Quote# 34169

As I have indicated many times, the fact that numbers (0123456789 and all multiples) exist in some form in every aspect of existence (chemically, psysically etc.), and in every letter of the alphabets of the original words of the Bible is more than sufficient evidence (proof) that God exists. and that the Bible is exactly what it claims to be. The veritable word of God Himself to mankind.

Glorybe21, BBC Religion and Ethics 85 Comments [1/26/2008 5:48:16 PM]
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Submitted By: JenniferT

Quote# 34198

if you did any study at all, you will see that all scholars (except for the nutcase fringe) accept that the Bible has not been changed since its original manuscripts.

Homunculus, Amazon.com religion forums 58 Comments [1/27/2008 8:10:53 PM]
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Quote# 37584

Lake County, IL. -- A Waukegan mother, charged today with fatally stabbing her 6-year-old daughter, first claimed the girl attacked her, then told police she thought the girl was possessed by a demon, Lake County prosecutors said as a judge set bail for 25-year-old Nelly Vasquez-Salazar at $5 million.
Vasquez-Salazar was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of her only child, Evelyn, 6.

The girl was found dead early Monday in the Waukegan apartment she shared with her mother.

Vasquez-Salazar reportedly told police she believed her daughter - who had recently began sleepwalking - was possessed.

"She claimed the little girl was possessed by a demon," prosecutor Steve Scheller said in court. "She was an intelligent, vibrant, beautiful little girl. She was, in fact, an angel."

Nelly Vasquez-Salazar, Fox Chicago 38 Comments [4/12/2008 3:05:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Feminazi

Quote# 117900

Responding to another poster who said: "Our laws in America forbid killing over sexual orientation"

Too bad. Maybe someday we can get that changed.

GracetotheHumble, Christian Forums 40 Comments [4/4/2016 3:26:42 AM]
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Quote# 95792

Solution to sexual assault problem in military: no women, no homosexuals in uniform. Problem solved.

Bryan Fischer, Twitter 66 Comments [8/1/2013 3:49:13 AM]
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Quote# 73147

*Obama admits he's a Muslim*

Get him out!!!
Get him out now!!!
Congratulations to everyone who voted for this abomination. You helped get an enemy of this nation into it's highest office. Had this been the early 40's it would have been a nazi instead of a muslim. Don't forget, now, that the nazis and muslims worked together during WWII.

How people can be so blind and ignorant can only be attributed to supernatural delusion over time. Take God (JEHOVAH, not allah!!!) out of everything and the enemy will be ready to fill in the void. And he has been. I'm not saying that McCain was the perfect candidate to choose either. Both have problems but THIS guy was the worst of the two of them. This guy has the anti-christ spirit all over him and it's painfully obvious.

Once again congratulations to all those out there who bought into the lies this guy and his handlers were spewing forth. Treasonous sheeple everywhere thank you.

WarriorX, RR 67 Comments [5/26/2010 4:50:51 AM]
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Quote# 136126

Believe what you will The sad thing is there are two places that are inclusive irregardless of who you are or what you have said or done. One of those is prison, and the other is Hell.

Michael Ralph Short, Facebook 17 Comments [1/20/2018 1:15:20 AM]
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Quote# 136164

Absolutely. When I give my loyalty to someone, they always come first. I don't give my loyalty to the law or society; when I take on a partner, their welfare takes precedence.

How would I help them? Send them away, somewhere with cameras, so that they have an alibi while I dispose of the body. I move the body into a remote wooded area, dig a pit, body goes in, burn for half a day (have myself a camping trip) smash up any bone fragments so they're unidentifiable, then meet up with spouse for victory celebration.

So your morals go out the window just like that? It's murder, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a murderer.

So your love for your partner goes out the window just like that? If that's morality, then I don't need morals.

Yes, itd be very hard for me to say "I love you, especially the way you murdered that person. I don't care what their family is going through."

Maybe I haven't loved someone enough to see your perspective.

I haven't loved anyone that much. I'm just stating what my idea of love is. It's not something shallow that disappears when it's inconvenient.

Disappears because murdering someone is inconvenient? Wow.

YES. Honestly, this morality bullshit kind of creeps me out.

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a murderer." "I couldn't live with myself knowing I'm just letting someone cause harm to society."

They're talking about their significant others, but it sounds like they're talking about complete strangers. Something bad happens and they just completely turn on their partner. Sorry, guess when you got married you should have said "for better or for worse (unless you kill someone; I ain't going to jail)."

