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The United States Constitution guarantees us the right to worship God unimpaired by the United States government. It in no way shape or form guarantees us the right not to worship God.

ari, Y! answers 4 Comments [3/10/2018 9:42:51 AM]
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Quote# 137019

Anytime you atheist attack God it's usually because you're bitter towards Him. I don't even think [Disqus user] goo gle is an atheist. Most of you here are not atheist, just mad at God for something that you think He did wrong, some injustice that befell you that you blame God for........And this site is your vengeance. As if you can hurt God in any way. Or some of you just plain want to live in the flesh without any restrictions. It's not because you don't believe He exist. Most of you aren't really atheist at all, or you sure wouldn't be on a religion channel kicking something that don't exist..........Who do you think you're fooling?

Ken Faivor, Disqus - Religion 4 Comments [3/10/2018 9:44:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137047

He seriously wants to take YOUR unalienable right to self-defense away. He does not respect your Second Amendment rights. At all.

So, why should we respect his First Amendment rights? We should not, as NN Taleb advises in his excellent new book Skin in the Game.

Start by being nice to everyone person you meet. But if someone tries to exercise power over you, exercise power over him.

This philosophy means that every individual who attempts to infringe on our Second Amendment rights, in any way, has lost any claim to our consideration for their First Amendment rights.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 1 Comments [3/10/2018 10:15:43 AM]
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A Muhammadan once told me that the West is the greatest danger to civilization in the world, and I responded by saying that the West is civilization, and everything else, save a few East Asian countries, is barbarity.

I believe that this is supported by fact: every other "civilization," be it the Muhammadans, Jews, Africans, Aztecs, Incas, Aborigines or Indians are plagued with superstition, irrationality, mutilation practices, low intelligence and various forms of degeneracy.

It was the West that produced the Industrial Revolution, the West that gave women equality, the West that invented the telephone, car, internet, computers, the printing press, and antibiotics.

The only other civilization that has ever been able to compete with the West on any level was East Asian Civilization- exclusively China and Japan who invented paper, firearms and the steam engine, and who were for a brief period more advanced than us until the Industrial Revolution.

It has been a mixture of our race, culture and values that has produced this, and which has made the West worth preserving and defending.

Nationalist1776, Stormfront 1 Comments [3/10/2018 10:17:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137062

The Lord said we would be persecuted and yes the U.N. looks the other way.

The U.N. wants the antichrist to take over. We need out of it. Pray and watch our Lord is coming.

Rickandkim Sells, Facebook 1 Comments [3/10/2018 1:01:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137042

(Comments on article "The Latest LGBT TV Show Is So Outrageous It Will Leave Your Head Spinning")

(Surjit Kaila)
Sent the basterds to Muslim countries so they can be thrown off the high builddings

(Robert Miller)
I'll second that motion!! Let's include the liberal Judges,liberal politicians and the other sick bastards who promote this life style!!

(Vangie Martinez)
Thats not an answer that is acceptable. We don't want to be a part of a Death Cult and it's own Agenda and Ulterior Motive to destroy People. No what they need is JESUS. But in a Worldly way of doing things hit them in their Pocket Book and Continue to Boycott the Station and the Companys that put Ads with these Stations and Shows.

(Sue Brooks)
I wouldn't let any kid anywhere near these type shows....they're the best way to warp young minds!

(Robert Miller)
That's what their objective is!!

(Katie Drew)
These things have to happen before the return of Jesus for His church, the Bible says so. Bring it on!

(Philomena Holian)
God save us all from SATAN'S EVIL.

(Angela Thompson)
Of course gender exists. This movement is idiotic.

(Cheryl Detar)
I do not watch any shows that push the LGBYXTUVWA agenda. A couple weeks ago, I watched a new show, 911, Initially, I was OK, with the 2 lesbian actors. It wasn't being flaunted. However, the other night, the 2 were in bed, passionately, "going at it." I immediately turned it off and will NEVER watch it again.

(Sharon Melvin)
I started watching the Good Doctor and when it presented a Transgender person, I stopped watching it. When something like this comes up use the power of the remote control. There are millions of conservatives out there. I will not watch the Oscars, Emmys or other shows for the same reason. I stopped watching NFL games because I do not like the disresect. We conservatives need to make our voice heard. It sure has hurt the NFL.

