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[OP of "Player 2 Has Joined: Loyalist Militias Are Prepping in Northern Ireland"]

So I guess it’s time for this thing again.

There’s a new IRA on the block doing bombings.

And the Loyalist militias are recruiting again.


I am excited.

Although, I’m not sure what these loyalist groups are planning on doing.

The UK never liked them, and they’re trying to arrest and crack down on them – even though these people are ostensibly on the same side.

In fact, there is a chance that the “Loyalists” will be a force for positive change in the UK.

You get this pretty often.

Whenever you have people that live on the border of an empire, they’re usually more loyal and more hardcore and more proud of their ethnicity because they have an Other nearby that constantly reminds them that these values are important.

Shire-folk, on the other hand, are always the opposite.

Spoiled and capricious and weak.

Back in the 60s, in Algeria, you had “Loyalist” French colonists who had been living in the French colony for more than 300 years. When France decided to stab them in the back and give up on the counter-terrorism operation in Algeria, some of these pied-noirs decided to take revenge on France and began fighting both the French and the Moslem terrorists. They also started as a right-wing paramilitary group working with the colonial power (the OAS) but eventually went rogue.

I think there’s similar potential for the Loyalists in Northern Ireland.

They may even be the people to lead the Shire-folk in middle England in resistance to whatever fresh horrors London has planned for the English people.

Roy Batty, Daily Stormer 17 Comments [2/5/2019 12:50:40 PM]
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The World is a Lot Less Scary without the “Godless”, ‘Faithless’ Self Serving, Non-Believers, who would otherwise Rob, Steal, Kill, Murder, Lie, make False Accusations, and generally be a Menace to Decent Society!

Without a healthy Fear of God, and Fear of Punishment, ‘special’ Humans feel free to do whatever they want to Serve themselves!

The Devil says, “Do what thou willest”!

That means, ‘Do whatever You want!

And that’s Pretty Much what we have in Society, Now adays!

Someone who Rejects God may very well serve the Devil!

Hugh Ackmann, studied Engineering Technology at Pennsylvania State University, Quora 21 Comments [2/5/2019 7:18:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

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God is not going away and is still in the finishing process of His plan for creation. What makes people think they can escape what is coming? Is it technology?

anonymus coward, Quora 13 Comments [2/5/2019 3:42:24 PM]
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Quote# 142284

I was enamored with you as person who was a believer in Christ. I'm assuming your belief was inextricably tied to the kind that imparts the gift of Eternal Life to the believer.

OK so far?

Now, now I your help solving a problem I'm struggling with. So, please bare with me.

The gift of God to believers is Eternal Life. It's freely given to all believe in the Gospel(good news of His Resurrection). Death no longer has a sting, because, it was defeated by virtue of His Resurrection.

So, the only kind of life that God gives is Eternal (Greek: Eionis Zoe) lifeJn: 3:16, for example. When is this gift given? When, you believe. Not when you die, but the moment you BELIEVE!

Now stay with me, OK.

The word “Eternal” is always defined as something that never ends.

It gets better! Vines Interlinear Greek/English Dictionary reveals that the word “life” in English has two in Greek-: Bios; refers to temporal life of the body. That's were we got the word Bio- logy( the NT was written in koinai Greek) ; the language familiar to Christ.

Now, in every passage in the NT where the word “life” is used conjoined with eternal applied to the gift of Life Eternal the Greek word is Zoë, not, Bios. Zoe refers to the conscience Spirit within all human kind. Never used to denote the temporal body-bios.


The moment you believed you were gifted with Eternal Life(never ending).
Because life is eternal, by definition, there is never going to be a cessation of consciousness, because you have ZOE. not BIOS.
IF God's gift of Eternal Life could be lost, repossessed, or given away, then, by definition, it was Not Eternal Fri the get-go. . All I'm doing is brain storming, because it makes sense. You make sense about the the Church. If I didn't know better I'd have left too. But we're all in this place together, as patients in a great big hospital for the sick, lame and lazy. But, if God justified you at the exact millisecond that you by believed, then you justified today. God is not an indian giver. saying is that if you were saved then, you are justified today. You once wrote me to say that your beef wasn't with Jesus, but the Church. Gods omniscience precludes to be mutable, “ oh your saved, oops, now your not…” That's not how He works. That's how someone who doesn't know what to do works. He said He would never leave or forsake you. Saved by His Grace. You are not your own, you have been purchased with a price
So why not glorify Him? ,