I guess murder isn't a huge deal to you.

Betraying someone's trust is more of a big deal to me.

So your SO kills your mother you'll still help her hide the body?

Probably. My mother can be insufferable. Plus it's not like I can bring her back by turning in my SO.

SteadyHandMcduff, Reddit 14 Comments [1/22/2018 6:34:01 AM]
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Quote# 32263

Why can't an evolutionist ever speak clearly and understandably? I think its because he is using complex words, etc. to mask the lie. You think making it hard to understand for someone is gonna win 'em over? I check out these things on evolution and its all the same but its just not enough. I'm not that gullible. Everyone on this forum is going to disagree w/ you so what are you doing here evolutionist?

EaZiE, crosswalk.com 33 Comments [12/11/2007 11:35:31 PM]
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Quote# 136158

Judge Jack Robison appears to be channeling a higher authority recently in Comal County, Texas. Robison interrupted jurors during deliberations to inform the panel that God told him to acquit Gloria Romero-Perez of trafficking a teenage girl for sex. It appears that divine judgment did not track well with the jury, which proceeded to find Perez guilty as charged.

Perez was accused of paying $6,000 (£4,300) to smuggle ta 15-year-old girl to the US from Honduras. She then received money from an older man who had sex with the girl and had a child by her.

Obviously, if this account is true, Robison needs to be stripped from the bench. He was reelected as a Republican to the 207th District Court without opposition. His current term expires on December 31, 2018.
He received is B.A. from Missouri State University and his J.D. from St. Mary’s University of San Antonio. He was reprimanded in 2011 for jailing a grandfather who called him a fool for his ruling on the custody of the man’s granddaughter.

Judge Jack Robison, Jonathan turley 18 Comments [1/22/2018 6:32:39 AM]
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Quote# 34288

What should we do? Kill all the muslims in America? There is NO answer to this problem except Jesus. If America refuses Jesus as the answer, than the only way to end the Islamification of the US is through a united effort of ALL those who oppose this to do whatever it takes to remove them from our society, dead or alive. This isn't a Christian response to the problem, but if Americans refuse to follow Jesus and His commands and repent of all the Lies and Deceptions then this will be the only option left.
Passing laws in the legistative body and even rulings of the Supreme Court of the US will do NOTHING to stop the Islamafication of the US. Civil War will be the only thing that will spring out from this, as well as posted on another thread about the Mexicans wanting to wage war against the American culture that doesn't embrace the illegal aliens in this country.
Civil War is brewing in this country, won't be long before we need to take up arms to defend our freedoms in this country.

inhisglory2007, Rapture Ready 70 Comments [1/30/2008 5:48:25 AM]
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Quote# 136060

Street-level politics, more specifically an ongoing conflict between white supremacist demonstrators and antifa, or anti-fascist counterprotesters, has become a big news story following the rise of Donald Trump. Now a gun company is using anger over antifa to sell dangerous assault rifles to only one side.

Spike’s Tactical, a gun company, previewed an ad on its Facebook page that depicts four heavily armed white men standing on the opposite side of a barrier and facing down a group of masked, unarmed antifa protesters. The ad mentions the sites of several political clashes that took place last year, including Berkeley, California; Portland, Oregon; Boston; and Charlottesville, Virginia. In the latter city, neo-Nazis and white supremacists arrived at a rally heavily armed last August, and a driver struck a peaceful counterprotester with his car, killing her.

“Not today Antifa,” a tagline to the violence-teasing ad declares. Antifa, it should be noted, is a style of protest used by leftists and not a formal organization with a hierarchy.

The ad, which anti-fascists worry is fueling a desire to kill leftists, was run in conjunction with a clothing company called Pipe Hitters Union, which also posted the same version of the ad on its Facebook page. Newsweek reached out to both companies for a comment about the ad but did not immediately receive a response.

Of course, owning a gun is not connected with any specific political ideology, and as a result, some gun owners were unhappy with the post.

“Thanks for showing everyone you stand with the fascists,” a commenter wrote under the post to Spike’s Tactical. “Good to know.”

“Something tells me your WWII Grandparents need to have a talk with you,” another commenter wrote to the company, referring to the Americans who fought against Nazi Germany.

“I’ll make sure to never ever buy gear from y’all. Thanks for the heads up, assholes,” another person wrote.

