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Quote# 142039

MEME GENDER: Foid leaves husband on the day he had a complete mental breakdown and cheats on him with an ABUSIVE CHAD. LMAOOOO!!

This is quite literally a fanfic. It is a window into the mind and desires of the foid, but it is fictitious.

Her profile is full of this kind of shit. She even goes to those subreddits for people who dealt with abusive partners.


They have room temperature IQ

Context: This is a woman who spends all day talking about incels. I looked at her profile and turns out she's a meme. Literally every stereotype about women. Left her betabuxx husband for a chad who used to hut her. She spent 10 years with that chad

Isn't this fiction tho? Like, who says "to be continued" with a true story?

No, it is not fiction. She even posted a pic of her ex

Why does it start with "a year later" and end with "to be continued?"

because foids are too dumb to post a story in one post. she wants the post to gain traction so she can gain orbiters to sell her pussy on patreon

Just checked her profile and she's clearly mentally ill.


If a man left his girl with depression he would be doxxed and blacklisted everywhere


with depression

pick one

Man shows weakness, wants to bail

Immediately claim victim to avoid any responsibility

Forget about husband the second a man of higher value shows interest

Classic foid.

Don't forget that she left her weak beta cuck husband for the chad, that chad then went on to [b e # a t] the shit out of her for 10 years before they broke up.

She STILL wants the chad back lmfao

woman who rants about incels non stop turns out to be a mentally ill degenerate coping with her own issues, to absolutely nobody's surprise

they disgust me

anoldcenturysrecord, r/Braincels 5 Comments [1/19/2019 7:03:26 AM]
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Quote# 142046

Why do normies claim that women don’t like assholes or bullies when spending time in ANY educational institution or workplace proves that assholes are at the top socially and sexually?

Being an asshole is a winning strategy in every part of life, including sex

Why do normies keep pushing this bullshit that women don’t like bullies and assholes when everyone here knows those men always have good dating options?

I’m not saying that women like bad men, just that bad men tend to be good looking (because they can actually get away with shit) and when a guy is hot they don’t care how he treats people

hideouscel, r/IncelsWithoutHate 6 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:20 PM]
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Quote# 142047

There's people out there....

That have had a crush, asked them out, and actually succeeded

That have been asked out.... Sometimes more than once

Have been approached sexually..... Often more than once (cause let's face it, if it happens once, it's happening again)

Can literally log on to a hook-up app, find a willing partner, and actually fuck them, without much effort.

That actually have groups of *insert opposite gender* orbiting them.

That somehow got lucky enough to meet a partner while still young, and slowly grow old together without divorcing.

Honestly, these are such foreign and unreal situations for me that it's REALLY HARD not to be envious and bitter towards happy/attractive people. Like what the fuck. I'd kill to have any single one of these experiences, yet somehow I'm stuck on team sub-human with the rest of you brothers. (Any single one, but let's be honest, for some of these if you experience one, you'll easily experience the other, or that same thing more than once)

I'm really not sure why people bother over-analysing this shit like there's some crazy strategies behind it or some tricks, tips, or knowledge you need to get them. For some people, it just happens. And they don't even think about it. Cause it really isn't that complicated. You're either likeable or not likeable, and unless you're doing something that specifically hinders your likeability, I don't think there's much of a solution other than waiting/getting lucky for most people.

Edit: All I did was say I was jealous of good looking people and people who aren't ignored completely for their entire lives , and somehow it turned into a debate about harrassment.

KosmicMalware, r/IncelsWithoutHate 6 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:25 PM]
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Quote# 142048

Unattractive= Bad person?

Something I've seen women say time and time again is "if women don't like you, it's because you're a bad person".

Honestly, this sentiment has reduced me to tears on several occasions. There's men out that that have murdered, raped and molested kids that can find women to love them, but I can't. So that means that I'm a worse person that them. Somehow or another, all my good and bad traits combined together are worse than rape and murder to women.

I don't know why someone would even claim such a thing if they weren't trying to encourage incels like me to commit suicide.

Like if I'm worse than a child molester in the eyes of women, why would I even want to live this life? Surely it'd be better if I removed myself from the equation entirely?

By just existing I am worse than the perpetrators of the worst crimes imaginable and I don't know how to deal with that.