Michael Arriola, Quora 12 Comments [2/5/2019 7:21:35 AM]
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Quote# 142278

Gays are an invite to cultural subversion, regardless of the baseless talking points in favor of... Gay culture is counterproductive to the process & advancement of human life, & only productive for gays. Gays, u are abnormal outcasts, so start owning up to your roles in society & stop force feeding the world your perspective slant when you're the antithesis of the archetype for mankind. If u think not, you're either gay or a fool. Spare me from the contrasting insight of postmodern ingrates & foppish hacks

BrainStorm, YouTube 12 Comments [2/4/2019 3:40:31 PM]
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I want to be absolutely clear that I mean no insult to any atheist when I say:

It is impossible for an atheist to argue with me about God

The reason for this is simple, compelling, and inarguable.

They don’t know Him.

I want you to imagine a scenario with me.

Imagine a man who comes to me with an argument. He is eloquent, intelligent, and well-spoken. In fact, he is far more so than I am. He has done his research, read all the relevant literature, and carefully planned his presentation.

He stands confidently, clears his throat and says,

“I am convinced that you do not have a younger brother.”

Then he begins to tell me how he couldn’t find a copy of my brother’s birth certificate, how my family’s stories about my brother sound contradictory, and how Google search didn’t find any pictures of him.

Tell me, do you think I will be swayed by this man’s eloquence or intelligence?

Me and my brother.

This is the problem with Atheists who try to talk about my God.

Their arguments are (when done right), lucid, well-thought, and completely irrelevant.

The intelligence or preparedness of the Atheist is irrelevant when he’s waving the equivalent of a plastic cafeteria knife around in a gunfight.

Abstract arguments NEVER trump personal experiences. NEVER. Conjecture is second to evidence, and should be.

There are many people who are convinced that the moon landing was fake, but I 100% guarantee you Neil Armstrong will never be one of them.

Do you really think there is even a single word that you could say which has anywhere near the weight of 23 years of personal interaction with my little brother?

Do you think any amount of “inconsistencies” are going to suddenly make me say “oh gee, I guess I’ve just been imagining him this whole time?”

So if there’s anything I would like Atheists to know, it’s this. When Christians talk about having a “relationship” with God, we aren’t speaking in code. There are no hidden double-meanings, it isn’t some sort of bizarre speech impediment.

I literally mean that my relationship with God is like my relationship with my brother.

God isn’t someone I read about in a dusty book that fits conveniently into the pew in front of me. He’s someone I talk with, go out to eat with, laugh with and sing with and cry with.

In other words, God is integral to my life. Without him, no part of my world even makes sense anymore. As CS Lewis said:

Atheists know about God.

Christians know God.

There is a difference. You can tell me what God’s reported to have said. I can tell you what His voice sounded like when He said it.

You’ll tell me that you don’t believe I can have that sort of relationship with a nonexistent entity.

I don’t care.

You are arguing in a field where I am the expert and you are the layman. Your evidence is not only insufficient, it’s inadmissible. Every single thing you can say about Him is hearsay!

Even the most fervent Atheist has only the theoretical supposition that his lack of experience with God can be extrapolated to the reality beyond his experience.

Whereas even the youngest and least mature true Christian has the bedrock certainty of “Of course he’s real. I actually know the guy.”

Kevin Yue Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Quora 19 Comments [2/4/2019 3:40:08 PM]
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[This one could also belong in RSTDT, due to the anti-Islamic/Jewish parts.]

During some recent meditations the following anagram was revealed to me: Walhalla-Allahlaw[the law of Allah]. When one considers this in relation to the anagram Ragnarok-Korangar[Gar or spear of the Koran] I believe that this is not mere coincidence but something that the Gods wish to reveal to us so that we may prepare ourselves for the holy war which has begun for the life and fate of the Aryan peoples.

The latter anagram is not my discovery but that of someone much wiser than myself. The very fact that we are now living in a time of constant warfare between two semitic powers-the zionist `West` in the form of the Tel Aviv-Washington/New York/London axis and the semitic religion of Islam whose fanatical adherents will not rest until Allah dominates the earth demonstrates that we are witnessing new geopolitical power shifts. Islam means "submission to `God`". In this sense a desert tribal god called Allah, the same deity which spurred the Israelites on to butchery and genocide in their conquest of the land of Canaan-if you believe the myth of course.

