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Battle of Incelistan

The Battle of Incelistan (mid-2016 - 7 November 2017) was a war fought in Reddit grounds between the Incel side and the SJW side, which was composed by r/incelwatch, r/inceltears, the majority of reddit and it's admins. It was one of the biggest Reddit conflicts, only surpassed by the r/jailbait controversy. The odds were against the Incel side since the beginning, but that didn't stop them from defending their safe haven until the very end.

The starting date of this war is often debated, some historians say that it began once the incelsphere became widely known, where as other historians prefer to use the date when the first incel watchgroup was created, named r/incelwatch (which went private after the creation of r/inceltears). Regardless, the agreed date is vaguely regarded as mid-2016.

To this day a peace treaty hasn't been signed between the two sides and some people believe that the war still continues.


After the controversial subreddit r/truecels was quarantined by the cuckmins, many incels either roped or began searching for another home. The original r/incels subreddit was created in 2015, but it remained inactive until July 2016. It must be noted that another subreddit named r/incel (without an "s") existed, but it was an over-the-top satire subreddit that was banned within months.

The Incel side faced several logistical issues that limited their fighting potential: lack of allies, fatigued from weeks of LDAR and a dangerous lack of blackpill artillery.

SJW offensive

The main fighting style of the SJW's involved mass-downvoting, mass-reporting and using automated bot accounts to repeat said processes. This strategy was proven successful as the Incel side did not have any countermeasures. This meant that all posts on r/incels had an abysmal upvote to downvote ratio and many comments were buried and hidden due to a high amount of downvotes.


Another strategy which proved successful involved thousands or at the highest ever recorded 12k lurkers from other subreddits visiting r/incels at one given time. This caused the subreddit to go private and retreat and as a result losing control of captured cities and enemy camps. However, during this time incel troops had time to rest and have peaceful conversations with each other. While the subreddit was private r/inceltears often deployed spies and infiltrators to gather information, the most well known of them, named u/LookismIsReal, was captured and executed by Incel authorities. Their profile is terminated as of today.


The SJW side was composed by millions of plebbit users and many cuckmins ready to pulverize r/incels in the snap of a finger, the Incel side had at its peak 45k troops which lacked military training and firepower. As a result the Battle of Incelistan was a decisive SJW victory since the beginning.

While the exact number of casualties vary widely, historians estimate that 43,000 incel citizens were publically executed, 500 were captured, around 500 missing and 1000 went into exile. Public incel figures such as the Supreme LeaderTM azavii, admincels and modcels were tortured for public entertainment and thrown in a ditch. Autobot was captured and re-programmed by SJW engineers.

The SJW side didn't suffer any casualties.


In 3 November 2017 r/incels went private for the last time. It lasted four painful days where many legitimate incels couldn't enter due to being suspended by prior ban waves.

In the morning of 7 November 2017 a nuclear bomb was dropped in the town center of Incelistan, resulting in the total annihilation of the region and leaving the entire country severely irradiated and unfit for human population.

Surviving incels were forced to rebuild the empire from scratch. By this time plebbit banned all subreddits that had any correlation to inceldom, including r/1ncels, r/IncelBrotherhood, r/IncelsPurgatory, r/LonelyNonViolentMen and lastly r/truecels. Somehow r/braincels survived.

The construction of a new empire called incels.me was started weeks before the nuking and was inaugurated in 8 November 2017.

Incel Wiki, incels.me 15 Comments [8/5/2018 8:54:02 AM]
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Re: Christian Bakers (Boldface mine):

If you own a business, it is your right to decide. If it is against your religious beliefs and you do not want their money, then it is your decision. The alternative would be for the government to take over your business and dictate what you should do or not do.

Private business is different from government.

And yes, if there is a liberal who wants to not bake a cake for a pro life person, that is their prerogative. Don't sue. Go to one that does. Duh. Conservatives believe in businesses being privately owned and would simply go someplace else rather than wanting the government to make decisions for private businesses. A conservative would not sue and freak out.