Spike's Tactical & Pipe Hitters Union, Newsweek 8 Comments [1/22/2018 5:48:30 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 108595

If I had the power to do so, I'd rip out every internet connection in the world and there'd be no internet. It is simply too evil in this present wicked world and few people have the spiritual character to control where they go. I'd get rid of the mainstream newsmedia, shutdown the networks. I'd rid this world of television altogether. The world is simply too evil. Oh, how the world needs Jesus!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 42 Comments [5/14/2015 3:20:34 AM]
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Quote# 136055

It’s show business’ biggest night. It’s where the world recognizes the merits of the most talented artists and honors them with a golden idol. Typically, 40 million people tune in annually to this ritual. Most people get caught up in the glitz and glamour and don’t realize what it is they are actually participating in.

The Academy awards was birthed shortly after the formation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927. The fledgling organization held a dinner in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to set out its goals. Among the topics discussed that night was how best to honor outstanding movie making achievements and thereby encourage excellence in all facets of motion picture production. The first banquet was held on May 16, 1929 in which they handed out the first statues. Officially they are named the Academy Award of Merit. The statuette has become the most recognized trophy in the world, known by its nickname, Oscar.

What’s fascinating about the design of the statue is that it is an art deco version of the ancient Egyptian god Ptah [1] (pictured at the top right). In Egypt, there were two major gods in charge of PICTURE MAKING, CRAFTSMEN, AND ARTISTS. One of them was Ptah. The ancient scribes and sculptors who created the best sculptures and pictures of the temples were granted a statue of the god Ptah from the Pharaoh himself. This ritual would take place at the capital at MnNfr/Memphis in the HutKaPth/Temple of Ptah. Likewise Hollywood’s award ceremony was held in a temple (The Shrine Auditorium) from 1947-2000 where it is now currently held at the Kodak Theater.

The term Oscar also dates back to the Egyptian god Osiris who ruled over the underworld in the constellation Orion. According to pyramid text, the Pharaoh’s soul would ascend into Orion to be reborn as a ?STAR? to live for an eternity, but there was a catch. The Pharaoh’s soul would have to transform into a spirit to reach Osiris. Once the spirit reached the Osiris, it was immortalized and remembered forever. I find it a fascinating parallel that a person has to become an ACTOR (transforming your spirit into another) to win an Oscar. These stars are then immortalized by placing their names in a stone star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

What’s also interesting about Orion is that NASA has discovered it has a Star Nebula where they believe that stars are born [2]. Ellen G. White wrote of Christ second coming in the direction of Orion.

Dark, heavy clouds came up and clashed against

each other. The atmosphere parted and rolled

back. Then we could look up through the open

space in ORION, whence came the voice of God.

—Early Writings, 41 (1851).

So here we have an ancient religion looking to the belt of Orion, modern science believing that is a star nursery, and Christianity looking for Christ’s advent to come from the direction of Orion. Is it possible that the devil is deceiving the world with a shift in focus?

Just like the Pharaoh was worshipped as a god who became a star, our modern culture has adopted this same practice by worshipping those who become stars. The Webster dictionary definition for worship is: extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem.

The Bible is very clear about whom deserves our worship.

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. Matthew 4:10

Beware of Idolatry

Deuteronomy 4

15 “Take careful heed to yourselves, for you saw no form when the Lord spoke to you at Horeb out of the midst of the fire, 16 lest you act corruptly and make for yourselves a carved image in the form of any figure: the likeness of male or female, 17 the likeness of any animal that is on the earth or the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the air, 18 the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground or the likeness of any fish that is in the water beneath the earth. 19 And take heed, lest you lift your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun, the moon, and the stars, all the host of heaven, you feel driven to worship them and serve them…”

The devil has not changed his ways… only his tactics. What worked in the ancient world to get people to worship the stars has now taken a modern form but is still star worship. Even those in the industry are aware of this worship connection. For example, at the 2006 Emmy’s award (the Emmy’s is another similar award ceremony like the Oscars), Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were introducing the award for “Best Reality Show” when all of a sudden Stephen Colbert blurts out “kneel before your god Babylon…” [3] as if to joke about how people can now worship the “reality stars” just as the film actors are worshipped. When comedian Kathy Griffin won an Emmy award she states in her acceptance speech “This award is my god now” [4]. Academy Awards Presiden Hawk Kock thanks the “Oscar gods” in an interview for having such great films to choose from [5].