Judaism was also responsible for another semitic religion-Christianity, a religion of the slave and the Underman which like Islam had the intention of enslaving Aryan peoples and destroying their indigenous belief systems. Up until the 1990s the semitic power axis consisted of global capitalism on the one hand and mainly Soviet Marxism on the other, both of which are semitic and anti-Aryan ideologies. This axis failed so we are now experiencing something new in this war between Judaism/Christianity against Islam. Whichever side is winning the Aryan can only[apparently] lose.

The conflict between the two sides is only apparent as the real target of both is the Aryan race. Unfortunately the Woden archetype proved too weak to save us from this physical and spiritual onslaught 1,500 years ago although He did manifest Himself through the German Avatar in the 1920s-1940s. Few at the time saw Hitler in this light. The founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung saw clearly that Wotan had awakened from His sleep and desperately tried to save the Germanic folk in their time of greatest need. In the exoteric realm Yahweh appears to have won that battle but in effect by exposing the hidden agenda of the enemy He[the Avatar] succeeded in winning the esoteric war which in fact is really not yet over and will be continued when the new Aryan Germanic God form emerges. This time He will not fail and Ragnarok will see not only the destruction of the current order but the emergence of a new world, a new pantheon of Gods and a reborn Aryan race-the only race which will be given to inhabit the earth. The ancient Aryan scriptures make it abundantly clear: "I gave the earth to the Aryan;"[Rig Veda 4.26.2]. These are the words of the Thunder God Indra, cognate with our very own Thunor/Thor/Donar. This time man-Aryan man will walk in harmony with the Gods and develop technologies and spiritual disciplines that will enable our race to continue to express its exploratory spirit into outer space and beyond into other dimensions.

Wotans Krieger, Aryan Myth and Metahistory 15 Comments [1/14/2019 2:43:32 AM]
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ITT: Braincels in the middle ages

King Chad rode by my village yesterday. Every filthy wench in the town flocked to the road to see him pass. I guess he just has good nobility. JFL.

Everyone was a manlet in this time period.

Sir may I have some of the cope you are on I would very much like it. Low IQ even if the average was shorter there’s always GigaChads 2ft above the average. OMEGAcoping

The manlet scale just shifted downwards:

HyperChad: 5'9

Average 5'6

Manlet 5'2

You'd probably have a looksmatch serfwife, at least

imagine being the only one in the village who could count his chickens, get sent to Lutheran university: never even see a woman for 8 years during your studies. never get to go carousing in the tavern with Chod and Brod. never get to visit a whorehouse or pinch a lass's bum at harvest festival. never get to rape sand hole on conquest. tfw diddle the new altar boy to sustain yourself

Various Incels, r/Braincels 10 Comments [2/4/2019 4:39:04 AM]
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Quote# 142238

So, after reading all of the previous passages you might be asking “Why should a man’s wife not be one of his accountability partners?”

There really are two reasons.

The first reason is that it undermines his authority by making him spiritually accountable to his subordinate. The reason a husband should not have his wife as an accountability partner is same reason a Pastor should not have one his members be his accountability partner. Accountability partners should ALWAYS be equals, and never subordinates.

The second reason a husband should not have his wife as an accountability partner is because of the simple fact that she is a woman. Men and women are different. We have very different spiritual struggles and very different natures. A man cannot fully comprehend or understand the spiritual struggles of a woman nor can a woman fully comprehend the spiritual struggles of a man.

That is why the Scriptures even encourage gender segregated spiritual mentoring:

“But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:

That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.” – Titus 2:1-6

So, again Accountability partners are great. But wives should not be accountability partners for their husbands because they are their husband’s subordinate and because they are women and cannot fully relate to the spiritual struggles of a man.

biblicalgenderroles, Biblical Gender Roles 9 Comments [2/1/2019 3:17:06 AM]
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Evolution has about 10-15 years left in it before the evidence against it will be overwhelmingly undeniable. It already is pretty obvious that it didn't happen that way, the tide is shifting in the academic world but still too many scientists have made a career of promoting evolution so they won't be changing their tune this late in the game.

It helps alot that evolutionists are so incredibly arrogant and dogmatic too, slandering and insulting anyone who has a different opinion. This should speed up the rate at which the world grows weary of this silly little wive's tale.