(Robert Withrow)
I am for any person to live their lives as they want, but use decorum, this gawdy debauchery of sexism about gender same sex marriage to a level that shows no restraint or integrity. Shockism is not how you bring others with opposing, or diffrent views to your support. The age of innocene has long gone. If only the LGBT as they call it, will walk with dignity, and talk respect for themselves ,and all others of different orientation. Yes I know I am going to be called ugly names. We all stand under one flag, one nation, and with that those freedoms we all enjoy everyday. Last thought, when you respect yourself, you then can respect others no matter the creed, the sex, or political affiliation. The word is RESPECT...

(Frank W Brown)
There are TWO, count em, TWO genders, EVERYTHING else is MENTAL ILLNESS that needs treatment in the worst way!

(Larry Draper)
All: Yet *another* article which simply recognizes the absolute
*insanity* of the LGBTQ viewpoints that *any* amount of surgeries or
hormones could *ever* delete the effects of the XX and XY chromosomes that
have been *evolving* in the human race for *millions* of years, and
*billions* of years for all gender-based life, or that reSocialisticization
could realistically replace societal norms such as *marriage* and *family*
after 7000 years or so of religious and law-making norms. //Larry Draper//

(Jay Yother)
Wonder if Mommy Activist knows they are advertising gay dating sites on her page??

(Beverly Charles)
You can bet Facebook put that ad in place deliberately!

various commenters, Mommy Underground 1 Comments [3/10/2018 10:14:37 AM]
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The bottom line is this: if liberalism is supposed to be all about the power of the people and allowing the people to do exactly as they please; why are so many people in even the most “successful” of liberal societies so constantly unhappy and discontented? The answer, as should be all to obvious by now given recent events in both Europe and America, is that the people are not actually ruling themselves, they never have done and doubtless never will. They are being ruled but not in an open and honest way and this means that they are being manipulated by those who are their rulers but do not wish to be seen as such. This, I think, is something no traditional monarch has or could ever be accused of doing. For them, such a thing would have been unseemly as well as unnecessary but in the liberal system of idealism, it must be done to maintain the charade, to keep hiding the truth that liberalism is just as totalitarian as every other political “ism” that has ever been devised.

The Mad Monarchist, http://madmonarchist.blogspot.co.nz 6 Comments [3/10/2018 2:46:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Michael

Quote# 136891

There is nothing inherently harmful or immoral about having sex with children CMV

There are a number of arguments used by proponents of the prevailing cultural mythology on the subject:

1. Children are psychologically damaged by sexual activity

Sex is an inherently pleasurable activity- the claim that children are inherently "harmed" or "traumatized" by sex is demonstrably false, supported by no scientific research, and is essentially absurd, as children are not asexual (a point I will address later).

"The self-reported effects data contradict the conclusions or implications presented in previous literature reviews that harmful effects stemming from CSA are pervasive and intense in the population of persons with this experience. Baker and Duncan (1985) found that, although some respondents reported permanent harm stemming from their CSA experiences (4% of males and 13% of females), the overwhelming majority did not (96% of males and 87% of females). Severe or intense harm would be expected to linger into adulthood, but this did not occur for most respondents in this national sample, according to their self-reports, contradicting the conclusion or implication of intense harm stemming from CSA in the typical case. Meta-analyses of CSA-adjustment relations from the five national studies that reported results of adjustment measures revealed a consistent pattern: SA respondents were less well adjusted than control respondents. Importantly, however, the size of this difference (i.e., effect size) was consistently small in the case of both males and females. The unbiased effect size estimate for males and females combined was ru = .08, which indicates that CSA, assuming that it was responsible for the adjustment difference between SA and control respondents, did not produce intense problems on average."

Rind, Bruce & Tromovitch, Philip (1997). "A meta-analytic review of findings from national samples on psychological correlates of child sexual abuse," Journal of Sex Research, 34, 237-255.

The Rind meta-analysis is peer-reviewed, and its conclusion has not been discredited to date.

