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[Replying to 'Adam naming all the animals is clearly fictional']Their names had to come from somewhere. It does not give a time limit on the naming of the animals, and even then, they certainly had not divided into subspecies at that point.

Flannel Avenger, After-Hourz Forumz 4 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124820

Tis looks like a science paper posted to a fundie forum.

It may be common for psychiatric patients who are Muslim to attribute their hallucinations or other symptoms to "jinn," the invisible, devilish creatures in Islamic mythology, researchers in the Netherlands have found.

In Islamic mythology, Jinn, or djinn, are supernatural creatures made of smokeless fire. They are frequently found in Islamic folklore and are mentioned in the Quran, the religious text of Islam. Historically, they are portrayed as menacing creatures that can harm humans, or drive them mad. People in Muslim societies have traditionally seen jinn as the cause of mental illness and neurological diseases, especially epilepsy. [Senses and Non-Sense: 7 Odd Hallucinations]

A belief in jinns seems to have persisted despite recent cultural and political changes within Islamic cultures, the researchers said. For example, two recent surveys done in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom in 2011 and 2012 found that many Muslims believe firmly in the existence of jinn, black magic and the "evil eye."

But belief in such supernatural beings may prevent people from seeking help from medical professionals, researchers said. Because patients may seek help from a religious leader, the researchers recommend collaboration between medical practitioners and religious health care workers. "In our practice in The Hague, an imam [a religious leader in Islam] in the service of our psychiatric hospital is available for consultation and advice," they wrote in their review.

However, culture is not the only factor that influences psychiatric patients. Blom and his colleagues previously treated a young Muslim patient who had schizophrenia, and who, contrary to the doctors' expectations, didn't attribute his hallucinations to jinn. Instead, the patient had searched the Internet for cases similar to his experience, and had concluded that he was a werewolf.

"He could not be persuaded to accept any other explanation," Blom wrote in an article describing the case that was published in March in the journal History of Psychiatry.

A response from a fundie:

I read this article recently on a similar psychology website. I found it sophmoric and deficient in actual information. And the reader commentary exposes the evil nature of the zombie masses at war with Islam and who are being positioned to follow masih Dajjal.

deen 1984, ummah.com 6 Comments [2/23/2017 11:30:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister Spak

Quote# 124809

Hate Trumps Free Speech

Again, the tolerant left can’t tolerate any speech that doesn’t agree with them. Just ask Milo. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

More A.F. Branco Cartoons at Net Right Daily.

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Donations/Tips accepted and appreciated – $1.00 – $5.00 – $10 – $100 – it all helps to fund this website and keep

A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect 28 Comments [2/23/2017 11:27:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 122804

When 17-year-old James Charles was named the first male ambassador for CoverGirl this month, the company’s message was simple: “All of our CoverGirls are role models and boundary-breakers, fearlessly expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe and redefining what it means to be beautiful,” the makeup brand said in a press release. “James Charles is no exception.”

But one mother did take exception to the brand’s inclusive message, penning an article for the Homeschool Conservative lamenting the impact a male CoverGirl had on her 6-year-old son.

“Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup,” 6-year-old Mark reportedly asked his mom Sarah.

“Both of us were caught off guard, we didn’t know how to answer,” Sarah wrote. “I don’t know why, but the most logical thing we could think of at that moment was to say, ‘No, that’s a girl.’”

When it became apparent that Charles is in fact a male, she told her kid, “Daddy doesn’t wear makeup because makeup is for girls.”

“Well why is that boy wearing makeup?” her son pressed Sarah wrote about the “moral dilemma” generated by her child’s inquisitive nature:

“Do I lie to my son? Or do I tell my 6-year-old my full opinion? I thought about lying and saying, ‘That’s how his eyes really look.’ Or, do I tell the truth and have a deeper discussion with him? Maybe, ‘That’s the way his mommy and daddy chose to raise him. But, that’s not the way we are choosing to raise you.’

Does a parent end it there? Or continue to say, ‘That is sinful and wrong. He shouldn’t be doing that, and his parents are wrong.’”

Sarah wrote it’s “a shame” she and her husband cannot “take [their] eyes off our son for a single second.”

“Thank god we homeschool,” the mother added.

Sarah said she’s now forced to find a new makeup brand because she “can’t support” CoverGirl’s latest GoverGirl. She noted that the company’s decision to include a male in makeup makes her “hesitant to let [her son] go over to a friend’s house.

“Our world is headed in a direction where my 6-year-old son is having to grow up so much faster than I want him to,” Sarah wrote.

Sarah, Raw Story 50 Comments [12/1/2016 5:33:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 124828

WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- A new highway billboard is stirring up controversy, protest, and debate in the Triad.

The sign reads, “Real men provide, real women appreciate it.”