If a Muslim doesn't want to make a cake for someone gay, betcha anything the gay person would not make a big deal about it.

The comparison to blacks is not the same. Sharona

Shar, Realabortiondebate 11 Comments [8/5/2018 8:52:18 AM]
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In an era when birth control and abortion make childbearing completely optional, the number of out-of-wedlock births shows the contempt that many women have for marriage.

Yet most of these single mothers still demand that the man they chose not to marry before having sex with him provide financial support for them and their children -- while denying the man any of the rights and protections of marriage.

Men routinely discard wives and children to follow the nearly universal male biological desire for diversity in mating. Adultery is now openly expected of men, even if faithful wives deplore it.

With "gay marriage," the last shreds of meaning will be stripped away from marriage, with homosexuals finishing what faithless, selfish heterosexuals have begun.

(the whole article is like this, this is just a sample)

Orson Scott Card, The Mormon Times 55 Comments [8/1/2008 5:30:58 AM]
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[Michigan Supreme Court Justice rules in favor of letting voters vote on an anti gerrymandering ballot initiative]

“Today we’ve witnessed the rule of bullying, not the rule of law” said Tony Daunt, Executive Director of the Michigan Freedom Fund. “In the face of threats, bullying and intimidation, the justices of the state Supreme Court bowed to political pressure instead of protecting Michigan’s Constitution. They have abdicated their responsibility to the rule of law.”

Tony Daunt, Detroit Free PRess 6 Comments [8/5/2018 8:36:23 AM]
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Why do people try so hard to disprove god?
god is love and hope, jesus lived and died for our sins, we have the bible which was wrote by the prophets and diciples. it is first hand accounts wrote down by people who followed god and witnessed miracles. yet we won't accept that as being good enough but we believe everything in history books isn't that what the bible is the oldest history book we have? the most important one we have? why is there so many people who want to disprove gods existance? is it because we don't want to have to answer for our actions? or are people afraid that if heavens real than that means hell is too? i don't understand why to some people religion can be so offensive, just because we can't see the oxygen we breath does that mean its not real either? in many ways you can see god are people just afraid to look?

kibbles18, Y! Answers 23 Comments [8/1/2008 4:32:01 AM]
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Below the cardboard cut-out representing Germany "to give away" is written.

Below the image "what doesn't belong to itself or her".

Götz Wiedenroth, Wiedenroth Karikatur 2 Comments [8/5/2018 8:45:14 AM]
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[ on mark salling's suicide]

This is what happens when you demonize people for having a legitimate mental illness. Literally a virtually victimless crime and this guy has his entire life ruined to the point where he would rather be dead.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Having a shitload of child pornography on your computer isn’t a symptom of a mental illness nor is it a victimless crime

Well, it could be a sign of mental illness.

As for victimless crime, I'm not sure. No one hold me accountable for buying clothes made in China. No one holds me accountable for masturbating to porn actresses that feel taken advantage of. No one holds me accountable for eating palm oil products that lead to deforestation. No one holds me accountable for looking at Jennifer Lawrence nudes. No one holds me accountable for filling my car with gas.

Why am I getting off for free, both by the law and by society, but Mark Salling is seen as someone who deserved to die and one of the worst types of people who ever lived? I understand his crime is worse than worker abuse, exploitation, deforestation, cyber hacking, and war for oil, but why is society's reaction disproportionately so fierce?

However, I still stand by it not being as bad as actually raping a child and stand by it being a sad circumstance anyway. I guess my main concern is that I still buy clothes from sweat shop workers and I don't give a fuck where palm oil comes from, but I don't judge myself for it

kermitisaman, reddit 8 Comments [8/4/2018 1:45:11 AM]
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Reynold said: "Where do you get the idea that your god is the only "possible" source of logic? Can you show that without him, "logic" could not exist?"

This is true by the impossibility of the contrary, no other worldview can account for universal, abstract, invariant entities.



Sye TenB, Stephen Law -- philosophical blog 17 Comments [8/1/2008 3:17:50 AM]
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[the FSTDT thread]

They may be laughing now, but how funny will they think our posts are when we're gone and they're left behind?