Often, when psychological damage does occur, it is not the result of the act itself, but rather the result of society's reaction to it:

Nelson's relationship marked "the happiest period of [her] life." "When I was a child I experienced an ongoing incestuous relationship that seemed to me to be caring and beneficial in nature. There were love and healthy self-actualization in what I perceived to be a safe environment. Suddenly one day I discerned from playground talk at school that what I was doing might be "bad". Fearing that I might, indeed, be a "bad" person, I went to my mother for reassurance. The ensuing traumatic incidents of that day inaugurated a 30-year period of psychological and emotional dysfunction that reduced family communication to mere utilitarian process and established severe limits on my subsequent developmental journey."

Sexologist Joan A. Nelson in Children and Sex, on her relationship with an adult cousin at 8 years of age December, 1981

In other words, if the prevailing belief was not that having sex as a child is the worst thing that could possibly happen, psychological issues stemming from childhood sexual experience would lessen drastically.

2. Children are essentially asexual

This is false. The orgasmic reflex develops in the womb:

"We recently observed a female fetus at 32 weeks' gestation touching the vulva with the fingers of the right hand. The caressing movements were centered primarily on the region of the clitoris. Movements stopped after 30 to 40 seconds and started again after a few minutes. Furthermore, these slight touches were repeated and were associated with short, rapid movements of pelvis and legs. After another break, in addition to this behavior, the fetus contracted the muscles of the trunk and limbs, and then clonicotonic movements of the whole body followed. Finally, she relaxed and rested.

We observed this behavior for about 20 minutes. The mother was an active and interested witness, conversing with observers about her child's experience.

Evidence of male fetuses' excitement reflex in utero, such as erection or ?masturbation” movements, has been previously reported.

The current observation seems to show not only that the excitement reflex can be evoked in female fetuses at the third trimester of gestation but also that the orgasmic reflex can be elicited during intrauterine life. This would agree with the physiologic features of female sexuality: The female sexual response is separate from reproductive functions and doesn't need a full sexual maturity to be explicit."

Giorgi, Giorgio, and Siccardi, Marco (1996). "Ultrasonographic observation of a female fetus' sexual behavior in utero," American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 175, 3(1, part 1), 753.

"In a 1999 study of undergraduate students, 5.2% of females and 12.8% of males reported having engaged in sex play with their peers involving genital contact before elementary school, and that 1.3% of girls and 4.0% of boys had engaged in sex play involving anal/genital insertion (with objects or fingers) or oral-genital intercourse before elementary school. By the end of elementary school, the numbers increased to 29.2% for females and 32.9% for males for genital contact and 12.3 for girls and 10.1% for boys for insertion or oral sex. Very little pressure and almost no coercion were reported."

Reynolds, M.A., Herbenick, D. L., & Bancroft, J. (2003). The nature of childhood sexual experiences: Two studies 50 years apart. In J. Bancroft (Ed.), Sexual Development in Childhood (pp. 134-155). Indiana: Indiana University Press.

If children masturbate, orgasm, and have sex with each other, it is absurd to claim they are asexual.

3. Children cannot consent, and therefore having sex with children is rape, and we all know rape is harmful and immoral

Consent refers to the provision of agreement- if children are capable of initiating sexual activity, it is nonsensical to claim they cannot consent to it.

For example, in the animal kingdom, which has no taboo on childhood sexuality, sex between adult and children is common:

"Both adult males and females interact sexually with adolescents and juveniles (three-to-nine-year-olds). In fact, young females go through a five-to-six-year period sometimes referred to as ADOLESCENT STERILITY (although no pathology is involved) during which they actively participate in heterosexual mating (often with adults) but never get pregnant. Sexual behavior between adults and infants of both sexes is common - about a third of the time it is initiated by the infant and may involve genital rubbing and full copulatory postures (including penetration of an adult female by a male infant). (Biological Exuberance - 274)

Who is raping whom when the infant initiate sexual activity? Does the infant rape itself or does the adult rape the infant by not denying it sexual gratification?

3a. Children lack the ability to make informed consent

Sex is not some kind of complex and incomprehensible activity that requires a lot of knowledge to preform correctly- it is one of the simplest things in existence. Animals surely don't "understand" what sex is, yet it would be absurd to say all sex between animals is harmful or immoral.

5. This thread is disgusting and so are you.

This is not an argument.