Delerius2k18, r/IncelsWithoutHate 4 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:29 PM]
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It's just the difference between men and women in general.

Women always reproduce, so they have no concept of anything like hierarchy or power. Women don't even know what to do with power. The only power women have is defined in terms of how powerful the men in their lives are, and of course attracting powerful men happens via physical beauty.

Men don't always reproduce, so anything like a Lu/feminist/etc. would have gone extinct long ago. Men don't crave care from their superiors; they get angry and demand resources.

A woman would never have any sort of vision of creating something like modern China, or even colonial America, simply because they do not need to. Women's nature is to be a slave to higher status men. Un-PC but you know it's true.

Lus are just AFs who've been raised in a white-centric world. Normal Asian women are raised in an Asian-centric world, and see Asian men as higher status.

Reelsies, Reddit 5 Comments [1/19/2019 7:05:27 AM]
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Quote# 142035

There is no justice in this world

Bullies rule the world. If you were a passive beta who got bullied in school, it's over for you forever

socio/psycho-paths rule this world because power, greed and hyper-individualism attracts them, and the degenerate culture reveres them.

Liberalism (I am talking about the classic sense of the word, not the bastardised American version that translates to progressives) encourages greed and hyper-individualism. Both Democrats and Republicans are Liberals in the classic meaning of the word.


Capitalism and Liberalism are intertwined. If you live in a capitalist society, you live in a society where individualism is paramount. Every man for himself. Let the free market decide who wins and who loses.

So naturally, This classic liberal attitude seeps into human behaviour. It turns us into commodities. Greed becomes encouraged. Looking after your fellow man is sidelined. Society becomes less cohesive because everyone is just looking out for themselves. And who gets to the top in these societies? The people with the least scruples about fucking over their fellow man to get ahead.

So the degenerate culture you refer to is a symptom of capitalism. Which is interesting because a lot of posters here are alt-right types and other conservatives who suck capitalisms dick nonstop. You want to return to "traditional values", but capitalism is the reason tradition is going extinct. Its not the commies or the socialists. Its the march of capitalism. Even Saudi Arabia, that has tried so hard to shelter its people from the outside world, can no longer do so as the forces of liberal capitalism enter, and the indigenous culture gets sidelined....eg that rahaf muhammed chick

Also, if you were picked last in school in gym class it was over for you even before adam banged eva and started big bang

people tell kids that their bullies will end up losers who work at mcdonald’s so they don’t snap and shoot up the school

Joke on them I'm the one who ended up flipping burgers.

Justice doesn't exist, you are an ape on a floating rock.

I recall reading an article where they did a study that showed that bullies were more likely to be in higher paying jobs and more successful than the bullied.

life rewards the strong and evil, it punishes the weak and compassionate. The core of this world is EVIL. It is made by an EVIL GOD.

Idk but there are studies showing bullies get laid more than the bullied. Personality btw

"The world doesn't work in spite of evil, it works with it, it works because of it"- Holland Manners

Imagine spending your entire youth trying to get an education only to work for Chad because he inherited the wealth while plowing Stacie’s and doing drugs.

There is no justice... life is one giant fucking joke.

Justice is a made-up human concept. It does not exist in actual reality or in the universe or nature. The universe and nature is ruled by the strongest, fittest, smartest, and show no mercy, you survive. If you have all of those traits you will survive.

If you show any weakness in those traits you will not survive for long. You will simply become something or someones meal in one form or another.

It's always been a concept. It's never been real. Even in America, supposedly the pinnacle of modern civilization, the justice system is massively corrupt, with corporate criminals and warmongers remaining unpunished whilst potheads are thrown in jail.

Justice is a human concept that existed in human society.

You all don't seem to get that society was supposed to be about pulling humans from the swamp toward the sky. Humans are animals sure, but that never stopped humans from reaching for more. There is this nucuckold cope of "we're animals we just can't expect anything more" because the thought that the past and the future won't be like this and we're the only ones getting fucked is too much. That this is a degenerate orgy of hedonism and avarice is nothing of what it was even 20 years ago.

Agreed! We constantly say all this male/female nature but aren't we supposed to have evolved from primitive origins after 10,000 years of civilization? We conquered the problems of food, shelter, distance, communication enough for a minority to advance the arts and sciences, yet the vast majority continue as animals nothing enlightened above procreation and defecation.