Don’t be seduced into watching the world’s worship ceremony this year. The only one who deserves our worship is the God of Heaven and Him alone. For more research, just type in “oscars” and “ptah” into google and read the articles yourself.

[1] http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/481879/Ptah

[2] http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_2442.html

[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGi8jSGpr5U

[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP-6NAe3aws

[5] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seUwKmp-Q9I

scott, Little Light Studios 12 Comments [1/22/2018 5:44:34 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 136161

So much Fake News is being reported. They don’t even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong. They promote the Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information. The Mainstream Media is crazed that WE won the election!

Donald Trump, Twitter 22 Comments [1/22/2018 12:06:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 136088

Self-styled evangelical Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor bragged that his prayers caused Hillary Clinton to collapse from pneumonia during the 2016 presidential campaign, Right Wing Watch reported Wednesday.

Taylor has never been to Bible school or seminary, but the retired firefighter claims the Lord told him in 2011 that Donald Trump would be elected president.

Appearing on the “Omega Man Radio” show, Taylor claimed he led a nationwide prayer call asking God to “remove all those that are corrupt in our government and in leadership across this country, at every level of government.”

“I hung up the phone at 9:17. Twenty minutes later, Hilary Clinton collapsed for the entire world to see,” Taylor claimed.

“Now that was prophetic on a couple of different accounts: One, that shows you the power and authority we have with 10,000 people in agreement, with one heart, one mind and one accord in unity … The second thing it was prophetic for, when she fell, that was a prophetic sign that the Clinton machine and all those attached to it were going to collapse,” Taylor continued.

Taylor is the author of The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow… and What He Says Is Coming Next.

In December, Taylor foretold that President Trump will cure cancer and Alzheimers, but not until his second term.

In August, Taylor had an epiphany about a global conspiracy to change voters’ DNA in a plot to manufacture opposition to President Trump.

“I believe what happened on November 8 is the enemy has literally sent out a frequency,” Taylor said, “and it agitated and took control, basically, of those who have their DNA that was turned over to the enemy. That’s what’s happening. The Illuminati, the Freemasons, all these people, their main goal is to change the DNA of man and they’re doing it through these frequencies.”

Taylor believes broadcasting audio at 440 Hz “changes your DNA, which is the goal of the Freemasons, the Illuminati; they want you part of that Illuminati bloodline.”

Mark Taylor, rawstory 16 Comments [1/17/2018 11:51:55 PM]
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Submitted By: skybison

Quote# 136018

(Extract from A gentle introduction to Unqualified Reservations (part 1))

The triangle of professors, bureaucrats, and public opinion is stable, because the professors teach as well as advise. Of course, there is a time lag. The system experiences some strain. But it will stay together, so long as the polarity does not randomly reverse - ie, because Cthulhu decides to suddenly swim right rather than left.

But no. Cthulhu may swim slowly. But he only swims left. Isn't that interesting?

In the history of American democracy, if you take the mainstream political position (Overton Window, if you care) at time T1, and place it on the map at a later time T2, T1 is always way to the right, near the fringe or outside it. So, for instance, if you take the average segregationist voter of 1963 and let him vote in the 2008 election, he will be way out on the wacky right wing. Cthulhu has passed him by.

Where is the John Birch Society, now? What about the NAACP? Cthulhu swims left, and left, and left. There are a few brief periods of true reaction in American history - the post-Reconstruction era or Redemption, the Return to Normalcy of Harding, and a couple of others. But they are unusual and feeble compared to the great leftward shift. Nor, most important for our hypothesis, did they come from the universities; in the 20th century, periods of reaction are always periods of anti-university activity. (McCarthyism is especially noticeable as such. And you'll note that McCarthy didn't exactly win.)

The principle applies even in wars. In each of the following conflicts in Anglo-American history, you see a victory of left over right: the English Civil War, the so-called "Glorious Revolution," the American Revolution, the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Clearly, if you want to be on the winning team, you want to start on the left side of the field.

And we are starting to piece the puzzle together. The leftward direction is, itself, the principle of organization. In a two-party democratic system, with Whigs and Tories, Democrats and Republicans, etc, the intelligentsia is always Whig. Their party is simply the party of those who want to get ahead. It is the party of celebrities, the ultra-rich, the great and good, the flexible of conscience. Tories are always misfits, losers, or just plain stupid - sometimes all three.