Porscha, WoW offtopic 22 Comments [8/31/2008 4:33:58 PM]
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A very common argument against capital punishment is that many innocent persons are executed.

The difficulty with that argument is that the execution of innocent persons actually performs a useful function.

Those who are executed are frequently black (unless they happen to be wealthy) or poor whites. I haven't done any research on this, but my general impression is that when someone of wealth or high social standing is tried in a case where capital punishment is possible they get off the hook, like O.J., Leopold and Loeb and others.

All of which works out well from society's viewpoint. The poor person who commits a capital crime is far more likely than a wealthy person to commit similar crimes if he escapes the chair or gas chamber or firing squad. The wealthy person who gets out from under that threat is unlikely to commit a capital crime again.

So, executing innocent persons may actually be an argument FOR capital punishment.

Jaybees, Freethought & Rationalism DB 48 Comments [12/15/2010 12:30:58 PM]
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Quote# 135222

Dilettanti Ostranenie: Earth really is flat. Not a spinning sphere it's obvious

ChrisDACase95: Reality disagrees with you.

Dilettanti Ostranenie: No curve or motion found. That’s reality

Dilettanti Ostranenie, Patheos 7 Comments [12/16/2017 2:45:07 AM]
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(=Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Gay Nativity Scene=)

Sorry, but this is physically impossible. There's got to be a mother somewhere, unless you are going to say it is a miracle, but then if you believe in miracles, why wouldn't you believe in what the Bible says in the first place . . .?

Richard Williams, Daily Wire 14 Comments [2/4/2019 4:36:54 AM]
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Quote# 142267

When I was an atheist, I spent an inordinate amount of time & energy trying to disprove the Bible, God, Christianity, etc., and trying to discourage others from doing the same. It never occurred to me that, if it wasn't true, if it was just a stupid belief, then why was I SO obsessed with it, when there were so many other better uses of my time.
Obviously, the answer (which I eventually discovered) is that it's true... He's really our Creator. We didn't magically spring to life from some primordial ooze. Just look at the incredible complexity required for the simplest cell, or the fact that information could not have just appeared as complex DNA, the incredibly complex cell processes... all of it!
Do a sincerely honest and open-minded investigation of the scriptures (without falling for the critics accusations carte-blanche).
Join the many of us former atheists who were surprised at the results of a sincere look at the existence of God, the truth of the Bible, and the love of the One Who came to rescue us!

Bill Charlton, Patheos 19 Comments [2/4/2019 4:37:51 AM]
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Quote# 134181

Fundies Say The Dardest Things is a M16 controlled website to discredit my exposing of the great conspiracy! 

M16 agents on Fundies Say The Dardest Things post my articles on The Reformation Online onto this site because the site’s title makes it seem like the people who’s posts end up here are crazy! 

Fundies Say The Dardest Things want me to seem crazy to prevent people from taking my words about Joshua of Nazareth, the Flat Earth, the Jesuits, and the British seriously. 

When Joshua of Nazareth claimed to be the messiah, the Pharisees tried to discredit him by calling him crazy. However he gained so many followers that they decided to crucify him. 

Joshua of Nazareth lived in the Roman Empire. The British Empire was established in 313 AD when Druid Jesus Constantine became Emperor. The British learned of the strategy of discrediting their opponents from the Romans. 

Jesus Constantine created the Latin Church. The Papacy has been controlled by the British Secret Service from it’s creation. 

The Pharisees originally mocked Joshua the Messiah but Joshua gained so many followers that they decided to crucify him. The British Empire will eventually send James Bond to assasinate me for exposing their conspiracy. 

But I will not cower in fear to the British. I will continue to expose the diabolical conspiracy and preach the truth about the messiah to save the souls of those who read my site from Hades.

Patrick Scrivener, CSTDT Comment 512 Comments [11/14/2017 5:42:18 AM]
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Quote# 118913

I am of Serbian heritage. During WW2 my ancestors lived in the notorious Independent State of Croatia, where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were murdered by the Ustasha movement. Yet, my ancestors fought against this, some of them joining the Yugoslav Partisans or going into hiding if they were too young. Other Serbs would flee to some other country nearby or join the Chetnik movement.

Despite the fact that the Serbian regime in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was often brutal towards non-Serbs, there was nothing ordinary Serbs living in NDH did to deserve such pogroms.