By now with our understanding of natural world we should have reached a higher form of consciousness. Climate change, crime, poverty, hunger, politics, greed, physical even mental illness should have long been forgotten as we journey into the next galaxies and multiverses and truly understand the spiritual world like how God is energy, the superimposition of the spirit of all things! But Western world is no different than Ancient Rome! And soon the barbarians will ransack and pillage and level our cities and hurl us back to a new dark age. And then a Renaissance and Enlightenment will emerge just to be wiped out again and again. No evolution just a pendulum swing back and forth.

various incels, r/Braincels 11 Comments [1/18/2019 9:12:50 AM]
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Quote# 142010

Femoids have no concept of loyalty whatsoever

They're inherently psychopathic.

The typical "male psychopath" is simply acting like a woman does naturally, without any concern for others.

Sociopathy is a feminine trait. This likely contributes to women preferring dark triad men. It makes them more relatable.

Something lots of people don't realize is that the most successful con artists con themselves first.

Like, if you've ever dealt with religious people, the higher-ups institutionally may have questions about their faith, but most of them are in so deep that they aren't just repeating hokey nonsense, they really believe in it---the hilarious part is when they abandon the "unbelievable" parts of religion, like Jesus rising from the dead, but they persist in the delusion that "God exists and wants us to be happy" or something, because apparently that is less irrational than believing God rose from the dead after the Romans killed him.

So, I doubt it has much to do with the woman knowing she's doing this---if you've ever worked with women in policy-making settings, even getting them to be honest about what "command" or "order" means is almost impossible. They literally don't understand that ordering someone to, for example, refrain from making sexist jokes, is still an order, even if it is a good order. Even if we believed in objective morality and found that it was objectively immoral to make sexist jokes, saying "THOU SHALT NOT MAKE SEXIST JOKES BECAUSE IT IS IMMORAL" is still a command.

My experience after several decades is that women, most of them, either cannot or will not process this basic lexical structure because so much of their power consists in giving men commands but thinking they're not commands, they're just 'what has to be done.' Like, when they say "get that off the shelf for me," they don't think they're issuing a "command," and when the man gets it for them, they don't think he has "obeyed" and if you try to explain this to them, they just seize up.

it's either that they know what they're doing and seize up when we get wise to their game or they are literally like 6-8 year olds who have no idea what their own motivations are or what adult word usage entails.

When dealing with women, you need to act like you're dealing with a sociopathic feral human who has not had the benefit of the last 2k+ years of Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian philosophy + development.

PretendStrike, r/Braincels 10 Comments [1/17/2019 2:27:08 AM]
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Quote# 142033

Fucking good. I have colostomy bag just because of my shit genetics and having severe Crohns disease. Good to see a fucking hole being punished for her degeneracy

holy fuck, man, legit feel bad for u

really fucked up

how long ago did it start

Freshman year of high school was when i first got sick. Then the docs spent months giving me different immunosuppressants trying to get rid of the inflammation. None of the meds worked and since i was shitting so much blood they eventually had to take out my colon altogether. Went through 24 blood transfusions before they decided surgery was the only option left

Shitty genes and shitty luck, It was over before it began. At least i still got muh personality though

yeah, genetics and luck are everything as wise man george carlin confirmed

wat u mean about personality, u r droppin them kevin hart on the hoes?

really puts my acne, balding and ugly face to perspective

no universal justice in this world, only relative

Nah man I was just memeing there. I'm more or less your typical introverted pseudo-autist, though I am pretty knowledgeable in psychology, philosophy, history, etc and can make conversation there. That's just not what women give a fuck about though.

And yeah, it is kinda satisfying to confront bluepillers with the colostomy bag thing and watch them scramble to try to gigacope it away or just concede my point. My story even got mentioned on a podcast once by some guys who were doing surveys on incels.me (now .is). When normalfags get confronted by cases as drastic as mine, it just becomes impossible for them to resolve the dissonance in the faulty logic they use against more minor cases like yourself.

We all have less agency than people like to think. So much of our lives are really just up to chance; it's only those who are successful and privileged that like to think it was all their own making.

PoodankMcGee, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/18/2019 9:12:18 AM]
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Quote# 142032

Life fuel: Roasty learns that sexual promiscuity has consequences

Wait but I thought 16 year olds were innocent angels who don't know how babies are made?!