And the left is the party of the educational organs, at whose head is the press and universities. This is our 20th-century version of the established church. Here at UR, we sometimes call it the Cathedral - although it is essential to note that, unlike an ordinary organization, it has no central administrator. No, this will not make it easier to deal with.

This strange chiral asymmetry implies some fundamental difference between right and left. What is that difference? What does it even mean to be left rather than right? How can an entire system of independent thinkers and institutions, without any central coordinating agency, recognize that everyone should go left rather than right?

Mencius Moldbug, Unqualified Reservations 15 Comments [1/18/2018 5:05:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 84857

A requirement that all of Georgia's license plates read "In God We Trust"...were among bills filed Tuesday.

Motorists can already purchase a sticker with the motto for $1. The sticker can be placed over the usual county name decal Georgia license plates currently sport. Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, filed the proposal to reverse that order. He proposed the motto would be the default on any license plates manufactured after July 1 but motorists could buy a county decal sticker to cover it if they wanted.

GA Rep. Bill Heath, AJC 71 Comments [11/19/2011 6:48:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 136125

["Someone has to step in," Auernheimer, 32, said on the podcast Radical Agenda, hosted by Christopher Cantwell, one of the white nationalists who attended the deadly Charlottesville rally. “If you don’t let us dissent peacefully, then our only option is to murder you. To kill your children. To kill your whole families. There is only one thing absent free speech that we can do to express our dissent and that’s to slaughter you like dogs, and you’re gonna have it coming and your children will deserve to die.”]

weev, Twitter 19 Comments [1/20/2018 1:14:23 AM]
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Quote# 136154

lol...There isn't a evolutionists in the history of the group that hasn't quit a debate with me. I have made fool out of everyone of them, including [...].

And, it do it by quoting different factions of evolutionists that rip the other faction's version of evolution to shreds.

The fossil record matches Creationist model and completely contradicts Darwin.

If you want to debate that point, I'll kick your ass.

It's ridiculous to think the first of all fossilized species appear fully-formed with no history of evolving. It's not possible. Nor is it possible we'd find soft tissue inside dinosaur bones if dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. REAL science on fossilization says that is impossible.

Leftists are deluded and arrogant. That will get you an eternal ticket to hell. So be it.

kirkz2006@yahoo.com, Realabortiondebate 19 Comments [1/21/2018 7:50:37 AM]
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Quote# 46959

The Crusades was an integral part of the fight between Islam's desire to dominate the world, suffice it to say. Don't use diversion tactics, please.

Bronwyn, WoW offtopic 38 Comments [9/10/2008 12:17:15 AM]
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Quote# 124567


Biography of Catherine Booth

Comments by David J. Stewart: I've commented the following biography in bold green type

Catherine Booth (1829-1890), the daughter of a coachbuilder, was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, in 1829. When she was a child the family moved to Boston, Lincolnshire and later they lived in Brixton, London.

Catherine was a devout Christian and by the age of twelve she had read the Bible eight times. She had a social conscience from an early age. On one occasion she protested to the local policeman that he had been too rough on a drunken man he had arrested and frog-marched to the local lock-up.

Catherine did not enjoy good health. At the age of fourteen she developed spinal curvature and four years later, incipient tuberculosis. It was while she was ill in bed that she began writing articles for magazines warning of the dangers of drinking alcohol. Catherine was a member of the local Band of Hope and a supporter of the national Temperance Society.

In 1852 Catherine met William Booth, a Methodist minister. William had strong views on the role of church ministers believing they should be "loosing the chains of injustice, freeing the captive and oppressed, sharing food and home, clothing the naked, and carrying out family responsibilities."

Catherine shared William's commitment to social reform but disagreed with his views on women.

NOTE: William Booth has no business marrying a woman who didn't believe in wifely Biblical submission.

Catherine was an avowed feminist.

NOTE: This is a shame. For any professed Christian wife to publickly voice her disagreement with her husband is sinful. Feminism is a rotten evil in any society, church, or home. Shame on Catherine Booth!

On one occasion she objected to William describing women as the "weaker sex."

NOTE: Catherine Booth rejected the plain Scriptural teaching that women are the weaker sex. 1st peter 3:7... "Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered." Catherine Booth disobeyed God, by rebelling against her husband and the Bible. Catherine Booth is a disgrace to womanhood.