So if some Ustasha during a WW2 captured a Serbian woman and dragged her to execute her Ustashas would be stunned and probably laughed themselves silly if her brother, husband or a father was going after them and begging them to allow him to break one of her legs or shouting at them to shoot her in the head because they're both monsters.

And bear in mind, this Serbian regime lasted until 1941, and WW2 in Yugoslavia from 1941 to 1945 !

Slavery ended in America and other places in the West over a hundred years ago, most regular Americans did nothing to harm the Muslims, blacks or their other holy groups, *certainly no living American participated in regular, state sanctioned slave trade while many of the Serbs that resisted from 1941 were a part of an oppressive regime before April 1941*, yet they would act just the way WW2 Serbs never did.

These imbeciles have no idea that it was other Africans who captured slaves for the Europeans and sold these to them, that Arabs held many slave trade routes in which the mortality of black slaves was much higher then on Western ships, that Barbary pirates were regularly capturing white slaves up to 19th century in the Mediterranean or that it were Western countries that ended slavery.

They are ridden with white guilt and so historically illiterate that I know they would be the ones doing what I described as something that WW2 Serbs would never do. Once blacks, Muslims or some other group liberals find sacred would try to capture or kill their women they'd actively encourage them to kill these women, screaming how they all must be punished for being monsters. I was just imagining one of these liberals running after a pack of blacks, Muslims or whatever other group liberals find sacred who are carrying his wife and begging them hysterically to let him harm her as well, to allow him to beat her more severely than they would, as if to somehow wash off their horrible sins. It made me laugh so hard.

What pathetic lunatic cucks liberals are.

caamib, r/Truecels 70 Comments [5/13/2016 3:33:21 AM]
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Quote# 142264

The Bible clearly states of those who do not believe what it says, Satan has blinded their eyes and muted their hearing (2 Corinthians 4:3-5). Meanwhile, these non-believers brag and make light of the fact that they look forward to going to Hell, where they will enjoy their works of evil without the righteousness of God hovering over them.

The reality is that none of us will ever escape the righteousness of God. The psalmist wrote:

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. — Psalm 139:7-8

While we cannot escape the righteous judgment of God, it is also true that God, in His mercy and grace, wants to impart His righteousness through salvation to all people.

Yet there are those who refuse such a gift.

So why do people want to close their eyes to the idea of Hell when the world is talking, blogging, and writing about a literal place that intrigues and inflames such passion? Hell is not an idea, a figment of the imagination, or the setting for a horror movie. It is the hideous reality that awaits those who refuse to let God come into their lives and make them new creations, filled with His forgiveness and love.

Please hear this truth: you will not escape God’s righteousness by going to Hell.

Consider this: Multitudes do not flinch when they condemn to Hell people such as Saudi Arabia’s Osama bin Laden, Germany’s Adolf Hitler, or Cambodia’s Pol Pot; or notorious Americans, such as Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. Their accusers do not hesitate to suggest that certain people who have “stepped over the line” of what they consider evil will land in Hell when life on earth is over. In the next breath, however, many will say, “I do not believe that God would send good people to Hell.”

Herein lies the problem — we see ourselves as good and refuse to see that we, too, harbor wickedness within. As the Bible says,

The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? — Jeremiah 17:9

And further:

From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wicked- ness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man. — Mark 7:21-23

You see, God does not play favorites. The sin of pride is in the same sentence as the sin of murder.

Where do you fit in? Are you like the rich young ruler who declared to Jesus that he had lived a perfect life? Or perhaps you feel only certain sins merit Hell. It does not really matter how we think of it; the truth of the Bible is what matters. And God’s Word proclaims that all people are sinners. God — not man — has set the standard, and we all fall short.

The bloggers I mentioned earlier stated emphatically that no murderer should go to Heaven. The Bible says,

The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful [people], and be crucified, and the third day rise again. — Luke 24:7

Who are these sinful people? You and me. Our sins nailed Jesus Christ to the cross, and we have His blood on our hands. But God wants the blood of His Son to cover the sin in our hearts. This is why He came. Jesus looked down on mankind and said,

“I love you with an everlasting love; repent of your sin and follow Me that where I am going you may also go.”