The billboard is turning a lot of heads on the highway. It's located on I-40 Business West, next to the Linville Road exit, between Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Some folks were even spotted getting out of their cars to take pictures.

Love it or hate it --- everyone has a strong opinion on the message.

“I think it's fairly accurate. Being a married man myself, I think my wife really appreciates the fact that I can provide for a family and take some of the stress off her,” said Ron Houser.

“I think appreciation is good however we find it. But there is a message in that board that's not good,” said Lucy Milner.

“It really undermines women's work in the world,” said Joe Milner.

“I would assume if you had a husband that loves you and appreciates you and showed it enough to carry your family and kids, that you would appreciate it. I don't know why that would be offensive. I think that's a good thing,” said Nathan Walin.

The billboard belongs to Whiteheart Outdoor Advertising. At the time of this report, it’s still unclear who’s sponsoring the message and why.

But female rights activists like Molly Grace say the billboard delivers a misogynistic, outdated message.

“It's absolutely, absolutely insulting to single mothers, to women who have careers whether they are small careers or big careers,” said Grace.

Grace is the owner of Kleur, a community makers-space in downtown Winston-Salem. She created a Facebook event to protest what the sign represents.

“Seeking to normalize this way of thinking, to make it seem like it's the norm and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy or liberal or a rebel, normalization of this way of thinking is the most dangerous, absolutely the most dangerous, subliminal tactic,” said Grace.

Grace is planning a peaceful demonstration against the billboard this Sunday at 11 a.m. Organizers are still trying to pick the safest location to meet.

Unknown billboard renter, WFMY 10 Comments [2/23/2017 4:27:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6

Quote# 124840

Dear trans women…

I dare your privileged first world asses to go to other parts of the world and tell women who have been victims of FGM and sex trafficking that you ‘identify’ as a woman and that you don’t like when they talk about their vaginas and how they’ve suffered for being born with a vagina because it hurts your feelings and makes you feel ‘invalidated’. ://////
Tell those same women that you love porn and feel like prostitution is 'empowering’. (((((i can already hear them:“hum hi yeah it’s not vaginas that are the problem it’s when you equate them to womanhood’. well you people think any mention of female biology is violent transphobia. Not everything is about you and your #firstworldgenderistproblems))))

#trans #transgender #cis #terf #anti #terf #transphobia #radfem #libfem

Radladiesunite, Tumblr 8 Comments [2/24/2017 2:05:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm

Quote# 124801

A Missouri state senator reduced children who identify as another gender to an episode of Kids Say the Darndest Things.

On Tuesday, the Senate's education committee heard testimony on Senate Bill 98, which would prevent children in public schools from using bathrooms and locker rooms that don't correspond to their "biological sex."

The bill is opposed by groups like PROMO, a statewide LGBT organization. Elizabeth Fuchs, PROMO's public policy manager, warned the committee that the bill puts transgender students at increased risk for harassment, bullying and violence.

After Fuchs testified, state Sen. Andrew Koenig, a Republican who represents St. Louis County, spoke. Koenig noted that he is a father as well as a foster care parent.

“Kids say funny things," Koenig said. "‘I want to be a girl or I want to be a dog.’ Who knows what they’ll say? But that doesn’t mean I turn around and try to cultivate that and say, ‘Yes, you can be a dog.’"

He added: “At the age of 5, 6, 7, is it appropriate to cultivate something that they genetically are not?”

Andrew Koenig, The Pitch 14 Comments [2/23/2017 4:45:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 124164

[Commenting under "About the rise of bisexual women....."]

It is because no female is bisexual or hetero sexual their sexuality changes depending on what fits them best. Bi sexual females are females that go for other females because it suits them atm. Females that couldn't find their optimal chad are going for each other because their ridiculous standards don't apply to other females.

SaintElliot, Reddit - r/TheRedPill 19 Comments [2/2/2017 3:35:59 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 124831

There was no Holy Book in Noah's time and neither was there any in Abraham's, but they all believed in God. People, there is no self-made man in this world, and what the science teaches you about evolution, is pure rubbish. One of the tricks of the devil is to cause confusion in your mind, so be alert. The time is near, very near where everyone will have to give account to the Creator.?

Ze Manel, youtube 7 Comments [2/24/2017 2:04:41 AM]
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Quote# 124816

My logic boils down to the impossibility of conscious awareness arising from a chaotic material universe without God's intervention. I know you disagree with this conclusion, but there is no material definition for what comprises conscious awareness and how it can be generated from purely material entities.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 12 Comments [2/23/2017 11:29:41 AM]
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Quote# 124819

A whole 300+ pages of fundie PDF


The subject is how to cure diseases caused by jinn and witchcraft.
What to do to prevent the evil eye
how to treat it afterwards.