Jennifleur, RR 86 Comments [8/1/2008 4:36:42 AM]
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There is someone that I know who has the spiritual gift of discerning evil spirits. One of the members of our church visited with this person and when they touched he saw that an evil spirit was oppressing them. Anyway, I also find out that someone else had said that this same person (with the evil spirit) has a spirit of suicide on them. Well, the next day I receive a vision of the oppressed person being crucified. At first, I think that he is just being drained by physical things but later realize that this is also a picture reflecting suicide. Do any of you believe me???

NOTW, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [8/1/2008 5:12:02 AM]
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there is probably not one of here posting that considers themselves to be "religious" or to practice "Religion"; Relgiousness and religion to a born again Christian is a term that refers to us speaks of the pharisee - those who looked the part on the outside and had not a clue about God in reality... those who had faith in their traditions and rituals and even in their own ability to keep the Law and follow the rules and not faith in the Living God. So it is kind of insulting to call a born again Christian religious or Christianity a religion.

We believe that we are born again children of the Living God creator of heaven and earth and that we walk in a familial relatiohsip with HIM; we do not practice a religion.

helpforhomeschoolers, Christian Message Board 41 Comments [8/1/2008 8:37:23 AM]
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Quote# 43962

Men are with women and women with men so what part of this do you fags not understand . Your freaks and everything you do is against the bible .You know the creator of this earth. w hat are you all trying to get out of work and want to play a womans place in life and stay home and clean up and wait for your man . Go to weaverville there are a lot of them there up in the woods , Stay away from our children for they are confused and all of this crap . You all make me sick . All of you go to an island and stay there and hump each other where you belong for your no smarter than a chicken .

Frannie, topix.com 33 Comments [8/1/2008 10:03:20 AM]
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Quote# 44002

(In the Evolution Debate thread, Wayne keeps trying to prove to us "blind" people that humans are not animals "cuz the bible sez so!)

First,, the bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is Jesus Christ in the flesh....... AND it IS the beginning and the end of all matters. Want the verse that proves it or do you know it? Man is created from the dust of the ground. Show me how I'm wrong biblically.

Wayne, Topix 38 Comments [8/1/2008 10:17:38 AM]
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Quote# 136250

"Well parts of wise sociology is harm-reduction.

Say we have a person who is attracted to minors, and we construct the two opposing choices between 1) telling him that he is a monster and is going to offend sooner or later, and 2) telling him that he is a perv and lots of people are pervs and to stay clean off of minor-sex"

Neither of these is any harm reduction.

You explain why proposition nr 1 is wrong but what you should understand is that nr 2 is much, much worse.

- Calling somebody a "perv" would actually offend a sane person much more than the word "monster". A "perv" means... what? It sounds like a bunny dropping of a fifth rate mind.

-What do you care what lots of people are?

- Staying clean of minor sex is a horrible idea. First of all, bad/evil laws are there to be broken. And these laws are the epitome of evil so they should be broken, just like many German laws from WW2 should have been broken.

- The sole idea that somebody will abstain from sex due to laws in insane. It shows a fundamental misreading of human nature. You are like those idiots who tell incels to just "forget about women", while forgetting themselves that no incel would exist if their forefathers had "forgotten about women". A good advice to pedos should be- offend, offend, offend, as much as you can ! It is no offense at all. Of course one needs to worry about his safety as well as cops and many brainwashed civilians really enforce and believe in these laws but no sane human being will give up on sex due to laws. Horrible, abominable laws in that.

- You also forget the very important and ever present racial issue here. Most people who believe in these laws would also like to enforce laws in which you'd be hunted down and killed just for being white. They are dangerous, insane and shouldn't be listened to.

caamib, Eivind Berge's Blog 20 Comments [1/26/2018 2:00:28 PM]
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Quote# 44016

(Another year, another Harry Potter movie, another slew of fundies claiming the work of teh devil)

I agree with (another fundie ranting about the books, all of his posts have been deleted), that's what old satan wants all the parents to think. Making everyone think it is helping their Children read just opens the door for Satan to move in. Haven't seen one of his movies or opened one of his books. Won't have one in my house. He is evil in a very sneaky way.