Many people teach today that the blood of Jesus covers all sin, regardless of whether the sinner repents or not. This is Satan’s great lie. Some believe they will automatically walk into Heaven when this earthly life is over because God is love. That would negate the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Don’t be deceived, for God is not mocked. God is also a God of justice and righteousness.

He is not preparing a place in Heaven for unrepentant sinners.

While we have contributed nothing to God’s free gift of salvation, there is a condition to possessing it — we must confess our sin, turn from it, and receive Christ on His terms.

This truth is repulsive to many. The pride that flaunts our self-proclaimed innocence is the very evidence of our guilt. Continuing in rebellion against God, whether the sin be pride or murder, will send souls to Hell. Then there will be no turning back, no second chances. There is no afterthought in the afterlife. Today is the time to decide where you will live forever — either Heaven or Hell. This may very well be an unpopular teaching, but popularity polls do not determine destiny for anyone.

What will be your eternal destination after this earthly life is over for you? Are you going to Heaven — or to Hell? This is the most important question you will ever face.

I pray you will answer it honestly and that you will know the reason behind it. If you say that you will go to Heaven because you are good, the Bible says,

There is none who does good, no, not one. — Romans 3:12

So if no one is good and Heaven is filled with only the righteous, who will be there? The answer is found in salvation — for God desires that all people be saved. Those who repent of sin against God, receive His forgiveness, and live in obedience to Him, God sees through the righteousness of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is preparing a place in Heaven for those who belong to Him. This is the goodness of Heaven.

The doom of Hell was not intended for human beings. God created us for fellowship with Him, though many have turned their backs on Him. Hell was created for the devil and his demons, and Satan wants to take the world with him into this diabolical place.

Don’t think for one minute that Hell will be the “hottest” happy hour of all.

The world wonders about Hell every day. It is one of the most daunting and repeated topics seen in art, read in literature, debated among educators, and heard in music.

One blog took on the subject of Heaven and Hell. As people weighed in, the discussion became a vicious cycle. Finally one commenter frantically typed in, “Could someone please explain how to avoid Hell?”

Another asked, “How do you spell Hell?”
The flippant reply was, “Hoping Evil Lives Long.”
But the Bible spells it this way: Hopelessly Everlasting, Literally Loveless.

You may be thinking, Billy, surely you do not believe all of this Hellfire and brimstone! My dear friends, it is not what I say that counts; it is what the Word of God says. Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven. Why? Because of His great compassion for souls. He gave His life to spare you the agony, torment, and gruesome reality that Hell is reserved for those who reject Christ.

I can tell you this: not one word about Hell in the Bible would ever make you want to go there. And no one who understands the peace of Heaven would ever want to end up anywhere else. As Scripture puts it,

He who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame. — 1 Peter 2:6

The world is talking about eternity. It is high time that the true church of Jesus Christ declares to the world the promises God gives in His Word on how to get to Heaven and how to avoid Hell.

The alternative to Hell is the glorious joy that awaits those who will follow Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, to His heavenly home.

Jesus prayed,

Father, I desire that they also… be with Me where I am. — John 17:24

Laura Jacobs, Quora 9 Comments [2/4/2019 4:06:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 142257

We are required to pray for our leaders in government. Governor Cuomo who demanded this abortion law be passed is deceived by satan. We should be praying for his salvation. And we should be praying the law be overturned. Listen, I know Jesus said it was going to get really bad. And we see it is. The last ten years this country has become very evil. Part of the reason why everything is like it is - the body of Christ never opens their mouths. They don't do anything, so evil has been creeping in slowly until it takes over completely. The other reason is we are living in the last of the last days. As in the days of Noah. I am not a dominionist. I think I know what that is. I have nothing against them. They are trying to stop evil or at least slow it down. I do not see anything wrong with that. I don't think Jesus would object to that. He does object to a lukewarm church.?

Edana Estenes, Youtube 7 Comments [2/3/2019 4:53:30 AM]
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Quote# 142258

(*Comment on "Dire Warning for New York City")

I felt this shift. I've never felt this particular evil energy before. My ears were ringing, literally. Deafening. At the same time, I looked at the newsfeed on my phone. I was thunderstruck. I said out loud, to myself, The gates of hell have been opened-God help us. The words came out of my mouth, the warning came from my soul. That's as well as I can explain it. I was meant to see your video. It calmed my being.Thank you and God bless you.?

