws. I cannot grasp someone being cast into Hell forever, but God said it and that settles it! I don't question my Creator, I choose to trust and love Him because He first loved me (1st John 3:16).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 33 Comments [10/21/2014 2:34:01 AM]
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Quote# 104215

First God defines the concept of righteousness, then He designs us to be the complete opposite of righteousness. He then makes it impossible for us to fix ourselves, and at the same time He demands that we do. The result: a desperate sense of depravity on our side and an understanding that He is right and we are wrong. Excellent. God now introduces us to the concepts of mercy, grace, and salvation. The result: a deep sense of gratitude towards Him which drives us to embrace the role of humble servants. Good. The proper relationship dynamic is shaping up very nicely. After salvation, God refuses to correct our desire to sin. We still find ourselves strongly attracted to evil—an attraction which He is constantly defining as wrong. The result: an acute awareness of our desperate need for Him in every moment. Excellent. If all goes well, we now view ourselves as lowly creatures who are loved by a kind and superior God. God instills an intense need to worship within us so that we’ll continue to see Him as the superior One and also find exalting Him to be intensely satisfying to our souls. This also helps us stay within the bounds of the relationship dynamic He wants.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 36 Comments [10/21/2014 2:33:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
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Quote# 104214

"There are two views of death and only two. One is that it is absolutely horrible and needs to be avoided at all costs. This is the view of the unbeliever who only has hell waiting for him after death. The other is that it is a petty annoyance that would be nice to not have to go though. This is the view of the believer who knows that any death will leave him in a better place."

Soban, Christian-Messageboard 28 Comments [10/21/2014 2:33:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
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Quote# 104213

First, even if everything ya'll say is true, then placing a child into a homosexual couple is not a great idea. Second, it disagrees with my religious beliefs and I want my child to be raised into the same beliefs that I was. On that second criteria alone, I would reject all homosexual couples, all non-christian couples, and more then a few christian couples.

Soban, TvTropes 30 Comments [10/21/2014 2:33:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
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Quote# 104211

But keep in mind most pervertarians are not homosexuals themselves, or have anything they stand to gain personally from abolishing marriage in the name of marriage equality. They are enemies of the Church, and have found a convenient stick with which to beat the Church: they can claim that laws against sodomy, or laws acknowledging marriage, are just like the Jim Crow laws the Democrats enacted in the South after the Republican Union smashed the Democrat institution of slavery. What the connection is between race-hatred, which is an irrational antipathy of a whole racial group of man based on a trivial external characteristic no one can control or change, and a moral opprobrium against sexual perverts, which a rational antipathy against those individuals who freely decide to transgress the bounds of law and of nature, is a mystery of the Democrat faith. It is a talking point, something said without substance, neither meaningful nor meant to be believed, merely an emotional appeal, like calling someone a bad name, or calling an atrocity by an nondescript euphemism. It is a word-fetish.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 27 Comments [10/21/2014 2:32:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: David
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Quote# 104210

The proponents of what is called (with unintentional hilarity) gay marriage express the gaiety for which they are named by crowing and gamboling with delight that the Supreme Court has declined to do its core Constitutional mission of interpreting the law, and chastise and check the abuses of activist judges overruling the sovereign votes of the decent and sober majority.

They should perhaps rein in their gay celebrations: gay marriage cannot be justified either in law or logic. This means the law has just departed from the environs of law and logic.

The gay partisans should instead recoil with dread, for the thing, by being given into their hands, is effectively destroyed. Whatever meaning or sanction the pairs of homosexuals are seeking out of the pretense of marriage is destroyed by the very fact that it is a pretense, not a marriage.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 17 Comments [10/21/2014 2:31:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: David
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Quote# 104208

This is GOD we are engaging with, not a mere mortal. We relate to Him according to an entirely different set of rules. He is first and there is no negotiating His needs with Him. He gets to be as unreasonable, extreme and particular as He wants. He gets to be possessive and territorial. He is GOD—how can we withhold from Him? He can take whatever He wants, but how much better that we bring our souls to Him voluntarily and lay all of our love down at His feet. What other being has done even a fraction of what this God has done for us? Who could even begin to love us like He does? We cannot simply bathe in the Blood and then go on with our lives as if nothing happened. Our lives ended the moment we became saved—these are HIS lives now and they must be poured out in a way that brings Him the highest honor possible. Ask the Holy Spirit to increase your understanding of God’s consuming jealousy and to give you a double portion of zeal to satisfy it. We exist for God’s pleasure and a few of us are wise enough to see the great privilege that this is. Let’s make the most of it.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 23 Comments [10/21/2014 2:30:02 AM]
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Quote# 104204

Parents are Under Attack

Families are under attack in America. Children don't belong in public schools. If there's a mark on your child, the school nurse (known as a “mandatory reporter”) will call CPS and the State confiscates your kids forever. Even if a child gets hurt playing, a parent will likely be blamed and charged with abuse. God forbid that you actually spank your child when they misbehave. CPS will take your children from you. It happens every day. You'll lose your kids forever.