Koran verses to treat delusions, epilepsy, depression and anxiety are listed.
Verses to say while sitting on the shitter.
Problems with Jinn being in love with you.
Egyptian pharaoh witchcraft.

abul ameen, islamicbulletin.org 10 Comments [2/23/2017 11:30:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister Spak

Quote# 124811

(Hey all, instead of shitting on ace people for being ace,,, what if instead,,,, you didn’t???)

aceslation: “just let me be homophobic in peace!! god!!!!!!”

(Okay I want an honest answer here: how in this crazy reality does that even remotely translate to homophobia)

(Secondly…what the actual fuck did you really just use the word aceslation)

aceslation: it’s okay to overlook/excuse the homophobia of my peers as long as I’m not the one being homophobic

Aceslation, Tumblr 9 Comments [2/23/2017 11:28:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Ivurm

Quote# 124805

A video surfaced Wednesday showing HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher condoning a sexual relationship between a 35-year-old female teacher and a 12-year-old male student that resulted in the woman getting pregnant twice before eventually being jailed.

The 1998 Maher video has gained major traction on social media after the HBO host took credit for the sudden fall of alt-right provocateur and Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos over his own comments about pedophilia. Yiannopoulos appeared on Maher's program last Friday.

In the 19-year-old clip, Maher was referring to the story of a woman named Mary Kay Letourneau who was impregnated twice by student Vili Fualaau, starting when he was 12.
"The teacher from Seattle is in jail because she is in love. That’s how I view it,” Maher said in the March 20, 1998, clip of his former ABC program, "Politically Incorrect."

Letourneau was arrested and served more than seven years in jail for statutory rape. She was released in 2004 and would go on to marry Fualaau the following year. The couple has two daughters in their late teens.

“I admit that it’s unorthodox," Maher continued at the time. "She’s 35, the boy is 14. He was younger when they started. But she is pregnant again. That was the story this week. This is the second child by this boy. They are keeping the mother in jail because she won’t conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family,” he added.

"Yeah, that's perfect," Lisa Montgomery Kennedy, a guest on the show, sarcastically injected.

"Sickening. Absolutely sickening," added Republican activist Celeste Greig. "The woman is over 20 years older, and she raped this kid."

“Raped? Come on," Maher retorted, later adding, "How can a woman rape a man?"

Maher has received criticism for providing Yiannopoulos with a platform on his popular HBO show.

The 32-year-old Yiannopoulos lost a speaking role at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), his Breitbart job and a book deal after a video of him making comments about pedophilia circulated over the weekend.

Yiannopoulos's 2016 remarks, in which he appeared to condone sexual relations with boys as young as 13, led CPAC to rescind its speaking invitation on Monday. Yiannopoulos later lost his book deal with Simon & Schuster and resigned from Breitbart News.

“What I think people saw was an emotionally needy Ann Coulter wannabe, trying to make a buck off of the left’s propensity for outrage,” Maher said in an interview with The New York Times. “And by the end of the weekend, by dinnertime Monday, he’s dropped as a speaker at CPAC. Then he’s dropped by Breitbart, and his book deal falls through.”

“As I say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. You’re welcome.”

The Yiannopoulos video clip was posted on YouTube in January 2016 but gained considerable attention on social media after conservative blog The Reagan Battalion shared it Sunday.

Bill Maher, The Hill 12 Comments [2/23/2017 11:26:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 124813

It's just biology. If you were breeding dogs and you wanted to preserve a specific genetic line, the exact same logic would apply.

Letting your male poodle breed with mutt females doesn't affect the preservation of the poodle line. Letting your female poodle breed with mutt males does.

Melissa Click, Reddit 14 Comments [2/23/2017 11:29:22 AM]
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Quote# 124815

Even the option of prostitution is female entitlement. Incels that go to a prostitute are enablers. The most common way a female has power over a man is with their vagina. Females cling on to that power with everything they have. They are monopolizing sex. Females are monopolizing sex because deep down they know that they are objects and that they have no other advantages over men. Having a vagina is their default value. If you go to a prostitute you are engraving your subhuman ness. You say that no female would touch my genitals unless I pay her. You are accepting defeat. The females win if we go to a prostitute. They will successfully have power over you if you go to a prostitute. You will be a part of their monopoly they have on sex. This is why rape is such a big problem. The act of rape takes away their power. They feel powerless while being raped because they lose their power over lesser men if they get raped by lesser men. This is why rape is considered such a big crime. Females convinced the world that rape is such a big crime just to keep their power. They have convinced the world that rape is a crime just to be able to play out their sick monopoly they have on sex without repercussions. This sick monopoly they have on sex is the reason why we incels suffer. Men are being driven to prostitutes out of desperation that other females are responsible for. Prostitution is not an option for most of us because of that. Prostitution is accepting defeat and becoming part of their sick monopoly. Prostitution is giving power to females. Rape is taking power away from them. Females have the power in the sexual marketplace by default. They can try to go for chad. Men don’t have that kinda power if a 4/10 male would go for a 9/10 female she would say no and everybody would laugh at him. In the reverse case, chad is more likely to say yes. This is where the common incel belief that chad is taking away all girls come from. Every female has power over lesser man because of the double standard in dating and female entitlement. I want to eliminate that double standard. The legalization of rape would even the odds and end the sick female monopoly they have on sex.

