Quote# 8358

'[The Theory of Evolution stems from science.']

Only Darwinists believe this. The evidence says the Emperor has no clothes. The textual evidence of the Bible says Darwinian macroevolution beliefs are a penalty from God for denying Him Creator status. The penalty is corroborated by the fact that the ***reason for being*** evidence/intermediacy is entirely missing; IC is a scientific fact; fossil record shows zero signs of species transitioning. These are death blows in the eyes of any non-prejudicial observer. The fact that Darwinism thrives despite its nudity is explained by the penalty.

Herepton, EvC Forum 13 Comments [11/17/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 8359

All of it [evidence for evolution] is based on present only observations, which they only assume without reason, and believe must apply to the future, and the past ad infinitum!

dad, 123 Christian Forums 9 Comments [11/17/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 8365

If I were an atheist...

I'd live a life of debauchery and then commit suicide.

Orthodox_Freethinker, Internet Infidels 25 Comments [11/18/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 8327

Dont you all find it rather ironic that almost every sunday night you can find a new "super-disaster" movie on TV? I certainly do. Tonight, 11/13, is "Category 7 Storm" night, i remember over the summer i watched "Super-Earthquake" night and "Yellowstone Eruption" night. My mom(who, sadly to say, is not very religious, actually, she is not religious at all) enjoys these quite a bit, and i get to hear one every night while she watches it. I remember there was one where three storm systems collided over Chicago(my city...ouch) and produced some crazy effects.

Anyway, i think its almost mocking (perhaps satan is making these movies so people dont realize its all from the Bible) that these movies are being made at a time like this, but of course its ironic. Because in a way this is showing pieces of what is going to happen during the tribulation to all those alive today. I suppose that most people will not see these movies and pick up a Bible to read it concerning prophecy, but all these movies are showing the fulfillment of various prophecies regarding the Tribulation(although the prophecies arent' specific, and i do not have enough of a knowledge of the bible to give you verses). Anyway, i just thought i would mention the clear Irony in these movies and see if anyone else feels the same way or could put some scripture up to accent my post.

mocha, Rapture Ready 13 Comments [11/14/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24915

Athiest: I can't see god, therefore he doesn't exist

Me to Athiest: I can't see your brain, therefore you don't have one.

bwfalme26, GameTalk.com 51 Comments [5/5/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 127186

Intellectual terrorism is a million times more dangerous than IEDs. Marx, Freud, Trotsky. "Equality" is the mainstay of intellectual terror.

nontolerantman, Twitter 46 Comments [5/16/2017 5:30:27 AM]
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Quote# 114010

[Let's keep it real. No one is under any illusions about a man being pulled from the street and brutally blowjobbed and plough in the anus by the fists of masked female rapists. That is definitely rape because OBVIOUSLY no consent was provided.

Now if he was in the bar, he was provided drink after drink by an inticing lady who slowly proceeded to allow him to willingly take the drinks and drink the alcohol and then suggest they go back to her place and then she proceeds to undress him while he's too drunk to resist or consent and have sex with him. Is that rape?]

The reason punishment is harsh, and that it is considered serious business, is because of the old definition - which is pretty much the violent, non-consensual stuff... and born of a time when marriage was sacrosanct.

The current definition includes any number of cases that are basically meaningless and in no way deserving of any particular punishment... like the case in question. Punishing the woman is more retardedness than justice. There is no real victim, and in the real world, the man would never charge her with rape (unless he's crazy and wants to be laughed at)... but it would still be legally defined as rape.

Which points to the basic fact that the law has become funky and far removed from the source that made if meaningful. Human systems have a tendency to become corrupt and perverted after a certain point (mostly because individual human intelligence is such a marginal thing).

[Naturally. Lack of ability to consent in your example above is rape.]

The problem is with the expanded use of the word "rape" with all its existing connotations, so that it is seen as something horrible that has happened to someone, for which we as a society want to exact vengeance on their behalf - as well as strongly deter anyone from engaging in such activities... Thus rapists spending years in jail and generally having their lives destroyed for all practical purposes by being registered as sex offenders and likely not being able to get decent jobs in the future, etc. etc... and everyone being fine with the amount of harm visited on these living incarnations of evil.