Reddit moralizers will call you a pedo for thinking about 16 year olds sexually, meanwhile they're having group anal sex so intense that it cripples them for life. Jfl.

The veil was ripped from my eyes when I was like 18, some 12 year old girl in the youth club I worked at gave bjs to a couple of the boys who went there, was creepy af to interact with her after that knowing about it.

I’ll bet those roasties were Hispanic!

yes. i'm mexican. what gave it away?

Hispanic girls are by far the sluttiest on the planet. I mean those hoes are notorious for starting young. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made up the largest percentage of teenage pregnancies.

Dude, make no mistake, that is a phenomenon that transcends national and cultural boundaries. I'm from eastern europe and throughout highschool I've seen girls date 25+ y.o. guys. Few of my acquaintances continue that tradition by hooking up with with 16 y.o. girls from our former highschool even though they are about to finish uni.

in 5th grade i went to a going away party for a girl that was moving (my first and only party btw) and i remember walking down the stairs to the basement and seeing one girl giving a guy a lap dance to Hypnotize by Notorious BIG and later i saw another girl giving a dude a blowjob. IN 5TH GRADE. and this was like 2000 so i can’t even imagine what they’re doing now.

It's not that minors are non-sexual, it's that they're stupid and make bad decisions. Mentally it's easy to manipulate or control minors, which is why they can't even enter into a contract legally by themselves.

When minors have sex with other minors, they're on the same playing field and even if bad decisions are made you can't blame a specific party. The law is there so that adults with more brain development and life experience don't take advantage of dumb kids. Kids don't magically grow up and become smart overnight on their 18th birthday, but they had to come up with a number, just like the age for drinking / driving etc.

Anyways, pedophilia in your head is ok as long as you don't act out on them. There are people with weirder fantasies.

Yet, if a woman gets drunk at age 25 and then has sex with a 25 yo man, she is not responsible for her actions and the whole case is treated little differently from if she had been a sober 14 year old.

And they now have "coercive rape" where if a man says: "I'll give you a Hollywood deal if you fuck me, but you don't have to accept this", the woman can fuck him then 20 years later, claim she got raped. #metoo.

So are women irresponsible children FOREVER, unable to make adult decisions or not?

“Stupid and Make bad decisions”

Wait a second, I thought inceltears official doctrine was that all girls should be free to “explore their sexuality” regardless of age and anyone who is against this is automatically labelled an incel. Don’t believe me? Check out the front page of inceltears now where they are calling out incels for speaking out against teen sexuality at this very moment.

woman is victim.

"blame the pron, not the individual!".

man is victim.

Good, that degenerate deserved it.

16 year old

having GROUP sex.


Remember you are a pedo for finding 17 year olds attractive, meanwhile they are doing this every day

Lol you have no idea. where I live age of consent is 13. other parts of the country have younger AoCs, some parts have no AoC at all, some even define age of consent as "age in which the girl first started menstruating". when i was 12 and in school all the girls in my class were going out with men old enough to be their fathers simply because they had cars and money to buy them stuff. it pissed me off so much. i'll never understand why women hate dating guys their own age so much.

various incels, r/Braincels 6 Comments [1/18/2019 9:11:50 AM]
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Quote# 142034

Change My View: If a father discovers that his children are actually some other man's and decides to leave, it is the mother's fault that the family is broken

She lied to him and made him take care of children that were not his, making him waste so much time and effort and money instead of letting him have a family. It is now too late, he will not find another women to actually have a family of his.

It's also society's fault for condoning paternity fraud. There are countries like France which make it illegal for men to biologically test their paternity status.

Paternity fraud should be a serious crime and foids who cuck men should be imprisoned.

What if the mother finds out the children aren't actually hers but the dad knew? Like he switches babies in the hospital?

Oh wait that's clearly evil.

Oh wait that's morally equivalent to this.

some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/18/2019 9:12:36 AM]
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Quote# 127966

[Source NSFW]

What it is to be a feminist: constantly getting dick-slapped by reality.

cantfightnature, Tumblr 3 Comments [6/9/2017 3:13:34 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 142009

Oppression of women everywhere you look

its seriously mind numbing how women can still consider themselves oppressed. preferential treatment by employers, easier time getting into education fields like stem because muh vagina, slapped on the wrist for serious criminal offenses, dating is like going to the candy shop and picking everything for free, 3/4 of homeless in US are men, majority of suicides are committed by men, if they want they can make a luxurious living by selling their bodies either on the internet or in their bedrooms with zero education, i can't think of a single legitimate female grievance.

and despite everything they get handed, all they do is complain how hard it is to be a woman. unimaginable.