William was also opposed to the idea of women preachers. When Catherine argued with William about this he added that although he would not stop Catherine from preaching he would "not like it." Despite their disagreements about the role of women in the church, the couple married on 16th June 1855, at Stockwell New Chapel.

NOTE: William Booth sinned, by unequally yoking together in marriage with a woman who didn't wholly believe the Bible (2nd Corinthians 6:14-17). The Bible instructs us to SEPARATE from those who walk worldly... "But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat" (1st Corinthians 5:11). This would definitely forbid marrying a feminist!!!

It was not until 1860 that Catherine first started to preach. One day in Gateshead Bethseda Chapel, a strange compulsion seized her and she felt she must rise and speak. Later she recalled how an inner voice taunted her: "You will look like a fool and have nothing to say". Catherine decided that this was the Devil's voice: "That's just the point," she retorted, "I have never yet been willing to be a fool for Christ. Now I will be one."

NOTE: It was the Devil's voice alright, that seized her and compelled her to rise and speak, because the Bible states... "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence" (1st Timothy 2:12). Catherine Booth, as many rebellious woman today like Melissa Scott, have twisted the Scriptures in an attempt to justify their rebellion. God calls men to preach, NOT women.

Catherine's sermon was so impressive that William changed his mind about women's preachers.

NOTE: This is a bad reflection on William Booth. He compromised his beliefs to appease the wicked.

Catherine soon developed a reputation as an outstanding speaker but many Christians were outraged by the idea.

NOTE: Christians should be outraged by women preachers, because they are ALL false prophets!

As Catherine pointed out at that time it was believed that a woman's place was in the home and "any respectable woman who raised her voice in public risked grave censure."

NOTE: Would to God that this were America today. America's feminism is responsible for massive pornography, child abuse, a skyrocketing divorce rate, 48000000 abortions, legalized prostitution, etc. Feminism is of the Devil.

In 1864 the couple began in London's East End the Christian Mission which later developed into the Salvation Army. Catherine Booth took a leading role in these revival services and could often be seen preaching in the dockland parishes of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey. Though often imprisoned for preaching in the open air, members of the Salvation Army fought on, waging war on poverty and injustice.

The Church of England were at first extremely hostile to the Salvation Army. Lord Shaftesbury, a leading politician and evangelist, described William Booth as the "antichrist". One of the main complaints against William Booth was his "elevation of women to man's status."

NOTE: When God's people commit sin, it gives the sinful world ammunition to legitimately attack us. I receive hundreds of e-mails from people, who point out the hypocrisies of professed Christians today, such as praising George W. Bush as a man of God, when in reality he is a follower of Satan. Catherine Booth was a rebel. Feminism is not about women's rights; but rather, about women rebelling against an authoritative husband, pastor, or God. Feminists resent masculine authority.

In the Salvation Army a woman officer enjoyed equal rights with a man. Although William Booth had initially rejected the idea of women preachers, he had now completely changed his mind and wrote that "the best men in my Army are the women."

NOTE: Women have equal human rights, are of equal worth, and are not inferior to men in any way; BUT, woman do not have a right to usurp authority over men. Feminism DEMANDS equality in the area of authority, and cries "inequality" if they don't get it. This is what Lucifer said in Isaiah 14:14... "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High." Lucifer just wanted EQUALITY, wanting to be "like" the most high. Feminists claim they are simply asking for equality, to be "like" men in authority. Today, America is infested with women in authoritative power positions, and America is going to Hell because of it. Homosexuality is commonplace, abortion has become completely shameless, pornography is considered normal, divorce is highly encouraged nowadays, etc. Sin! Sin! Sin! Feminism is a Trojan Horse sin, that brings with it a slew of godlessness and woeful evils. Feminism and the Word of God are DIAMETRICALLY opposed to each other!

Catherine began to organize what became known as Food-for-the-Million Shops where the poor could buy hot soup and a three-course dinner for sixpence. On special occasions such as Christmas Day, Catherine Booth would cook over 300 dinners to be distributed to the poor of London.

NOTE: Oprah Winfrey has donated millions to the poor, but is also the biggest propagator of New Age damnable heresy in the world today. Millions of people are going to burn in the fires of Hell one day because of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has openly denied Jesus Christ (John 14:6). Oprah will be cast into the lake of Fire. Likewise, the Salvation Army does much good today, as far as helping the needy, but what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but lose his own soul? What good is it to help the needy, if they are going to burn in Hell when they die because we fail to preach the Gospel to them? The Salvation Army is more army than salvation.