He has everyone fooled,except for the Christians.

HOrsenaround23, MSN Movies 38 Comments [8/1/2008 10:19:12 AM]
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Quote# 43948

Truthfully i dont think ANYBODY bothers with ANY of the commandments anymore. There are some atheists who are just as vocal as some Christians when it comes to their beliefs. If they didnt want to hear all sorts of things from Christians then they shouldn't post stupid things about "evidence" "logic" and "science". If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen

King Cripple, Yahoo Answers 28 Comments [8/1/2008 10:19:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Gerald Darko

Quote# 43945

I hear you, JenGC.

You know, we all have a certain level of pride when it comes to what we do...we tend to take offense at odd times and even when things are not directed at us personally.

I must agree with you that the scientists to which we are directly referring are not considering the Lord...they are, in fact, acting foolishly (even, dare I say, "dumb"). When God is not pointed to for the answer, the answer is no answer at all.

Hmmm...I must admit that I do that as well...at the end of the day we need to all do what you stated: Raise our hands and declare, "It is God!"


Ready2Fly08, RR 41 Comments [8/1/2008 11:58:10 AM]
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I also think gays should be required by law to wear medic alert type bracelets inscribed with the word HOMO. In a hypothetical situation where I see some guy get hit by a car, I would be much more willing to administer medical attention if I knew whether or not the person on the ground (possibly bleeding) is a homosexual.

Fred2670, Wrong Planet 95 Comments [8/1/2008 5:30:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Mathew

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I learn about nature studying nature. I have studied mountains; weather; oceans; fish; chemistry; biology; squirrels; bees; beetles; dragonflies; deer; trees; plants; hair. Through which all I was introduced to light; sound; magnetism; electricity. None of which need not be a mathematical formula to understand. Yet, all interrelate. I started at the mountain to the ocean and worked my way back. What I have found is a symphony of harmony.

Math can distort. So FUCK math! E=MC2 my ass! Science can distort. So FUCK science! Theology can distort. So FUCK theology!

A hyper-literal expose of the words written in the bible IS NOT AN INTERPRETATION! Allowing the words to speak for themselves is nothing put show and tell like it or not! I could care less about your opinion.

Honestly people, the bible is not open for interpretation because the language itself cannot allow it! It is not an exhausting English legal contract! But, you can't tell an Xtian that!

Those "stories" at the beginning may be impossible to understand at this time according to your ability, or lack there of, to process information. However, understanding mitochondrial DNA forced science to give a "mocking nod" to Eve said in the bible to be, "The mother of all living". Well dude, until recently, that was impossible to understand. I say thank you to people regardless of any belief system including science.

And the rib bone taken from Adams side, full of multipotent stem cells, were the building blocks by which she was built(banah). Which rib bone grew back because we now know that rib bones grow back if the sheath housing it is left intact by the surgeon. All of this was not known to be even possible 100yrs ago!

Are you like the patent office which once said, "There is no need to apply for patents because everything that can be invented has been invented". And that in a world before automobiles, airplanes and modern computers.

Continue to learn. There is much to know. Harping on whether there is a God, or not, is a complete waste of time. Nature will continue to seek harmony in spite of your, or anyone's, belief system to the contrary.

Haipule, Atheistforums.ortg 7 Comments [8/5/2018 8:51:58 AM]
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Quote# 139493

But your notion of freedom is not freedom, just inevitable uncontrollable reaction to a current state of existence.

The soul only exists in the present, consciously perceives the present and consciously interacts with the present. Time is a dimension which exists in this material universe, and according to physicist Stephen Hawkins, time as we know it began with the Big Bang. It is quite possible that the soul, not being of this universe, does not exist in time, but only perceives the passing of time through its perception of human sensory data. As such it can't be subject to the same laws of cause and effect we see in our material universe, but will do everything in its own timeless existence. This is just my postulated theory which may seem strange to you, but as Arthur C Clark once said - The truth, as always, will be far stranger.