It's all a big eugenics scam.

The "Elite" think that if they give women all of the money/role responsibility, "finally" we won't have "untermenschen" around because women will only breed with Chad.

It's nothing more than Eugenics, designed to sterilize men by promoting legal fictions like "consent." Consent is a fiction designed to sterilize ugly men, who, in nature, would have half a chance if they could corner a woman by luck.

minoxidilcel & PretendStrike, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/17/2019 2:26:56 AM]
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Quote# 141978

We should be ourselves, anon. Let's not turn this into pretending we're someone who we're not, or this will get boring quickly.

Let's act like we're girls, but ones who behave the exact way guys do.

This. It's as simple as that.

/mlp/ has always been almost all female, and just because we're no longer afraid of being "girls on the internet" doesn't mean we should change our culture whatsoever. Really, the only thing *is* pronouns and such.

Honestly, I don't see the fun in that. We should behave exactly as guys do, in a way, such as what you see on /r9k/ femanon threads. Different, but the same.

No, you fucking stupid dyke, do not change our wonderful /mlp/ culture to that pathetic cesspool.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 3 Comments [1/13/2019 12:36:04 PM]
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Quote# 142007

Why are "progressives" so deterministic when it comes to poverty, , yet for incels they suddenly have a "pull up your bootstraps and stop making excuses" mentality?

It just blows my mind. They understand that for poverty, simply being born poor is a strict disadvantage. They understand it's not always a clear cut discrimination, but a long series of subtle things that happen all throughout life.

They understand that some poor people making it out does not negate the experiences of the others, and does not mean we should expect all poor to make it out.

They understand that a person born rich can essentially make constant terrible life decisions and still come out ok, whereas a poor person has to play the game perfectly just to fare moderately well.

Yet suddenly, when it comes to looks, despite lookism being well documented and observed, their so called progressivism goes flying out the window and they become Ben Shapiro.

Can you IMAGINE if the shit they said about looks was transferred over to wealth?

"Poor people need to stop making excuses and realise the problem is their fault"

"Being born poor isn't even that big a deal. My friend was born poor and now he's rich"

"Employers can sense your negative attitude, that's why they won't hire you"

"You aren't entitled to money. Companies are not objects where you put job applications in and money falls out"

"I'm a 36 and I've been homeless all my life, but I don't let it get me down :)."

"Poor people are a danger to society. How much crime is commited by poor people? They need to be put on a government watch list"

"If they hate capitalism so much why do they even want a job?"

"Having money won't make you happy. If you think being trapped in poverty is the cause of your problems then you're wrong"

"Stop focusing so much on poverty. If you go around talking about things like gini coefficients people will think you're weird. And you wonder why you can't get money."

It's simply astounding the hypocrisy.

Edit: and now inceltears have a thread on this. So far all responses are not even worth the bandwidth used to post them. But I remain hopeful that just one person can say something worthwhile.

MMDT, r/Braincels 5 Comments [1/17/2019 2:25:39 AM]
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Quote# 142011

The hatred I have for women can not be explained or quantified.

That bitch should have gone to Morocco. I feel bad for the guy because he's doing what we would have done if we were blue-pilled because that's the nature of men.

No woman would ever work hard to send a guy to college unless that guy is TeraChad.

Dont feel bad for that fucking simp, he is the one who enabled this shit

I feel bad because he's delusional with the blue-pilled advice as we all once were.

We all at one point believed that being a "nice guy" will get you the woman and women like "nice guys". This foolish thinking was implanted into them by cucks who worship women and feminists themselves.

He did enable this shit but his nature as a man and the fucking blue-pilled ideologies triggered this enabling.