Note that even though there is nothing inherently harmful about having sex with children, in our sex-negative culture, it very often is- see Joan A Nelson's quote above for an example. The harm did not come about from the sex itself, but from society's reaction to it- but regardless, it is still grossly immoral to risk ruining a child's life for the sake of an orgasm, even if the damage comes from iatrogenic sources.

So I'm not saying it's OK to have sex with children in this day and age- it most certainly is not. But the only reason it isn't is because of society's hysterical, unscientific, and maladaptive attitude towards this subject- if this were different, I see no reason why engaging in a harmless and mutually pleasurable activity with a child would be either harmful or immoral.

Svarog123, Reddit 2 Comments [3/10/2018 9:28:49 AM]
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narwa asked:

I'm what you call "seriously disabled". Mostly mute, bad at understand people, rockin' back and forth, getting meltdowns left and right. Guess what! It's not because theres too much metal in my brain. And i wouldn't want to cure it. Ever. It's not a bad thing. I was just born different than most, and instead of trying to change what we can't change, maybe let's try to make the world more friendly for autistic people. And stop spreading bullshit.

How do you know why it is or isn’t? do you have clairvoyance? not wanting to change is your choice, you have no right to push it on others.

I would rather not have anxiety depression, and fibro. i’ve been ill since my smallpox vaccination at 11 or 12.

my daughter would rather not have insomuch and anxiety which mars her life.

what about money?

we are poor/living on benefit. i get the feeling that people with autism on tumblr aren’t. else they’d worry seriously about their future unless they are well enough to work ectr.

nobody ever answers that question.

how do you know you were born different, after all, depending on your age you’ll most likely have had the hep b at birth.

i don’t spread bullshit, i spread info. i ask people to inform themselves. very different from trying to shut them up/force vaccines on them.

in fact there’s supposed to be informed consent, anything else is violation of the nuremberg code/fascism.

#autism #chronic illness #vaccination #informed consent #fascism #narwa

sabelmouse, Tumblr 3 Comments [3/10/2018 8:53:40 AM]
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Quote# 36531

hum, so we have how many scientists in the world, a hundred or two? How is it that we allow a couple hundred (maximum) scientists tell us about our world? Or are you trying to say that if those couple of hundred people are convincing enough so that you write it in a publication that makes it science?

You see, science is exploration. It is a method of finding truth. Science is not nor has it ever been a published article. A published article is literature. Is that your problem, you don't know the difference between science and literature?

razzelflabben, Christian Forums 84 Comments [3/21/2008 7:33:05 PM]
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Quote# 137118

Wyatt O'Keefe:

Have you ever noticed how evilutionists, when backed into a corner, attempt to retort their deficiencies by saying that they don't have an answer? Like, where did the Big Bang come from? Evilutionist: "ummm, we don't know, but you know, secular scientists are working on it..." LOL!

In the same vein, we can tell the evilutionist relative to his supposed "gotcha" questions, that the creation scientists are working on it. How did the kangaroo get to Australia? We don't know, but creation scientists are working on it!

Now here's another thing: did you know that tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars go to support secular research in the US? And because of anti-Christian discrimination, creation researchers do not get a dime of this public money! So, in order to be fair, the evilutionist/secularist satanists that ask such questions need to petition their legislators to allocate scientific funding to creation research, pronto! If only 1 billion dollars a year, a very small fraction of our nation's research budget (which is mostly wasted), would go to creation research, the pagans wouldn't have to wait very long to receive their answers!

In the same vein, I encourage every Christian to contact their congressmen, and let them know that we need funding for real research that delivers real answers that even the satanists (Matthew 12:30) are inquiring about!

In the name of our Savior,
Brother T

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Disqus Grace and Truth 15 Comments [3/8/2018 6:48:47 AM]
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Quote# 123238

[bloodonthecleaver: Perhaps if you valued women as people]

That's like valuing poo as money.

[Elaborate. As far as I'm aware, women are half the people on this planet.]

Do I really need to elaborate? I'm equating women with poo.

[No, you can hide behind the fact you have no actual argument other than "Grr! Man mad no sex!" if you'd like. But equating women (sentient beings with the ability to rationalize and feel, just like you) with poo reinforces everything that's made you an incel in the first place.]

Women aren't sentient beings with the ability to rationalize and feel.


Lol, faggot.