... Except obviously, this guy hasn't come to any harm that justifies horribly harming someone else, or declaring them an ungodly evil to be forever maligned and rejected by everyone, on his behalf.

Zsych, INTJ Forum 16 Comments [1/14/2016 3:47:29 PM]
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Quote# 8334

Have you thought about the logical consequences if everyone was an atheist like you? If everyone followed their "own path" what sort of world do you think we would have? If people are not willing to abide by God's laws or that of the government the result would be total anarchy which would ultimately result in the destruction of all mankind.

TEITZY, Bibleforums.org 19 Comments [11/14/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 127257

May your wings Carrie you to heaven, Ms. Fisher.

The SJW cancer is spreading faster than ever on the withering ass of Western civilization! Now a bunch of moronic ninnies have taken it upon themselves to control the way we grieve a celebrities’ death! Anyone who is acquainted with the original Star Wars trilogy remembers the iconic scene in which Princess Leia was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear a chainmail bikini that left little of Fisher’s bodacious figure to the imagination. It was every nerd’s fantasy come true, so it’s no surprise that many of them would wish to commemorate the late actresses’ death by tweeting pictures of her from their most cherished and fondly remembered wet dream of the princess. Of course, that stuck in the SJWs craw something fierce (how much more do you think they could fit up there?) and decided to take her fanbase to task on yet another misguided campaign that reminds everyone just what spoiled, moronic, heartless monsters they are. It seems it is politically incorrect and sexist to even grieve a beautiful goddess like Fisher. How much more bullshit do we have to tolerate from these “progressives”? How much more eggshells must we take care to avoid stepping on before we decide to launch these spineless crybabies into the sun? Everything is sexist, from the games we play, the shows we watch, the books we read, the temperature at which we set our air conditioners at work, and now even the way we GRIEVE is too! This fear mongering must cease. Know this, social justice losers, 2017 will not be yours for the taking! R. I. P Carrie Fisher. You will be missed. May the Force always be with you.

jrcthegodlessheathen, Tumblr 21 Comments [5/18/2017 12:49:04 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 8314

[After 8 intelligent design school board members lost re-election in Dover]

I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: if there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city. And don't wonder why He hasn't helped you when problems begin, if they begin. I'm not saying they will, but if they do, just remember, you just voted God out of your city. And if that's the case, don't ask for His help because he might not be there.

Pat Robertson, CNN News 25 Comments [11/13/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 127284

Gay Trump Supporter Beaten Unconscious on Texas Street After He Pulls Out Trump Lighter

Tbh, I am very happy to hear whenever a Trump supporter gets beaten up. I don’t care if he was gay or not. Homos can be assholes too, this man is living proof.

Serves him right tbh
If you vote for and support a nazi, deal with the backlash.

incarniunknown, Tumblr 22 Comments [5/18/2017 11:08:07 PM]
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Quote# 8329

I haven't had any eager thoughts on cleaning up my house, but I did have the following situation that just happened today. I have the following system set up:

I work for an insurance company and have my own office. If I do not participate on a weekly conference call, my manager has to come secure my laptop and files. I have written a letter titled "Urgent Message- Please Read Immediately" and placed it on my file cabinet. The letter gives a quick synopsis of what has happened and asks my manager to go to my home (2 miles down the road...map enclosed). The letter tells him where I have hidden a key and instructs him to go into my attic where I have a fire safe that contains approx 70 letters. Each letter is the same and details the events of the rapture and the hope found in JESUS. Letters are addressed to unsaved friends, restaurants, businesses, media outlets, etc. However, I used the key that I had hid for an emergency situation and have not gotten around to heading out to the depot to get another key made. I felt a great urgency this weekend to go get that key made.

Of course, I made the mistake of ignoring the Holy Spirit. This morning I believe God decided to give me a further push. I received a call from my manager saying that he has been instructed to obtain a key from each of our offices so he will have access to our files as quickly as possible should any unforeseen event occur. He will stop by my office in the morning to pick up the office key. I knew immediately that I will be headed out after work to get another office key made and also get the house (rapture) key made to place back in the hidden spot. Now listen to this twist. I can definitely see satan trying to screw this up. I noticed about an hour earlier that my house key was missing. It must have fallen off my keychain somehow. I called my wife so I can get her key, and she tells me that she had taken the key off of her keychain this morning and now she can't find it. Fortunately, she just called back and said she had gone through her car and finally found it. Is this all coincidence or a deeper spiritual battle? Is there an urgency for me to get this key made to help spread the truth after the rapture? I know my thoughts but I don't have a definitive answer.