The United Nations is planning to take control over America's children. Good parents lose their children every day in America, because of CPS thugs who think they are God. Even yelling at your child is considered mental cruelty and abuse nowadays. It's insane! Hell will be hot enough!

David J. Stewart, Jesus Is Savior - Public Schools are Evil! 34 Comments [10/20/2014 3:12:07 AM]
Fundie Index: 26
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Quote# 104201

SIX NATIONS, Ont. — ­ For Laurie Hill, resident of Canada’s largest aboriginal community, it’s just wrong to suggest that modern medicine is the only way to treat cancer and other serious diseases.

She stands firmly behind the Six Nations neighbours who took their 11-year-old daughter with leukemia out of chemotherapy, and are treating her with traditional, but unproven, native methods and other alternative health-care instead.

“There’s a fear of [aboriginal remedies] or denial of it. If things can’t be quantified or qualified, to them it’s irrelevant,” said Ms. Hill, as she shopped at Ancestral Voices Healing Centre Thursday. “Who are they [doctors] to say she will make it with their treatments. Just because they have a degree, that makes them more knowledgeable?”

Her perspective on what seems to be a widening cultural divide received some recognition from a surprising quarter Thursday: ­the judge deciding whether the cancer-stricken girl should be forced back into chemotherapy.

As an extraordinary court case in nearby Brantford moved toward an end, a lawyer for McMaster Children’s Hospital argued that child-welfare authorities should have used their power to require the young woman to stay in treatment. With chemo, childhood leukemia now has a survival rate in the range of 90%, and remains a likely death sentence without it, experts say.

But Justice Gethin Edward of the Ontario Court of Justice suggested physicians essentially want to “impose our world view on First Nation culture.” The idea of a cancer treatment being judged on the basis of statistics that quantify patients’ five-year survival rate is “completely foreign” to aboriginal ways, he said.

“Even if we say there is not one child who has been cured of acute lymphoblastic leukemia by traditional methods, is that a reason to invoke child protection?” asked Justice Edward, noting that the girl’s mother believes she is doing what is best for her daughter.

“Are we to second guess her and say ‘You know what, we don’t care?’ … Maybe First Nations culture doesn’t require every child to be treated with chemotherapy and to survive for that culture to have value."


Back at Six Nations, meanwhile, Ancestral Voices employee Hayley Doxtater said aboriginal remedies are becoming increasingly popular. She pointed to a cancer treatment — a collection of herbs including slippery elm and turkey rhubarb root ­ — that she said one customer has repeatedly traveled an hour from Toronto to buy for a sick friend.
“We have people come in here who are so happy that something works,” she said. “They’ll say ‘That stuff is amazing.’ “

Laurie Hill and other Canadian Indians, National Post 60 Comments [10/20/2014 3:09:34 AM]
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Quote# 104199

Although a bit out of date by now (It was written in the 80s), Michaelsen's Like Lambs To The Slaughter provides signposts for occult influences on children that every parent should be aware of. Contrary to some of the other reviews on this page, what Michaelsen points out is both true and alarming. One may call it paranoid to consider cartoons such as the Smurfs occultic in content, but when the Smurfs feature Gargamel standing in the middle of a pentagram calling down a curse in the name of Beelzebub-- others would call it discerning. If you can get this book, get it. Though out of date, it will be helpful to you as you raise your children. I hope Michaelsen updates her work soon.

Janine, Amazon reviews 24 Comments [10/20/2014 3:09:02 AM]
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Quote# 104198

Pakistani court has upheld the death sentence of a Christian woman who was convicted for blasphemy in 2010 after a row with a group of Muslim women over a glass of water.

Asia Bibi, a 50-year-old mother of five, had appealed before the Lahore High Court against the ruling, in which she was found guilty of insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad, but the court rejected her appeal Thursday, her lawyer said.

Sardar Mushtaq, a defence lawyer, said she would appeal to the country's Supreme Court.

"We have the right to appeal in 30 days, and we will continue this legal battle by approaching the Supreme Court of Pakistan," Mr Mushtaq said.

"We have a strong case, and we will try our best to save her life," he told The Associated Press.

Mrs Bibi was arrested after Muslim women told a cleric in a village in the eastern Punjab province that she had made "derogatory remarks" about the prophet.

He said the trouble began when the women objected to Mrs Bibi using their drinking glass because she was not a Muslim, setting off a heated verbal exchange.

Mrs Bibi's case drew global criticism in 2011 when Pakistan's minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti and eastern Punjab Governor Salman Taseer were killed for supporting her and opposing blasphemy laws.

Taseer was killed in the capital Islamabad by one of his police guards after visiting Bibi in jail.

Bhati was killed months later by the Pakistani Taliban, who called him an "infidel Christian."

International and local human rights groups have called for amending blasphemy laws introduced by the military dictator Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1980s.

In a statement Thursday, Amnesty International called for Mrs Bibi's release.

"This is a grave injustice," said David Griffiths, Amnesty's Deputy Asia Pacific Director. He said there were serious concerns about the fairness of the trial.

"Her mental and physical health has reportedly deteriorated badly during the years she has spent in almost total isolation on death row. She should be released immediately and the conviction should be quashed," he said.