So do not try to limit your understanding of reality to what can be squeezed in to fit within our limited human knowledge, but accept reality as it is and use your precious gift of freewill to the full.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 6 Comments [8/5/2018 8:36:54 AM]
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Quote# 138375

glenbo: You claimed the LGBT lobby wanting equality for all LGBT people is a "smokescreen." For what? Proof, please?

Mark Jones: I gave you proof yesterday. So using that argument to prove I’m a liar is not valid. So once again I’ll ask you to prove I’m a liar. While I’m at it, answer me the question you kept dodging yesterday. Was Sid a liar when he said God was imaginary? Because if you stay true to the logic that you used he would be as he didn’t prove that God was imaginary.

glenbo: "I gave you proof yesterday." No you didn't.

Mark Jones: That’s not what the evidence suggests as I can provide screenshots that I did. Here’s screenshot #1 View — uploads.disquscdn.com

glenbo: This proves NOTHING. All this says is that when a gay person gets the shaft from a business owner, they get upset. I don’t blame them. So what is the purpose behind your alleged “smokescreen?”

Mark Jones: But as I say, I’ve exposed you as a liar two days in a row now. So considering you’ve put yourself in this position would you like to admit that if you stand by the logic you used to call me a liar, that makes Sid Rumpo a liar as he could not defend his claim that God was imaginary?

glenbo: Mark...gay people don't want equality just for the sole purpose to beat up on Christians. This is a LIE. You are a LIAR

Mark Jones: When did I say it was just to beat up on Christians Glenbo?
So you not only lie about me being a liar, you also lie about the things I’ve said. You’re not an honest individual really are you Glenbo?

glenbo: Mark, please let me explain this to you... Gay people want equality in order to better their lives. Many wish to marry the one they love. There are many benefits to marriage (1138 federal + hundreds of state benefits) They want protections from being fired or evicted just for being gay, and they wish to protect one another which being marriage does effortlessly. They want to be able to go into a business and be served and treated with respect and dignity just like you and everyone else do. They didn't lead a decades long march and spend tens of millions of dollars just to screw with Christians. That's absurd and illogical. There is no "smokescreen" about wanting to be treated fairly. Gay people aren't out to do bad things to Christians. Quite frankly, they don't care about what religion anyone subscribes to. And many gay people are also Christians. They just want to be able to purchase the same things everyone else does.
That's it. This isn't a lie...this is what gay people truly want. And while there are isolated incidents of Christian businesses getting in trouble with the law, that's because they broke the law in the first place. There are anti-discrimination laws everywhere, and when the rare rogue "Christian" business owner says: Sorry, I don't sell wedding cakes to your kind of people, the rejected people are hurt, get angry and report the offense. Can you blame them? Being discriminated against is psychologically damaging. It truly hurts those being treated with discrimination. If business owners obeyed the law and served all in the public marketplace, we wouldn't be hearing stories like Jack Phillips. And that's it...gay people want their wedding cakes too.
There's no clause in anti-discrimination law that says you may reject gay people at will. It's just not legal. It's also not moral. And it's just not a nice thing to do to people. If sexual orientation is considered a protected class, as it is in Colorado, gay marriage doesn't have to be legal in order to violate this anti-discrimination law. Gay people aren't out to attack Christians, Mark...please understand this.
Yes, some have sued Christian business owners, but their reasons were legitimate and had a catalyst. There had to be a cause for gay people to take legal action against a Christian business owner in the first place. Gay people simply aren't out to attack Christians willy nilly at random for no logical reason, especially if the Christian business owner never did anything wrong or offensive to the gay couples. That just doesn't make sense.
And to quote Judge Judy: "If it doesn't make sense, it's not true." Before prop 8 in California banned same-sex marriage, 18,000 gay couples tied the knot. That's 36,000 gay people successfully getting married and not one Christian was "attacked." Where's the "smokescreen" in California? I just don't understand why you can't get the simple concept that wanting equality is NOT the same as wanting to harm Christians for no reason.
This just simply isn't true.
Perhaps I was wrong in calling you a liar. I would feel hurt if someone called me a liar simply because I believed something different. If this is the case, then I apologize. Perhaps you are/were convinced about this "smokescreen" agenda and perhaps you misunderstand the true nature of most gay people. Yeah, there are idiots in every group. But as a whole, gay people want to peacefully coexist with the rest of society. Is that too much to ask?