[Thanks bb. I'm a straight girl so I understand why you're so intimidated tho]

Oh you're a female, that's why you've been so dumb and needed me to elaborate.

[Ah yes, I am a female and cannot understand the lofty intelligence of the male human.

wait no, you're just a fucked up kid with a lot of pent-up anger who can't actually back up his own theory that women are somehow inferior to men :/]

I've never said women were inferior to men. I only said women aren't people. Your behavior has proven me to be correct.

[Actually you said they aren't sentient, are dumb, and are unable to feel. Regardless you still have presented zero evidence for these assertions other than calling me dumb for pointing out this very lack of evidence


jusburself, /r/incels 11 Comments [12/27/2016 8:12:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 63386

They will say that the bible is not the infallible word of God, or that some of it is, or that there are errors in the bible or that scientists know more than God does, etc. None of those beliefs can be backed up by scripture so they are false teachings.

peace4ever, Christian Forums 53 Comments [6/22/2009 7:19:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 137072

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Male Escort Ousts 36 Vatican Officials Who Purchased Children For Sex"

(copy and paste of story which originally appeared here: http://yournewswire.com/male-escort-36-vatican-officials-children-sex/)

About 12 demacrats were recently convicted and sentenced for about the same crimes. Everything from trafficking to furry subculture parties with underage entertainers. Maybe they were catholic.

Lady Checkmate:
Not all Catholics are pedophiles, but that's what the alt-left wants everyone to think to deflect from the fact that the alt-left actually does sexualize children and seeks to legalize child rape. They deserve nothing.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 15 Comments [3/6/2018 1:11:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 137103

Reba McEntire is one of the biggest feminists alive today, and has produced some of the most malicious feminist propaganda against the teachings of the Word of God. Here's some lyrics from Reba's YOU'RE NO GOOD lyrics ...

You're no good... baby you're no good
I'm tellin' you now baby
That I'm going my way
Forget about you baby
'Cause I'm leaving today

Here's another song by Reba, SOMEONE SHOULD LEAVE...

Somebody should leave
But which one should it be
You need the kids
And they need me
Somebody should leave

No doubt, Reba has done much to promote divorce in America by pushing feminist rebellion through her music and videos. Reba represents the sinful PRIDE of the Feminist Movement. Reba is a real man these days, strutting around on stage while bellowing out her feminist garbage. Note in the above chart that the divorce rate has recently dropped because people just aren't getting married anymore.

Like it or not, the husband has Biblical authority to RULE over his own wife (Genesis 3:16). Anyway who removes or questions that authority is in serious trouble with God! Wives who rebel will stand account on Judgment Day before God.

Divorce has skyrocketed 50-fold in America since feminism came to town. Many feminist women don't even realize they're feminists. If you want to be a feminist, just disobey your husband, because that's the heart of feminism—rebellion! Feminism is the leading cause of divorce. Faith Hill joined Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick in 2004 to appear in Frank Oz's remake of the 1975 feminist thriller, The Stepford Wives.

There is something very WRONG in society when we see women in charge of men. We are living in sick days, or "perilous times" as 2nd Timothy 3:1-2 calls them, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves..." "Men" here is used in a broad sense and also refers to women. People are in love with themselves nowadays. Society is filled with selfish people who are quick to recommend divorce, disregarding one's wedding day vows to remain faithful "for better, FOR WORSE." Society is filled with a bunch of LIARS who quit their marriages and file for divorce.

Not surprisingly, both Reba and Faith have divorced. I do NOT condemn them, for we are all guilty sinners in God's eyes. It is not my place to judge, nor yours. I am simply taking a Biblical stand against Godless Feminism that is the root cause of most divorce today in America. Reba's music openly promotes Feminism and so does Faith Hill.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 23 Comments [3/7/2018 1:39:35 PM]
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Quote# 5846

It can be a difficult thing to understand. When I look around at all the horrific things happening in the world it would be easy for me to wonder how God could allow them to happen... Once you get over the fixation on materialistic goals...things become much easier.

Illusion, Rapture Ready 4 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 137143


Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 11 Comments [3/9/2018 12:21:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 1757

Bigfoot was to evolutionist as the Loch ness is to creationist. For years many evolutionist thought of bigfoot as the missing link that was seal off from all other humans keeping it from evolving. And for years the Lochness monster was considered to be the final proof that dinosuars and humans lived together. But now many evolutionists will have to give up on bigfoot, while creationists still have a chance with the lochness.