Under Pakistani blasphemy laws, insulting the Koran or the Prophet Muhammad can be punished with life imprisonment or death. Experts say the laws often are exploited for personal gain.

Pakistan imposed a moratorium on executions in 2008 and has never executed anyone convicted of blasphemy. Instead, such cases usually linger on appeal.

Pakistani Court, The Telegraph-Asia-Pakistan 27 Comments [10/20/2014 3:08:47 AM]
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Quote# 104196

Reverend Billy Graham, arguably the most well-known and respected evangelical preacher of the last 50 years, said in a recently published commentary that America was “founded by men who believed in prayer” and that prayer can turn “the tide of history,” adding that while “America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah” and deserves “the judgment of God,” this judgment can be lessened through prayer.

“Even though America is just as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah ever were, and as deserving of the judgment of God, God would spare us if we were earnestly praying, with hearts that had been cleansed and washed by the blood of Christ,” said Rev. Graham in his commentary for Decision magazine, published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“The problems of the world will never be settled unless our national leaders go to God in prayer,” he said. “If only they would discover the power and wisdom that there is in reliance upon God, we could soon see the solution to the grave problems that face the world!”


Reverend Graham’s comments start off in saying, “Our nation was founded by men who believed in prayer,” and notes that Benjamin Franklin, in addressing the 1787 Constitutional Convention, said that “God governs in the affairs of men.”

“Today the world is being carried on a rushing torrent of history that is sweeping out of control,” said Rev. Graham. “There is but one power available to redeem the course of events, and that is the power of prayer by God-fearing, Christ-believing people.”

He continued, “One of the reasons the United Nations has become so ineffective in handling world situations is that there is no prayer, no recognition of God. Unless the leaders of nations turn to God in prayer, their best plans will fail, just as did the plans of those who built the tower of Babel.”

Rev. Graham then noted numerous instances from the Bible where people “turned the tide of history by prayer.” For example, he notes, Elisha prayed and a young man was raised from the dead; Jesus prayed and Lazarus rose from the dead; the thief on the cross next to Jesus prayed and Jesus told him he would go to paradise that day; John Wesley prayed and religious fervor grew in England, and the same happened with Johnathan Edwards in Northampton.

“I tell you, history could be altered and changed again if people went to their knees in believing prayer,” said Rev. Graham.

Billy Graham, CNS News 33 Comments [10/20/2014 3:08:05 AM]
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Quote# 104195

[This is from an article titled, "5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken".]

1. They're sluts

What kind of girl would be comfortable lying down half-naked in public for two hours while some fat dude with a dirty beard jams a sharp needle into her skin? Answer: the kind of girl who takes sharp objects in her vagina as a hobby. Girls with tattoos and/or piercings (aside from earrings) are slags who fall in and out of guys' beds at a moment's notice. If you're unfortunate enough to commit to a girl with ink on her body or metal in her face, she'll cheat on you at the drop of a hat. Tattoos and piercings are the mark of the whore, which is why in more traditional countries like the Philippines, only whores have them.


3. They're selfish

The reasons girls get tattoos and piercings - "I'm doing it for ME!" - are indicative of narcissism and mild psychopathy. Girls get tattoos for the same reasons they cut their hair short: a desperate attempt to assert how unique and special they are. A girl who willfully disfigures herself like this will never attempt to please you or do anything nice for you. She won't care for you when you're sick, will refuse to sleep with you for completely arbitrary reasons, and will generally be a moody, unlikable cunt.

4. They're boring

Girls' logic when it comes to tattoos is best described by paraphrasing Lena Dunham's character in Girls: "I have a tattoo, and that just makes me naturally interesting." Nothing could be further from the truth. My experience shows me that girls with ink and/or metal are the most boring, conformist chicks you'll ever come across. To be fair, most girls are dull as dirt, but tattooed and pierced girls are aggressively dull, assaulting you with the most hackneyed left-wing tripe you'll ever hear.

My "piercing addict" girlfriend, for example, identified as Marxist (I shit you not) based on one class she took on Latin America and was constantly talking my ear off about some "injustice" or another. The joke was that before she took that class, she was so tuned out to current events that she wasn't even registered to vote. I derived incredible pleasure from shoving my cock in her mouth to shut her up.

5. They're mentally ill

This is the clincher. Any girl who thinks that getting a ring in her nose or a Bible verse on her back is a good idea is going to be off her rocker. In my entire life, I have never met an inked or pierced girl who wasn't sick in the head, whether they had depression, "anxiety" or a full-blown personality disorder. While girls with facial piercings and tattoos on the arms or legs can at least feign normality, chicks with piercings or tattoos on or near their erogenous zones (breasts, labia, ass) are the kinds of broads who will cut you with a knife.


The only good thing about tattoos and piercings is that they signal which girls you can bang with minimal effort. If you're looking to make a girl wince during anal on the first date, pick the one with a tramp stamp or a tongue piercing. But if you're looking for a girl you can wife up, go for the ones who haven't mangled their bodies beyond repair.

Matt Forney, Return of Kings 51 Comments [10/20/2014 3:05:54 AM]
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