Mark Jones: Wow! Nice essay ... oh to continue to prove that you’re a liar. Well done!

glenbo: Utter BULL$HIT. You are a bigot and a manipulative LIAR.

Mark Jones: I never once said that the LGBT rights lobby want to only persecute Christians. Once again you lie about my statement. Why should I prove a claim I never made? If you’re going to call me a liar, don’t lie. It only makes you a hypocrite and a waste of time and space.

glenbo: "I never once said that the LGBT rights lobby want to only persecute Christians. " You said the LGBT rights lobby advocates for LGBT rights to use as a "smokescreen" to persecute Christians. You have NOT provided evidence of this. Therefore, you LIED.

Mark Jones: I did say that, and I did provide evidence of that. Therefore you are still a liar.

glenbo: " I did provide evidence of that. " No you didn't. Show me this "proof."

Mark Jones: Lol, you lying like this is comical.

glenbo: "Lol, you lying like this is comical.' It's okay. You have NO proof. Got it.

Mark Jones: Lol. So you’re enjoying denying that you’ve had the evidence then?

glenbo: So you’re enjoying denying that you’ve had the evidence then?" Is this your "evidence?" ”Christian printer sued” ”Christian baker told he didn’t commit discrimination” "They are against Christians who hold a traditional biblical worldview”

Mark Jones: Nope. You know full well what the evidence is Glenbo. You’re just too dishonest to admit it.

glenbo "You know full well what the evidence is Glenbo. You’re just too dishonest to admit it." Please re-post your "evidence" that LGBT rights advocates intend to use LGBT rights as a "smokescreen" to persecute Christians. Once verified, I will issue a sincere public apology to you for calling you a liar. If I am wrong, I need to be corrected..

Mark Jones: Why so you can call me a liar and say I haven’t posted it again? Sorry Glenbo, but I can’t your word on this, you have proven yourself to be a liar so I have to ask why should I post evidence you’ve already had to just have you lie again and say I haven’t.

glenbo: "Why so you can call me a liar and say I haven’t posted it again?" This is your opportunity to absolve yourself of being a liar. You made a claim, I am asking for proof. If you told the truth, you can re-post your evidence. Please post the evidence that LGBT rights advocates intend to use LGBT rights as a "smokescreen" to persecute Christians.

Mark Jones: Absolve myself of being a liar? When it is you who has been proved to be a liar on multiple occasions whilst you’ve never proven me to be one even once? Tell me Glenbo, do you always expect people to pander to you in discussions like this?

glenbo: Since you have failed to show evidence that LGBT activists want equality in order to persecute Christians, you are a LIAR.

Mark Jones: Since you have failed to show evidence that I haven’t posted the evidence you know I have posted that shows that LGBT activists want “equality” in order to persecute Christians, you are a LIAR. See Glenbo, I can play your game as well. Difference is, I’ll win at your game.

Mark Jones, Premier 10 Comments [6/26/2018 11:13:40 AM]
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Quote# 121264

I do feel that serious outliers deserve to be bullied, teased, taunted etc. about things that they can control. They need to get the message that what they are doing is not ok. But only some kids need that sort of treatment:

Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud. How would you like to see way more asshole, psycho, mean men than there already are. There are enough men like this, really too, and even one is unacceptable. These men do a lot of damage to society and the people they victimize. Boys need to get the message that it is not ok to be an asshole, mean, psycho male. We cannot send boys out into the society of men acting that way. It might cause serious societal problems.