ScreamingHippy, r/Braincels 7 Comments [1/17/2019 2:28:49 AM]
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Quote# 141995

Get it through your head that women desire to be dominated

They FUCKING NEED IT. Rape, anal etc. Physical abuse slapped around talk dirty etc they are drawn to it like moths to light. They don't know why they love it but they do. They will constantly want you if you treat them like piss and fuck them like an animal. The size of your cock means nothing. Go watch some animal fucking videos. I mean the ones in the wild. It is pure primal lust that has been bottled up for months/seasons. Only achievable through prolonged abstinence like the animals of the wild. Most men have lost the sex power agression and in order to learn what it feels like to be an animal and to BEHAVE like an animal they must abstain.

mein kamph, Sluthate 12 Comments [1/14/2019 2:46:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 142006

Re: PSA: Trannies are organizing on Discord to recruit vulnerable youngcels into their weird feminization cult. Please upvote this so people are made aware

i don't like transphobia, almost all of them ended up like that because they were too ugly to get a gf just like everyone else on here, and no one in their friends circle (if they even had one) or family intervened to help them, they are victims. this is why almost all transexuals are male-to-female and not the other way around. that's just what happens when you're male and society rejects you for no reason. you end up developing weird interests and killing yourself at age 30.

don't bully them please. they are suffering

a lot of people that get sucked into this shit tend to be retards. it's pretty obvious trannies are trying to get as many young males into becoming trannies themselves because it reinforces their fucked up view of themselves and further emboldens their equally fucked up abomination of existence. trying to make yourself into a trap isn't going to change your genetics and that "man gut" is coming one day

I love how they use hyper feminine cartoon characters to depict themselves. No, you look like a bunch of trannies, some of you balding ffs. I mean if you could actually become an real woman I’d even consider it as an alternative to roping, if only to mess with simps and orbiters

Feminization is a massive fetish in anime adjacent communities and this is all the trans-cult is, a group of people with a predatory fetish that somehow managed to to gaslight mainstream culture in to shielding it. Imagine if any other weird fetish, like those people who swim in septic tanks for example, managed to get the support of mainstream media and big corporations?

This is what you need to keep in mind when you talk to trans people, especially MtF who have any interest or past with anime. You are talking to a victim who will most likely seek to reenact their trauma on another.

I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone ever since I discovered the incel community, just seeing all the incel theories, even the craziest, proven true one by one. First, we had the crazy incel theories about how lesbianism is largely a charade and lesbians would turn straight for chad. We got absolutely slaughtered on Reddit for this theory. Then an inceltears defector posted a crazy study showing that lesbians were twice as likely to get pregnant than straight women, thus proving incels right and BTFO ever single Redditor. Next we had incels talking about how transvestism is just caused by gynocentricity and men just wanting to enjoy female privilege. Incels got rubbished again on Reddit because we dared to suggest women were privilege. Now it appears we have been proven right again. I am not kidding, I think incels May be the smartest people alive on earth today.

What worries me is that incels have a couple of apocalyptic theories of how the world would turn out, and judging from their flawless track record, these would probably come true. Let us never forget that incels predicted metoo months before it happened. For those who remember r/incels, there was a series of threads where incels predicted women would go en masse on social media to accuse normies who touches them in the past for raping them because all forms of contact by an ugly Male is rape. Inceltears went on a ramalage calling incels paranoid and that “normal people don’t accuse people of rape just because they ugly you just have a toxic mindset reeeee”. A few months later, the metoo phenomenon was born.

The frustration builds and the sadness creeps but unless you have been feeling like this since childhood you are just being lied to

By your own doing

Few of them are able to become the women they desire because unless you do hormones since before puberty you can’t be a believable woman that can wear anything in the stores most women want to shop in

At best you are imitation crab meat when what you really need to be is the real deal and you can’t

They will never look like the girl they desire to be

Disgusting. Trannies are fucked in the head. I can’t believe society is trying so hard to grovel at their feet and at the same time force acceptance of them into everyone else. And it’s all in the name of...what? Being “progressive?” Fuck that noise. This isn’t progressive. It’s regressive.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

I don't know who is the ultimate mindmaster behind this but this is another way to fuck with real men. I just found out a while ago that transgenders were dating straight men (some of whom were """transphobic"""") who obvs didnt know that they were dating a mutilated man. This is what we have to look forward to if we even have a remote chance of ascending, not only are we competing for the ugliest, lowest actual female scraps any vaguely attractive foid we might find has a high chance of being male. It's over. It's fucking over

thanks for the heads up tho, most high iq posters here won't fall for that shit. It's probably the faggots at cucktears who are more likely to be trans

they honestly are delusional if they think they look like those anime girls in real life. most of these "traps" cover up their faces and filter-up when they take photos because deep down they know they still look like an ugly dude in drags

99% of all traps are UGLY!

