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Quote# 31426


Did you know that 100 million years ago there were unicorns on the earth? But you see, there were not that many of them. you'll never find a fossil or skeleton.

Jake M, IIDB 42 Comments [11/21/2007 7:55:16 PM]
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Quote# 104276

I have and I still believe I'd have sex with a woman against her consent. The difference now is that when I wrote that I thought that rape is forceful sex against a woman's consent. I was wrong, since I didn't know enough history and was brainwashed my feminist propaganda. Rape is a crime against women's owner or her chastity and consent is irrelevant for women. In fact, should you expect it you're bound to be seen as a complete loser by a woman. All that anti-rape propaganda is actually aimed to keep dumbasses who believe women even want to consent away from getting any sex whatsoever.

So while I'd still forcibly have a sex with a woman I'd never rape, since I wouldn't have forcible sex with a woman who is somebody's property or chaste.

caamib, Why, God, Why? 81 Comments [10/23/2014 3:21:57 AM]
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Quote# 104217

There is nothing in the Bible about same-sex marriage, because it is the wrong argument. Satan loves to get people arguing over the wrong thing. While the world is arguing whether or not they should be married, the Bible is arguing whether or not they should be alive. Don't get mad at me, God authored the Bible and said that homosexuality is a crime in His government, punishable by death in Leviticus 20:13. Granted, that seems overly harsh to me as well, but I didn't make the rules and write the Bible, God did. I don't question God's Word. I'm not as righteous as God, so I cannot fathom God's justice and laws. I cannot grasp someone being cast into Hell forever, but God said it and that settles it! I don't question my Creator, I choose to trust and love Him because He first loved me (1st John 3:16).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 34 Comments [10/21/2014 2:34:01 AM]
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Quote# 2439

The fact that this whole planet is innundated with churches, priests, pasteurs, bibles, websites, tv shows, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, cathedrals, paintings, sculptures, chapels, etc., etc., etc., gives us plenty of evidence for the possibility of God.

Billdemart, Christian Forums 26 Comments [3/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 35531

I know what you mean. I'm still waiting for evolution to get enough evidence to warrant it being called a serious topic in a science class.

Beccaria, Hannity 44 Comments [2/27/2008 4:00:10 PM]
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Quote# 47772

The shameful, revolting, and dangerous to the public safety practice of homosexual acts must be contained. Do we want another aids epidemic?

God can cure this disease. Most gays I know don't want to be gay. The gay lifestyle is just too crushing on the lives of otherwise good people. Give God a chance to heal the lives of the Satan-inflamed homosexuals of the world.

against the liberal cabal, Topix 64 Comments [9/24/2008 3:48:47 AM]
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Quote# 104281

Television has become so evil, raunchy and sexually suggestive. FoxNews has been featuring slutty whores, lying with their miniskirts all the way up, posing like Playboy centerfolds throughout their news broadcasts. FoxNews is promoting sexual immorality!!! They act like right-wing conservatives; but in reality, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly are professionally paid liars who create controlled opposition. It's all part of the Illuminati's game of deception, to divide and conquer the American public. A house divided cannot stand. America's true powers are Masonic, just down the street from The White House. Sadly, the average person is so woefully ignorant and lazy that they won't read beyond the daily news being spoon-fed to them. The masses of society don't think for themselves, so the media thinks for them instead. To see Ozzy Osbourne's shameful and potty-mouthed wife featured as the main center of attraction on television is disturbing to say the least. These are evil, Christ-rejecting, wicked, bums in God's eyes!

The unsaved, Godless and wicked world honors fools. They praise the wicked. They call evil good and good evil. They call right wrong and wrong right. I don't have TV and don't want it, but it's everywhere we go in society today. People are hooked into the TV like a life-support system. Prices are going up on everything except giant flat-panel coloured televisions! The Devil wants everyone to have a big television, so you won't miss any spiritual indoctrination by the Devil and having your moral values corrupted. The Bible warns us in our text verse not to have fools as our companions. The Today Show are fools. The women all wear mini-skirts, which is sinful. God commands women to dress in modest apparel which shows the type of behavior a woman possess. Your clothing speaks volumes about your character. A woman who wears a miniskirt is telling the world that she has low morals. In fact, the very exposing of her thighs is an immoral act!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 35 Comments [10/24/2014 3:08:55 AM]
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Quote# 104291

Last week on his talk radio program, Michael Savage got into an argument with a caller over whether California lawmakers should rename a San Francisco tunnel in honor of Robin Williams. The caller, who said he was a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), defended the move, while Savage objected to the plan, claiming that it would promote suicide.

After a lengthy argument, Savage hung up on the caller and proceeded to attack him. “I am so sick and tired with everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression. Everyone wants their hand held and a check, a government check. What, are you the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed?”

He then blamed America’s problems on those who “cry like a little baby” over depression: “If the whole nation is told, ‘boo-hoo-hoo, come and get a medication, come and get treatment, talk about mental illness,’ you know what you wind up with? You wind up with Obama in the White House and lawyers in every phase of the government, that’s what you wind up with. It’s a weak, sick nation. A weak, sick, broken nation.”

Savage continued that veterans with PTSD are a “bunch of losers” and recommended that they be more like Michael Savage.

“You need men like me to save the country,” he said. “You need men to stand up and say stop crying like a baby over everything.” He continued that “men are so weak and so narcissistic” that it is “no wonder ISIS can defeat our military.”