Crybaby boys. Boys should not cry or at least they should not cry excessively. It is not acceptable for a 10 year old boy to be crying all the time. He needs to be bullied, teased, roughhoused, even hit, to get the message that males simply cannot do that in our society. Also the rest of the boys need to be taunt that boys and men simply cannot be crybabies. That is as unacceptable as it gets. Do you want to raise generations of crybaby men? Come on.

Seriously effeminate boys. Sorry, no boy is born effeminate. I feel that this is obviously learned behavior. That means they could knock it off anytime. Boys need to get a strong message that serious effeminacy is not acceptable. If that means teasing, taunting, etc. effeminate boys, that is fine with me. The rest of the boys need to be told that this is not ok. If you do not do this, you might end up with a lot more effeminate men than their already are, and that would not be good. You might end up with whole generations of effeminate men.

Weirdos, idiots, seriously dorked out nerds and fools. Look man, if you are this much of a nerd, idiot, fool, dork, clumsy, awkward idiot clown of a boy, that is just not acceptable. Boys who act that way deserve bullying, teasing, taunting and even a bit of roughhousing. They need to get the message that they need to knock it off, and the rest of the boys need to get the message that this is seriously not ok. Otherwise you might end up with thole generations of nerdy, dorky, idiotic, lame and foolish men.

Robert Lindsay, Beyond Highbrow 50 Comments [8/23/2016 3:36:09 AM]
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Quote# 139478

On the 2018 Irish abortion referendum

I mean, with modern science and ultrasound, we know beyond doubt that that's a tiny human, we know what the abortion procedure does; it's beyond comprehension to vote for that. And the majority of voters were baptized Catholics too, which I take personally.

Ms. Meggy Mish, Twitter 17 Comments [8/4/2018 1:41:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 139475

Democrats, who believe dismembering children is a fundamental right, complain that Clayton Lockett’s execution that resulted in 43 minutes of pain was too inhumane. Tell that to Stephanie Neiman, his victim, who was kidnapped, beaten, raped, shot and buried alive before being shot to death. Which was more inhumane?

In light of these instances, what is wrong with a painful execution?

Perhaps allow the family of the victim to carry it out.

Executions should be made public again. Sell tickets. Put it on pay-per-view. Doubtless there are many that want to see justice served on the vilest of our society. Build gallows again. It’s cheaper and more fitting. It will help further deterrence when the public can physically see the punishment for ruthless crimes.

And expand it. Expand the death penalty. Make rape punishable by death as it was in the past. When the stakes are higher fewer people are willing to enter in. Make killing someone in the act of another crime a capital offense as well, including killing someone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If we’re truly standing for life and justice, it is a necessity that we reinforce the value of life by executing those who take it. That way the public knows how seriously we treat that injustice.

I call out the hypocrisy of those against the death penalty. They will claim that executing someone is too inhumane. They also claim that life in prison is WORSE than execution, yet say life in prison should be the norm. It is simply rhetoric in defense of allowing criminals off easy. You can’t have it both ways.

Bottom line, think through your stance before you take it. And don’t dare think you can be more moral than the One who created morality. How arrogant you are.

While I’m at it, there should be a hook in the wall of the cells of suspected killers, just in case they want to do the honors themselves and save taxpayers money. This may sound heartless, but rationally speaking it is heartless not to condemn someone guilty of death to death.

Will we reinforce how valuable life is by equally and swiftly punishing those who show they don’t respect it, or will we hold to our “high ground” and show society that taking a life is only worth a prison sentence?

Apparently you know better than me, so you decide for yourself.

Joe Trammell, Traditional Values from an Untraditional Mind 15 Comments [8/4/2018 1:41:04 AM]
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Sometimes the truth hurts. Its like a medicine, tastes bitter but it makes you well. For me, that's the way things supposed to be between a man and his wife. They wouldn't openly admit it, but women does enjoy getting spanked. They love it when a man disciplines her. The funny thing is, they will never mention to her man that they love what he had done to her. Usually, she would just cry and ask for it to stop but deep inside her she wish that he never stops.

orangupahan, FFI 64 Comments [8/2/2008 6:22:02 PM]
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