Deaga, Rapture Ready 21 Comments [12/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 137145

White Nationalism = Socialism

Why are Antifa and White Nationalists “fighting” each other when both sides want the same thing? Socialism! When confronted with this obvious contradiction, White Nationalists have created terminology in an attempt deflect this question; the “Horse Shoe Theory.” Much like their favorite defense mechanism in debate, “the Jew;” the Horse Shoe theory provides enough rhetorical cover so that their followers don’t become disillusioned with their abstract political stances. But no amount of rhetorical redundancy can eliminate the modus operandi of White Nationalism; Socialism.

How can White Nationalists tout that minorities are welfare receiving, inferior races? When its White Nationalists themselves who are advocating their own submission to the State, with their WHITE hands out waiting for a subsidized existence? By advocating Socialism, White Nationalists are admitting that White folk are incapable of independence and self-preservation without coercion of State authority. Much like how the modern LGBTQ movement has used State power to assert “its” perspective on society.

White Nationalism itself is NOT a natural and organic means of social organization if the State is needed for its existence. Much like Communism, White Nationalism has to be forced onto a populous, which molds the perspective of the masses into its man-made ideas. This is the basis of ALL Communist models throughout contemporary history.

Unlike the individual Freedom of Capitalism, White Nationalism uses the same politically-romantic collective language as the Communists. They emphasize the need for collective unity, recognition and justice; which are the same adherents of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. So are these groups really enemies?

I’ve personally called out the main mouth pieces of the White Nationalist movement on the hypocrisy mentioned previous, only to be purposely ignored. For they know, they can’t articulate the contradictions of their abstract political views. They are nothing more then Nazi cos-players who use the Internet to organize groups of disenchanted life losers who need someone else to blame for their own bad decisions. Just LIKE ANTIFA!


Ghost, Ghost.report 6 Comments [3/9/2018 12:24:42 PM]
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Quote# 137117

There's a difference between being assertive as a man - and being thirsty. There's a difference between being confident and being cocky.

But in today's anti-male/anti-masculinity climate it's difficult just being a man without having to squeeze into some tight pants, raising your voice to a higher pitch while simultaneously handing over your testicles to the nearest feminist.

Don't be fooled by this fake manufactured #MeToo movement stuff. Masculinity was created by God - and it ain't never going out of style! Real women still champion masculinity—nothing less, nothing more.

But if you're going to survive this Jezebelic anti-male witchcraft movement that's sweeping across America while keeping your manhood in tact, you'll need the right tools to provide wisdom for these changing times.

Get a copy of the ebook POWER - and don't be moved by the fake onslaught against real men. If you have young sons or nephews growing up without a father around, or a guy you know who's currently in college (especially if they're in college); they need a copy of this ebook ASAP.

Going without it could very well ruin their lives. There are women out here nowadays looking for men to have consensual relations with, just to later cry sexual assault and harassment for the attention. Don't let it happen to you! Know what to do in order to possess yourself with honor. Get POWER!

Mack Major, Facebook 17 Comments [3/8/2018 6:48:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 136996

A dangerous extremist who attempted to build an army of child jihadists by radicalising pupils has been convicted of a range of terrorist offences. Umar Haque, 25, taught an Islamic studies class despite the fact he had no teaching qualifications and was employed as an administrator. He was allowed to supervise classes of 11- to 14-year-olds on his own, during which he re-enacted attacks on police officers and showed students videos of beheadings.

Police fear Haque attempted to radicalise at least 110 children, some of whom he was in contact with at the Ripple Road mosque in Barking, east London. Thirty-five of those children are receiving long-term support. Haque also worked at the £3,000-a-year Lantern of Knowledge Islamic school, where he was again allowed access alone to children under the pretence of teaching Islamic Studies when he was in fact employed as an administrator.

Jurors were told he attempted to radicalise children at the school but were unable to agree on a count of disseminating a terrorist document which related to his time at the school. Haque was convicted by a jury at the Old Bailey on Friday of a range of offences, including plotting terrorist attacks and collecting information useful for terrorism. He had previously admitted four charges of collecting information useful for terrorism, and one count of disseminating a terrorist document, in relation to his attempts to radicalise children at the mosque. He was acquitted of conspiring to possess firearms.