Justin-Georgia, Rapture Ready 17 Comments [11/14/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 127269

Pray this imprecatory prayer for the wicked state legislators. In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: may all the individuals serving in the state legislature, and their staff, who support, promote and practice sodomy and other perverted, sexually deviant lifestyles, who support the killing of unborn babies, and who hate God’s Law and God’s Word, receive just retribution from God for their evil actions. May they receive what their unfaithful ways deserve. May they be consumed, collapse, rot and be blown away as dust from their current positions because of their wicked works, thoughts and deeds. May people scorn them and nations abhor them. May their punishment lead them to repentance and faith in Christ. May God’s will be done in their lives.

Steven Horze, Texas Freedom Network 6 Comments [5/19/2017 11:29:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 127265

Poster has a question:

Does this mean that Allah is ALWAYS descended, because since the Earth is round, it is ALWAYS the last 3rd of the night somewhere on Earth?

There wouldn't be any time in which He isn't descended then? It is always the last 3rd of the night somewhere or the other on Earth. And if He is ALWAYS descended, He wouldn't need to descend, but actually just stay there.

This is confusing.

Fundie has a non answer:

The brother is right, this has to do with matters of the unseen. it's tawqeefiyyah. We accept as we've heard it. But this might help a little. The concept of time, space, future, present is nothing to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'aala). Allah created time. Allah can decide to descend at once and it'll be the last third of the night in every city (no matter when that might be to us). Time is inconsequential when compared to the majesty of our Rabb. Our Creator. Please endeavour not to delve too much into matters of the unseen. it leads to destruction and kufr. May Allah forgive all our shortcomings

abkhmbbs , ummah.com 5 Comments [5/19/2017 11:28:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister Spak

Quote# 31872

[From a thread on what True Christians(TM) should not read/watch. The usual suspects are there e.g., Harry Potter, but VeggieTales? Seriously?]

...[I]s anyone else bothered by Vegietales? I have seen a few and I think some of them (if not all) are disrespectful to God's Word and don't tell the exact story in the Bible. One episode I saw had nothing to do with God (except one mention of His name) and sounded like a rock concert.

Andrea, Fundamental Baptist Forum 34 Comments [12/3/2007 12:22:25 PM]
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Submitted By: Maleficent

Quote# 8280

Evolution is an elaborate fairy tale propigated by atheists. They are hell bent on explaining away their Creator as if they could only disbelieve hard enough maybe they could make reality go away. (Sadly, some Christians have been cowed by the hype.)

Visit any forum and it doesnt take long to see atheists patting themselves on their backs for their superior rationality but resorting to argument ad hominem and changing the subject rather than confront the evidence.

bevets, Christian Forums 13 Comments [11/10/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 8296

Evolution insinuates bestiality

The notion that apes are our ancestors insinuates the fact that humans and apes can interbreed. The ability to interbreed is part of the definition of a species. So scientists saying that we are part of the ape family means that we can interbreed. Offspring are produced by sexual relations between its parents. So saying humans come from apes presupposes bestiality. The theory of evolution is a classic example of the prurients mind of men. :(

Heidi, 123 Christian Forums 21 Comments [11/11/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 127262

Missouri is poised to strip additional providers from a state-run program that provides family planning services for uninsured women.

The budget lawmakers are sending to Gov. Eric Greitens contains a provision that prohibits hospitals and clinics from participating in the Missouri Women's State-Funded Health Services Program if the organization also provides abortion services, as defined by a state law for sexual education in schools.

The budget also cuts the program’s funding by $4.6 million.

A similar amendment last year, filed by Rep. Robert Ross, R-Yukon, eliminated organizations that provide abortions for reasons other than saving the mother’s life. The new rule also would cut out organizations that can refer women to abortion providers, a nearly universal practice.