Not that Trans are my cup of tea. But one thing I find funny is that MtF trans can get money for webcamming, dominate sports, even fucking win beauty pageants. Proving that being a woman is easy mode. As for FtM, they learn how fucking hard it is to be a man, the are even generally manlets, dickcels (obvious), and framecels.

If I could actually become an actual real woman with two X chromosomes and a vagina and a womb then I would. I would switch to easy mode midway through the game because the game sucks and is stacked against me.

But it is not possible. I have no desire to mutilate my genitals, have a fake "vagina" that is a constantly bleeding pus-filled wound that is forever trying to close, a masculine skeleton and facial structure, deep voice, Adam's apple, big feet, etc. The research shows that post-op transexuals are not any happier, and the rate of suicide goes up.

I think it's really sad how many are being misled by our feminized society into ceasing being men, but not really becoming women either, just becoming these sad depressed mutilated people who are in-between genders and have even less chance of finding love because neither gay men nor straight women want them, with a few exceptions.

No offence...

I like trannies. Honestly, I think trannies are hotter than cisgender females. I just wish they were proincel rather than antiincel. In the tranny lover community we have a saying that, every single female in the future will have a dick. This is because when there will be technology to be able to produce a babe from two sperm and outside the uterus, no one will want a dick-less girl.

some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/17/2019 2:24:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 141989

Why does Rainbow Dash get so mad easily?

Because nobody is fucking her.

cause she is an ADHD bitch
never liked this cunt horse, never will

Well it could be her high insecurity, or low self esteem
Or perhaps it could be some weird daddy issues.
But I think the most likely reason of all is that her penis is too small____________________

She's a lesbian who denies the fact that she is a lesbian, despite the obvious fact that she is indeed, a lesbian.

she's a cunt

Stupid dyke just needs a dicking.

Cause she has a small penis

She is a bitch

She doesn't want to let anyone in. She's afraid it'll hurt

Anonymous, /mlp/ 10 Comments [1/14/2019 2:44:12 AM]
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Quote# 142014

Foid makes fun of numale-looking guy for his looks when he tweets a blackpill, gets retweeted over 28,000 times

turns out this isn't even the guy. the accounts belongs to a chad harrassing this guy. pure suifuel and goes to show foids are absolute fucking scum of the earth. i feel nothing but rage. just know that looks do matter. don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. it doesn't matter what this guy said or doesn't say. just because you're nice to people doesn't change the fact they view you as an abomination, they just hide their true feelings. if you say something they don't like, then be prepared to see their mask slip. this stupid roastie cunt has pictures of chads who have a history of abuse towards foids. i could go on about roasties being utter fucking garbage, but it doesn't change reality. it doesn't change the fact they're just following their nature.

that roasties account is nothing but bashing ugly people.

sodomcel, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/17/2019 2:30:59 AM]
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Quote# 141999

Toxic Masculinity?

43% of boys are raised by single mothers. 78% of teachers are female. So, close to 50% of boys have 100% feminine influence at home and 80% feminine influence at school.

Toxic masculinity isn’t the problem. The lack of masculinity is.

Kathy Zhu ?, Twitter 4 Comments [1/17/2019 2:16:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 142002

Re: Poland wants to let in 100 000 Filipinos

Whites are digging their own graves, they thought by liberal philosophy and leaving the church they could advance become more civilized and yet these ideas of liberalism, freedom, gender equality and feminism is killing them. Birth rates are lower than ever, Polish sluts go to the west and ride Chad dick and Tyrone dick and doesn't marry. Traditionalism doesn't exist anymore and it will only go down from here on, you destroy the family structure then you will destroy your own kind. The family is EVERYTHING, when you destroy family you destroy heritage and ancestry. JFL

If you can't to go to SEA then bring SEA into your home, lifefuel for crackercels, ngl. Poland is going to have a tsunai of gook pussies, you all are gonna ascend boyos, celebrate.