canino1997, canino1997 10 Comments [2/23/2017 11:29:36 AM]
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Quote# 124821

The fact that feminists find the men they claim to be against (non sensitive, hypermasculine, misogynistic alpha males) is proof that feminism is nothing but a massive shit test

This is why you pay attention to a woman's actions and not her words. She claims to want men who act like feminine pussies but loves to get fucked by the dominant 6'4 Alpha. Guys are told to shun traditional masculinity but this behavior is a repellant to females.

If you're a feminist in the west you're probably fucking retarded and a trash species. What a joke of movement for a joke of a species. The welfare species as I like to call it. Depending on men since the beginning of time. Females need to return to being Comfort Females. That is their sole purpose in the universe.

IFA_MTBL, randomaccount22223 and OneDayMorePlease, /r/incels 13 Comments [2/23/2017 11:30:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 124823

[No need to be so tsundere Matthew-chan]

Anime has done so much damage to the psyches of young American men that it almost justifies nuking Japan a third time.

Matt Forney, Gab 19 Comments [2/23/2017 12:10:51 PM]
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Quote# 124795

Did a demon attack me yesterday?
I was laying down yesterday night when I dozed off for about 10 minutes. At least I think i dozed off. I was dreaming, I believe, but it felt so real. In the dream, I was laying down just as I was in reality, in my home. It was completely dark and I felt an extremely evil presence.Then, the demon manifested itself. It started making loud and demonic growling sounds of anger and hate. It was the most frightening sound I've ever heard. I felt that it was trying to enter or possess me. Then began an intense spiritual battle. I was crying out, repeating over and over, "Jesus loves me so," and tried thinking of any Bible verses to quote. It was a battle and I felt that this demon was so close to getting to me but it wasn't able to. Then, the dream ended. I will say that prior to this happening, I was angry with God. I was blaspheming him and cussing. I asked him to wipe Christianity from my memory or to kill me. Then, I asked him to show me something from the Bible because I wanted to see the supernatural in reality. I wanted to experience the book I've believed in in a new way and not just the words. So, I don't know if this was merely a dream, a real demonic attack, or God showing me something. Christians, what do you say?

Ryan, Yahoo! Answers 12 Comments [2/23/2017 4:43:17 AM]
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Quote# 124789

Men are all in to dominating women...If the man feels like he isn't dominating the woman, you ca forget about...She's Been dominated by 8 dudes at the same time..Aint no way a man is going to date her! Doesn't matter how cute she is...Your dick would have to be in overdrive 10pps(pumps per second) to impress her..
(Still no Misogynists Say the Darndest Things yet?)

Jessica Lopez, Youtube 15 Comments [2/23/2017 3:57:59 AM]
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Quote# 4794

It appears that God is now taking home innocent children quickly who are abused ...not letting them live in torment for months and years with abusive parents...It is striking to notice all the children dying so quickly in these articles (beatings, drownings, left in cars)... God is so merciful to take the innocent quickly...

architectlink, Rapture Ready 10 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4767

So I gotta ask. Are you satisfied with 'we come from monkeys(apes, stupid evolution). Are you satisfied with 'we just die'. Dude, if GOD isn't REAL, then that must mean there is NO hope.

OutoftheFlesh04, POD Warrior Forum 22 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4811

Evolution cannot be expected to arise out of thin air because of the spontaneous self assembly of chemicals and then create intelligence. That is assigning supernatural powers to a natural process and is a contradiction of terms.

RFHendrix, Christian Forums 5 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4796

yeah ok if he doesnt exist then how was this whole earth created??? if you read Genisis then you will see that you are completely wrong!

lillyp3696306, ChannelOne.com BBS 3 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4805

If you don’t accept the results, simply don’t perform the action that produces the unacceptable results. It’s that simple. I’m amazed our worthless society needs condoms, sex education, and abortions to complicate this supposed problem.

Albert Cipriani, Internet Infidels 13 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 4807

A young women that finds herself pregnant has acted foolishly and immorally because she willingly acted to put herself and her unborn child in harms way, whatever her intent.

dk, Internet Infidels 6 Comments [10/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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