SEASONOF THEWITCH, Youtube 9 Comments [2/3/2019 4:53:59 AM]
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Quote# 142248

(*Video description regarding Abortion*)

Dire warning for New York City..

Dream I had within this past year. Also word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit concerning late term abortion. Please repent and turn to Christ soon..

Mark Murchison, Youtube 17 Comments [2/2/2019 2:42:45 PM]
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Quote# 142243

A Donald Trump supporter reportedly armed with a gun barged into a Texas library in an attempt to stop a drag queen reading books to children.

James Greene was arrested on suspicion of trespassing after refusing to leave Houston’s Freed-Montrose Library, but claimed he was detained for being a "white Christian" and accused staff of satanism.

He had entered the building to protest against Drag Queen Storytime, a programme of events in which performers read children’s stories to families.

The conservative radio host has previously been banned from the library for filming children during similar demonstrations.

Footage filmed by Mr Greene and posted on YouTube shows him remonstrating with police officers as they ask him to leave the building. Another clip shows him being handcuffed in the libary’s car park.

“We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children,” he is heard telling officers. “They are doing it with your help.”

Outsmart, a Houston LGBTQ magazine, reported that officers took a concealed firearm off Mr Greene as they detained him.

James Greene, Daily Independent 31 Comments [2/1/2019 1:50:00 PM]
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Several parables in the Bible foreshadow the insight of quantum entanglement about paired photons having opposite spin, by contrasting two men in their relationship with God. The Prodigal Son contrasts two brothers, two churchgoers are contrasted in Luke 18:9–14, and two brothers are further contrasted in Luke 21:28-31.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 18 Comments [2/2/2019 3:29:09 AM]
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I know a preacher, a godly man, who was accused of raping an underaged teenage boy long ago. I am fully convinced that he didn't do it, and he said publicly that he didn't do it, but the stigma sticks and that preacher has suffered greatly because of that slander. I would never mention the preacher's name, but he and his family have had to leave his home town, and relocate elsewhere to get away from the fallout caused by the accusations. I pray for the man and his family, and my heart goes out to him. Dr. Hyles was slandered by ungodly critics. I am used to being slandered by ungodly critics. Kindly, God will deal with them all (Matthew 7:1-2; 1st Peter 4:17; Romans 14:10-12; James 4:12; Romans 12:19-21). One encouraging truth that I learned long ago is that my enemies are really Jesus' enemies (Matthew 25:40). My life is hid in Jesus Christ as a child of God (Colossians 3:1-2). The Devil only comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). Romans 8:34 teaches that no one can condemn a redeemed child of God. When someone slanders a Christian, they are bringing heavy judgment upon their own head! I already have eternal life, presently! Although my flesh will perish, my spirit cannot die (2nd Corinthians 5:1, 8). There will be no break in my soul's conscience when I die. Amen!

I see the utter hypocrisy of the world, favoring the wicked while condemning the righteous! Hollywood is so evil that lawyers actually drew-up legal documents, which prevented women employees from reporting sexual harassment from Hollywood pervert executives! All lf those lawyers, judges and executives should be in prison for a very long time! This type of ungodliness is common among the rich, where they get away with unthinkable crimes. Search the internet for a perverted Jew named Harvey Weinstein, a sick-minded womanizer who groped over 80 women in Hollywood, and as an executive in the movie industry was protected by scum lawyers and judges, until he got caught! I am starting not to link to news websites anymore, because the internet is becoming so exploitive and unethical toward people. I am sick of the buttonholing, annoying pop ups windows, and thuggish treatment of others by ruthless businesses today. People nowadays will economically rape, kill and steal to make-money, and I am against it all!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 16 Comments [2/2/2019 2:50:49 PM]
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[Re: Should a Christian Wife Submit to Her Husband's Sexual Sadism?]

This a tough one. Lets say Mark and Carina are on a church outing. Carina is is behaving very badly so Mark makes some excuse to return home promising they will be back. Once home mark raises her skirt and administers biblical correction he leaves her bent over to think over her behavior. All of a sudden he is overwhelmed by her beauty and takes her roughly with no heed to her cries of pain.

I don’t think that’s a sexual sadist.

Alice, Biblical Gender Roles 23 Comments [2/3/2019 4:54:20 AM]
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I don't understand how people can be for women's and gay's rights but at the same time love and support Islam.

Travis Prescott, Youtube 19 Comments [2/1/2019 3:12:14 AM]
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