Two other men, Abuthaher Mamun, 19, and Muhammad Abid, 27, were convicted for their roles in helping him. A fourth defendant, Nadeem Patel, 26, who had previously pleaded guilty to possessing a handgun, was acquitted of plotting with Haque. After he was found guilty, Haque shouted “I want to say something”, but was dragged out of the dock by officers. The judge, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, said he would be sentenced later.

The schools watchdog, Ofsted, is facing questions over how it was able to rate the Lantern of Knowledge school as “outstanding” after an inspection held at a time when Haque was allegedly preaching hate to the children. In response to the conviction it said that Haque’s activities were a matter of deep regret and said it was “hampered by limitations on our powers” to inspect out-of-school settings. “His plan was to build an army of children,” said commander Dean Haydon, the head of counter-terrorism at Scotland Yard. “He had shown them graphic terrorist videos of barbarity – beheading videos and serious injuries mostly in terrorist attacks overseas.

“He had instructed children not to say anything in relation to not telling their teachers or their parents. We had a wall of silence. “He tried to prepare the children for martyrdom by making them role-play terrorist attacks in London. Part of that re-enactment including attacking police officers.” Haque was employed at Lantern of Knowledge from September 2015 to September 2016 as an administrator but also carried out duties as a classroom assistant. He allegedly used his laptop in the school to project on to a whiteboard images of guns, knives, beheadings and passports being burned, the court heard.

In late 2016 and early 2017, Haque was involved in the running of evening classes in a madrasa, based in a large marquee attached to the mosque in Ripple Road. He told the boys aged about 12 to 14 he had established contact with Isis and showed them a series of videos projected on to the wall inside the marquee, ensuring the doors were closed. The horrifying images included blood, wounds, and people falling from buildings. In one film, the exhumation of a boy was shown. Haque told the children the child’s body had deteriorated because he had been beaten after death when he was unable to answer questions put to him by angels.

In the madrasa, Haque had the children doing push-ups, races and grappling in order to train them. There were sessions of role-playing during which the children would be divided into the police and attackers. There were demonstrations of how to sever a head. After the Westminster Bridge attack by Khalid Masood last March, Haque used the atrocity as inspiration for the role-playing.

He said he intended to teach the children to drive as they got older so he could carry out multiple attacks across London. He forced them take an oath not to tell their parents, friends or teachers. He aimed to recruit 300 jihadists, it is claimed. The 35 children in long-term support were “paralysed in fear” by Haque, Haydon said. “He threatened them if they were to talk. It doesn’t appear that any of those children raised the alarm.” Six children gave evidence in court. The trial was shown video of a police interview with a child, who said: “He is teaching us terrorism, like how to fight.”

The boy said: “He has been training us, kind of. Apparently fighting is good. If you fight for the sake of Allah, on judgment day when you get judged for your good deeds and bad deeds, fighting is good.” In November 2015, Ofsted inspectors visited the Lantern of Knowledge school, two months after Haque started working there. In their report, they said: “The strong sense of community, harmony and respect within the school reflects the school ethos and aims of leaders and governors to develop well-rounded citizens. “The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is outstanding. They have an excellent understanding of the world around them and make a positive contribution to their community.”

In April 2016, Haque was stopped at Heathrow airport as he attempted to board a flight to Istanbul – a well-trodden route to Syria for aspiring Isis recruits. As a result of the stop and searches conducted of his phone, in May 2016 he had his passport revoked and police started investigating him. In May, he and three others were arrested and charged with attack planning. Further charges related to attempting to radicalise children were filed a few months later. Haque had a long-term plan to launch terrorist attacks on a wide range of possible targets including the Queen’s Guard, parliament and media organisations.

Last June, Ofsted made an emergency inspection at the Lantern of Knowledge school in response to concerns about safeguarding children. On this occasion, the inspectors found it had not met regulatory requirements. After an announced inspection in December, Ofsted dramatically reduced all the ratings from “outstanding” to “requires improvement”. The report said: “Leaders do not ensure that training about risk assessments and procedures to support pupils’ welfare are applied consistently enough during some routine activities.” The Charity Commission is investigating the Ripple Road mosque. Ofsted’s chief operating officer, Matthew Coffey, said it was a matter of “deep regret” that Haque was able to work with children.