By 1882 a survey of London discovered that on one weeknight, there were almost 17,000 worshipping with the Salvation Army, compared to 11,000 in ordinary churches. Even, Dr. William Thornton, the Archbishop of York, had to accept that the Salvation Army was reaching people that the Church of England had failed to have any impact on.

It was while working with the poor in London that Catherine found out about what was known as "sweated labour". That is, women and children working long hours for low wages in very poor conditions. In the tenements of London, Catherine discovered red-eyed women hemming and stitching for eleven hours a day. These women were only paid 9d. a day, whereas men doing the same work in a factory were receiving over 3s. 6d. Catherine and fellow members of the Salvation Army attempted to shame employers into paying better wages. They also attempted to improve the working conditions of these women.

NOTE: Some of societies biggest phonies, Modernists, and Christ-rejecters are also the biggest social reformers. One such imposter was Martin Luther King Jr.,--a Christ-rejecting, Communist, womanizing, who denied the Virgin Birth and the Deity of Jesus. Catherine Booth was another social reformer, an avowed feminist, and a false prophet (which all women preachers are).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 25 Comments [2/16/2017 7:58:31 AM]
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[ From an article that talks to women regarding whether they still intend to vote for Trump after the groping scandal(s) ]

Debbie Eberly
Then: Trump | Now: Trump

I settled on Trump at the beginning of the primary. I felt he was taking on the Establishment, which has grown very corrupt. I didn’t have a problem with the Birther issue. Frankly, I was proud that he did that. And I’m not going to look at something he said 11 years ago. Otherwise, they’d have to look at their own locker-room talk, and really, there’s a finger pointing back at themselves. We’ve taken quite a bit of time to pray for him. We believe that Trump has made some recent changes, growing stronger in his own Christian beliefs and putting Christian people around him. As a woman advocate, I still have no sympathy for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure if a woman were a godly person, I could be proud of that. But I would never be proud of Hillary. Unless she totally recanted, repented — and frankly, if she did that, she would reveal what’s she’s done, and she’d be in prison. She has a very dark side. I think Trump put it in good words, I just recently read, about a dark soul.

Debbie Eberly, NYmag.com 104 Comments [11/8/2016 2:46:27 PM]
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I don’t think the question is whether Jesus is violent or peaceful, or whether Allah is violent or peaceful. The question is whether Christians are commanded to be violent or not, and I think we all know the answer...

The Great Commandments are to love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. I wish there were more Christian extremists, who take the words of Jesus literally, and act them out on a daily basis.

However, no one hopes for more Muslim extremists. No one hopes for more Muslims to take the Koran literally.


p.s. Jesus has the right to be violent, because the universe is His posession, and He can do with it as He wishes, including killing people, and sending them to hell.

BillPhillips, http://sanctification,wordpress.com 35 Comments [9/19/2007 4:32:52 PM]
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Does anyone ever get a type of discernment with music? When you hear a song, have no clue who it is, listen to the words, they don't seem bad at all but yet have this battle inside you knowing it is not good....a horrible feeling that just won't go away.

I have had that a few times and once it was with that Cobain guy.
I had no clue who he was, my kids didn't listen to him and I only listen to Christian music. My rule when they were young was they can listen to secular but not if it has bad stuff in it...like all full of cuss words, talking all about sex or devil stuff...My personal opinion so no need for debate

Her cousin came over once and had that Kurt cobain guy's music. They were playing it and the song they were playing had nothing bad in it. In fact, it was a pretty song, not that heavy metal stuff. But as I was cleaning, they had it up loud, I got the worse feeling inside me. As if something that was not of God was there and a battle was going on. I listen to the words of the song but found nothing wrong with it. I didn't want to tell them to turn it off since I had no reason too.
But, it got so strong I finally went in there and told them..." I am so sorry but something is wrong with that song...I can't even tell you why but I really feel like something is wrong and the Holy Spirit is making me feel something isn't right.
Her cousin's face went white, and said, This is Kurt Cobain. I said, "who is that?". She said he killed himself yesterday...then she said that she had heard that he was into satanism some how.
They didn't get upset with me at all that I told them to turn it off. After she told me I said..."Wow, must be why God didn't like it much"
She then broke the tape and threw it away...LOL I didn't have to say a word, it was as if they knew as well..

Caligirl, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [9/19/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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