It is lifefuel for Polish subhumans tbh, but don't forget that when these SEA sluts discover their true worth in Europe they will run hypergamy to a new lvl and will only allow Chad to fuck them. JBW only works when whites go to certain countries, it does not work in their own countries when the competition is to high.

NeetSupremacist, Incels.is 6 Comments [1/17/2019 2:22:44 AM]
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Quote# 141772

There's no hope for women. I feel so sad and depressed to know the depth of the the atrocities that women have endured. At the same time I'm angry. I'm so angry that I can look at a bepenised creature(not worthy of being called man or even male) and not feel any love for him, even if he's family. I hate this stupid fucking patriarchal world and I want to burn it to the ground.

Misanthropia, Feminist Current 8 Comments [1/1/2019 3:01:51 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 141952

13 y/o female cousin confirms heightpill. Words can not thoroughly explain how over it is for manlets. (DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED MANLET)

Over the holidays I went out of town to visit some family. I have a 13 y/o female cousin that I used to be very close with before her and her family moved away several years ago. We were talking about school. Here’s how the conversation went:

Her: “So how many friends did you have when you were in my grade?”

Me: “Like 3 lol.”

Her: “Same...well more like 2 and 1/2.”

Me: “2 and 1/2? Lol what?”

Her: “Well there’s [girl’s name] and [girl’s name] and then there’s [boy’s name] but he’s like...this tall.” Then she gestured about 1-2 inches below her head. (She’s 5’7)

Me: “What the heck? So you’re saying short guys aren’t even people?”

Her: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Me: “So you’re saying I’m not even a person now? Lol.” (I’m barely taller than her, 5’9)

Her: “I mean, yeah you’re short but at least you’re taller than me lol.”

Me: “Man that’s messed up, you’re mean lol.” I brushed it off and acted like it didn’t bother me and changed the subject.

I held this girl the day she was born. I was there for her first steps, her first words, etc. To hear her confirm the things discussed here depresses me in a way I can’t really articulate. The worst part is that she isn’t even done growing. Her dad is relatively tall (6’2) and when she’s done growing she’ll most likely be as tall or taller than me, and I know she’ll feel the same way about me as she does her poor manlet friend, even though by then she’ll be socially conditioned not to express such thoughts out loud.

Conclusion: Females’ disgust for short men is deep and visceral. It is not a learned behavior. It is ingrained into their very biology. IF A WOMAN HAS TO LOOK DOWN WHEN TALKING TO YOU, NOT ONLY ARE YOU IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED AS A MATING PROSPECT, YOU ARE NOT EVEN CONSIDERED A HUMAN BEING.

JickMcGlick, r/Braincels 8 Comments [1/13/2019 11:42:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 141976

>you will never mount a struggling, angry Rainbow Dash
>get a little into it and hurt her
>leave her broken and oozing in a pathetic pile somewhere

stupid dyke gets what's coming to her. bonus if her friends don't support her and suggest she deserved it. or, better, should be thankful she finally found a stallion

That sounds hot as fuck anon, It'd be hot to break a spirit of some one who's so cock sure iwth a cock

>if her friends don't support her
>or, better, she should be thankful

Or if they don't understand her problem. Like everypony knows Rainbow Dash's ... tastes in company ... but now it's like wow! Now you don't need to suffer through your estrous cycle now you have a stallion to help you out!

So now you can pretty much drag her out of the sky, wrestle her to the ground and empty yourself into her whenever you like, and her friends will scold her for not appreciating the help she's been given.

>Rarity has had enough of Rainbow Dash 'failing to appreciate her stallion'
>a white hoof, secure in that awful butch manecut, forces Dash's head lower
>damp heat embraces you as your length sinks easily into the dyke's throat
>soft whuffs of air are the only protest you hear, followed by strangulated gags as you flare
>Rarity grins, pushing her down another half-inch and gently rolling your balls with her other hoof

Anonymous, /mlp/ 5 Comments [1/13/2019 12:27:00 PM]
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Quote# 141244

If the guy is a chad, the girl will beat you up for interfering.

I've legit seen in this person outside of a club. Thug chad was having a fight with his foid and he slapped her to end it, which it promptly did.

Then out of nowhere captain Saveahoe gets involved like the hero he was meant to be and gets beat the fuck up. The best part? His foid joined in to humiliate him even further.

based_meme, r/Braincels 2 Comments [11/12/2018 12:36:34 AM]
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