“Ofsted is committed to protecting children from harm, including radicalisation,” he added. “However, our ability to do so is hampered by limitations on our powers. We have no ability to inspect out-of-school settings, such as madrassas, and we believe greater powers in this area could help keep children safe in the future. “We know the government is keen to address these matters and welcome their commitment to closer working.”

Umar Haque, The Guardian 9 Comments [3/8/2018 2:01:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136934

Spartan Sense

If you worship your enemy - you are defeated.

If you adopt your enemy's religion - you are enslaved.

If you breed with your enemy - you are destroyed.

Polydoros of Sparta.

This was the preaching of 'Jesus' which the European Folk had forced upon them; it is time to throw off the shackles of Judaeo-Christianity and return to the True Religion of our Northern Folk.

'Heaven' and 'Hell' - stuff them! We shall go to Valhalla and feast with our Gods and our Ancestors!

We shall not worship our enemy!

We shall reject our enemy's religion!

We shall not breed with our enemy!

We shall unite with our Folk-Comrades 'over the pond' and throughout Europe and the White World in this great struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter.

Victory or Valhalla!

Wulf Ingessunu, Inglinga 14 Comments [3/1/2018 6:57:47 AM]
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Quote# 137119

Wyatt O'Keefe:

It is important to keep in the mind the Biblical principles relative to the status of the female within the Godly scheme of things. The female was created for the male. Not for herself! Therefore, the Christian Bible keeps things consistent in that when it talks about a male, it often implies that his female is there with him. It is a simple logical syllogism that when talking of the male of a particular kind of an animal, our Bible implies that his female was there with him.

Just as important is to analyze this scientifically. Relative to the command to take seven pairs of clean animals onto the Ark, I have discussed this matter with the utmost esteemed baraminologist, Dr. Todd Elder. He enlightened me regards to a bird called Laysan duck, which went almost extinct in Hawaii, up to where there were only seven adults left. But this duck managed to recover, and now the population numbers in the 100s. In fact, soon Christians may be able to go duck hunting when vacationing on Hawaii! Why does this matter? Simple: because it refutes the evilutionist lies that such population is not enough for "genetic diversity" needed to multiply a whole kind of an animal!

As we know, the Earth was created for the humans. Therefore, it was important that every kind of the clean animal recovered to a healthy stock after the flood so that the people would have their food. The unclean animals didn't really matter, therefore, two pairs of each kind were enough. Because it would not have mattered if some tiger or toad didn't recover to a healthy stock or died off, since the people did not need these animals in the first place! Isn't it great how our Bible is not only spiritually, but also scientifically, true?!

In the name of our Savior,
Brother T

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Disqus Grace and Truth 18 Comments [3/8/2018 6:48:52 AM]
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Quote# 137110

Lady Checkmate's headline: "The FBI paid Geek Squad employees as informants"

(Fox News cut-and-paste follows, story here: www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/03/07/fbi-paid-geek-squad-employees-as-informants.html)

This is not new news. Maybe I should rephrase that. This may be the first time it's been reported on, but it public information. Anyone who has been in best buy and read the geek squad tos disclosures knows this.

Lady Checkmate:
Tam, please do us a favor and comment on topic, not on CMs (nor their comments). I had to remove one of your comments where you commented on how the CMs here commented on this thread. Please comment on topic or move on.
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Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 14 Comments [3/8/2018 12:29:42 AM]
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Quote# 137087

Olfersisapotato1: Mayra R sad thing is, Obama ordered officers and stuff to kill them when the native were only have a tiny riot but that riot was because they were gonna build pipe to drain oils near their only water source.

Queen Valencia1: Sources?

Olfersisapotato: Queen Valencia don't need a source, but if you must know it was on the news a year ago :/ its very rude of you too say such things though. why must you always need sort of proof WHEN ITS HAPPENING INFRONT OF YOUR STUPID LITTLE EYES

Olfersisapotato1, Youtube 12 Comments [3/7/2018 2:22:42 AM]
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