That means patients insured through the program, like Alecia Deal, 37, may need to find another doctor. Her coverage currently pays for checkups, birth control and cancer screenings at a Planned Parenthood clinic in south St. Louis, which does not provide abortions but can provide a referral. Though limited, it’s the only health coverage she has.

“I’m trying to wrap my mind around why the government has anything to say about it,” Deal said.

Deal, a community health worker, signed up for the coverage after the birth of her third child in 2015. She became pregnant with her third child just three months after the birth of her second, and knew that access to contraception would be important afterwards. Though she doesn't personally agree with abortion, she said it's a strange reason for lawmakers to cut a provider out of a family planning program.

“If you encourage family planning, it will reduce the need for abortion,” said Deal, who lives in St. Louis. “Not that it’s going to eradicate that, but it’s going to reduce it tremendously.”

Missouri lawmakers, St. Louis Public Radio 14 Comments [5/18/2017 12:52:15 AM]
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Quote# 22710


a. Tax men to build more rape shelters encouraging men to be resentful,
b. Cause women to think all romance not explicitly initiated by them
is rape, thus ruining their mental health when a man asks her out,
c. Ensure only the really attractive men get laid through mad, unrealistic
policies, thus alienating men, and breeding a new generation of
d. increase the number of resent rapes, ie where men rape women to
teach them a lesson, for wearing next to nothing, then blowing
them out in front of their mates in front of a better looking man.

or ....

a. Don't tax men to build more rape shelters, prevent rape by having
men walk women home, and make sure women know they owe something
for it.
b. Encourage men to ensure they walk women home, by improving chivalry,
c. Demonstrate to women that it is only a small amount of friction,
really, the repayment they are making for their escort.
d. decrease the number of resent rapes, by making women act responsibly
to men, (who have feelings too,) act consistently, and rewarding
chivalry with a shag.

Women get less action now than they did in the sixties. Is it
surprising why?

Ian, alt.feminism 51 Comments [3/29/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 77275

The Bible is the most exact "Holy Book" of any of the world's widely-practiced religions. The Qu'ran is mostly a collection of high-flying oratory; the writings of Buddha are a collection of essays on how to live ("Noble Eightfold Paths," etc.). But the Bible is, first and foremost, a Collection of annals, including genealogical annals (like the Annals of Adam and the Annals of Noah), royal annals (the Books of the Kings), and more specific historical documents (like the Annals of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, which include the Log of Noah's Ark). Contrary to Giberson's dismissal of them, these records make the most highly specific claims of historical events of any "holy book," and indeed closely rival contemporary "secular" histories in the specificity of the claims they make. And unlike those other records, the Bible is scrupulously honest about the causes of the rise, and fall, of the military and mercantile empire known initially as the United Kingdom of Israel and then as the Kingdom of Judah, as well as of the breakaway "Kingdom of Israel" to Judah's north.

Terry Hurlbut, Examiner.com 54 Comments [11/5/2010 5:06:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Nitsua

Quote# 127290

Again, what are you so scared of the government seeing, babe? You're using a slippery slope fallacy. The government seeing the illegal porn you clearly possess since you're so scared of your privacy being violated is not comparable to totalitarianism.?


Again, you simply don't have privacy, and that's a good thing. You don't need it, you're hiding something. Your passwords aren't magically stored in some database, m8. Stop crying and just accept the future.?


Your complaints are that the government will know about all the illegal porn you clearly possess and that your passwords will be vulnerable to hackers due to a keylogger you can turn off. You're retarded.?

Spooky Skeletons, Youtube 15 Comments [5/18/2017 11:08:38 PM]
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Quote# 127237

I know some local Baptist pastors who have rejected me, won't have anything to do with me, despise me, call me and Dr. Jack Hyles “cult” members, and hold a grudge against me, because of my King James Bible only position. These apostate pastors promote the modern corrupt Bible versions based upon the Alexandrian, Egypt, manuscripts. Their time of reckoning will come at the Judgment Seat of Christ (2nd Corinthians 5:10-11). Corrupt Bible versions always lead to corrupt doctrines, such as a false meaning of repentance, which hurts people! There is no crime in God's eyes any more serious for a pastor to commit than promoting a counterfeit Word of God.

These careless men nonchalantly dismiss their apostasy as a mere “difference in ministerial philosophy,” but it is far more... it is false religion on their part!!! I recently wrote a kind letter to some of these wayward men. They unkindly responded by comparing me and them to Barnabas and Paul, but it is more like the Prophets of Baal (them) and Elijah (me). Satan's grandest achievement in these last days has been the corrupt modern Bible revision movement. Literally, the American Bible Society says that there are approximately 900 English Bible versions. Can you believe that? Wow! It's sad but true. My friend, God only authored ONE BOOK!!!

I said these things to relate it to what I see in a rainbow. I have lost 52 pounds in just 3 months, since February 21st. I was 208 lbs in February. I weighed 156.8 this morning (May 15). My doctor told me last month that my type II diabetes is gone. Praise the Lord for that! I've been walking twice each day, to get my weight down. While walking I've seen dozens of rainbows in the clouds. Each time that I see a rainbow, I am reminded that God keeps all His promises. When I see each rainbow, I feel as if God is saying to me:

"Hang in there David! I'm going to reward you for standing for the King James Bible, and for exposing the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts upon which all the modern Bible versions are based. You know from Psalm 138:2 how important my words are to Me. I have elevated my words above my own name, because just as a man's word is his bond, so also I as God am only as trustworthy as My word. I will honor my promises David, and since you've been faithful to my words, I will reward you, not those shallow pastors who don't care. I won't reward those unfaithful pastors who serve mammon, who promote corrupt Bibles, who have turned you away. I know you've been outcast by those unfaithful pastors. I see that you're despised and rejected by the neo-evangelical crowd. I know your pain, of both body and soul. I won't let your sacrifice and suffering go unnoticed or unrewarded David. I'm proud of you for standing for the truth, even though you've been weak through it all! Revelation 3:8, 'for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.'”

That is what I feel each and every time that I see a precious rainbow in the clouds. I am resolved more than ever to stand and fight the good fight of faith. While other shallow religious men are making a salary, promoting corruptible word (seed), and disgracing their profession in the clergy, I am standing firm and true upon the inspired, preserved and inerrant King James Bible!!!!!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 19 Comments [5/17/2017 10:55:35 AM]
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Quote# 8250

Hitler wasn't Christian he was Roman Catholic.

Kathryn, e-Team Revolution 25 Comments [11/6/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 110640

It's been a long time since God created the first rainbow. Some 4,300 years. And so it's easy to see why many people ignore what happened in the days of Noah. How ironic that the recent White House rainbow was used to celebrate sin rather than to remind people about God's judgment against sin and His love for sinners.

The biblical timeline reveals the point in history when God brought the Great Flood upon the Earth. It was an act of divine judgment in response to man's wickedness. And the rainbow God created after the flood was to assure man that the Lord would never again flood the Earth as he did in the days of Noah.

And so it is ironic, and yes even tragic, that President Obama would choose to light the White House with a rainbow after the recent Supreme Court decision. It was his loud and proud way of celebrating the sin of same-sex marriage. Obviously, the president doesn't seem to believe that the Old Testament stories of Noah's Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah were actual events in history. If he did, then he might also be inclined to believe what Jesus said about being the only way to heaven. (See John 14:6.)

You see my friends, the "ark" today is the cross where Christ died, and the flood is coming in full force on Judgment Day. The rainbow in the sky reminds us of God's judgment and His love, and it points us to the only way to escape the coming wrath and be safe forever in paradise. Noah and his family escaped the flood. And so will all those who come to Christ for salvation.

Dan Delzell, Christian Post 30 Comments [7/10/2015 3:28:56 AM]
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Quote# 127285

[On why three massive quasars/supermassive black holes that are much younger than cosmologists predict should be possible, have been observed to exist]

You need to read the Hebrew text of the Bible in Genesis 1:1-31, Proverbs 8:22-31' and John 1:1-5. I have been deep into this since 1987 and what the writers said fits perfectly with your finds. I have it illustrated on my Website so if you are really interested, you will go there and seewhat the writers ofthe Bible said 3500-2000 years ago. They were God inspired. [hyperlink to his website removed]

dusty55art, Phys.org 11 Comments [5/18/2017 11:08:16 PM]
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