Michael Savage, Right Wing Watch 51 Comments [10/24/2014 3:22:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Giveitaday
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Quote# 104279

(When asked how atheists will react when we allegedly see Jesus when we die)

With Horror, see how these atheist concern themselves with this? interesting how they concern themselves with issues they do not believe exist and then brainwash themselves with their revisionist history by claiming falsely that we are-effecting their lives, Awwee Boo Hoo Hoo, cry babies, the lot of them,

If God does not exist, then NEITHER do any of their reasons for being here, except in their delusional minds, it is meaningless, if an atheist were honest about his or her atheism they would be nihilist and stop pretending with their version of an invisible sky daddy and stop thinking that their lives have any meaning when it doesn't apart from God, It is a idiotic waste of time

Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, Yahoo Answers 26 Comments [10/24/2014 3:08:41 AM]
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Quote# 104285

Many of us were conned into thinking that modern liberalism is about giving females the right to choose when they have sex. If they want to be sluts, that is their choice. If they want to be chaste until they are married and then remain faithful to their husbands, that is fine too. If at any given time they make bad choices, they can learn from their mistakes so in the end everyone is happy.

In fact, in practice nothing could be further from the truth. Liberalism in the context of modern society effectively imposes a wartime mass-rape situation on females, albeit by relatively subtle means.

Here is how the process works. Females derive virtually all their social status by virtue of their perceived sexual desirability. It follows that they will gain status by being associated with males of high sexual status and lose status by being associated with males of low sexual status. Therefore, over time, all females will gravitate to wanting to be sexually associated with a small percentage of males of high sexual status. As an aside, the males of high sexual status will largely be stupid assholes, given that they have high reproductive fitness in the context of modern society, as I explain in this thread.

It follows that every high status male will have several females pursuing him in order to derive social status by the interaction. Over time this means the males will feel inclined to demand immediate sex, since they will know that if one female doesn't give it up, another will. They will then be inclined to up the ante even further, demanding the most degrading sex acts that the Internet can cause them to come up with. In order to have any sexual status at all, which is to say in order to have any status at all, the females will have to play along.

Now, it is not within the female psyche to willingly forgo status and become a social outcast. This is not an option to the overwhelming majority of them. Therefore, once this process is in motion, they are simply along for the ride. They might have planned to be a virgin bride. They might hate every minute of every sex act they consent to. But if they need to do it to fit in, they will.

Hence Western females find themselves in a similar position to German females in 1945, when dim-witted Russian peasants were going around raping everyone in sight (or perhaps they have it a bit worse, given the suggestibility of Internet porn and their complicity in the process). What heavy artillery achieved then, liberalism backed by the resources of the state has achieved now. Effectively the females are being raped, not so much by the dirtbags sticking their dicks and what have you into their various orifices, but by the system and the sadistic animals behind it.

Well done libtards. This is the future you have bequeathed your daughters. If they do not currently have NO CHOICE but to submit to sex acts the likes of which you have never even dreamed of being performed on them by shitbags with retard-level IQs, then that soon will be their situation. Your values in action.

Cornfed,  CoAlpha Reactionary Forum 30 Comments [10/24/2014 3:10:11 AM]
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Quote# 101274

"Elliot Rodger and a note for new arrivals"

What happened is punishment for evil and violence of feminists and liberals. Any of you supporting atrocities like women’s suffrage, immodest clothing, child support/alimony, no ban on adultery, ban on prostitution and a lack of female premarital chastity, all the things that drove this young man to be unable to find a girlfriend, are disgusting , horrible people and you created a culture where this is possible. Renounce these horrors now. It is a decent thing to do. It will make you healthy and sane again. It will make the world healthy and sane again.

thatincelblogger, That Incel Blogger 121 Comments [6/1/2014 12:26:37 AM]
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Quote# 104286

After drawing criticism for a Facebook calling same-sex couples “gremlins,” a GOP candidate from South Carolina reaffirmed his position on marriage equality.

Anthony Culler, who is challenging Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), set off a firestorm Monday with a Facebook post warning, “If you believe in traditional families and that marriage is defined as an institution between one man and one woman then I ask that you start acting like it and START VOTING like it! Do not buy the “cuteness” and “What will it hurt?” arguments whispered in your ears and marketed to our children. Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.”

But Culler did not back down in response to the backlash. In a new Facebook video released Monday, Culler repeatedly referred to same-sex couples as gremlins.

“I made a comment that same-sex couples that want to destroy traditional marriage and our way of life, they’re gremlins,” he explained. “They’re these creatures that are so destructive.

“No matter how many gremlins there are across this country, we here in the sixth district will stand against it,” he vowed.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court guaranteed marriage equality in a number of states, including South Carolina, when it announced that it would not hear marriage cases from states where federal appeals courts already declared same-sex marriages constitutional. Days after the announcement, South Carolina’s Supreme Court postponed same-sex marriages until a federal judge is officially bound to follow the Virginia precedent. But marriage equality in the Palmetto State is inevitable.

Anthony Culler, Think Progress 23 Comments [10/24/2014 3:13:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Kevin Klawitter
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Quote# 93503

Three Reasons Why The Bible Is True And Christianity Isn't Just Made Up

Reason #3 - The Sun Burns, But There Isn't Any Oxygen in Space?

Let's take a moment to appreciate our devoted scientists.

Scientists have proven that the sun burns.
Scientists have proven things need two things to burn: Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen.
Scientists have proven there is no Oxygen in Space.

Then why does the sun burn. The sun burns because God put it there, God created it and it has a special job: to keep us warm and give us hope.

seventeenBree, Hubpages 71 Comments [4/2/2013 3:11:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Alfredo mons Juiff
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Quote# 104270

The problem with cities is that people who live there vote loony-left – or, to use the technical term, “Democrat.” However, in Houston they are learning to regret it.

When the lesbian, sad mayoress decided to enact an ordinance allowing her ilk to terrorize properly brought-up young ladies by exposing their flaccid, rearranged pudenda in the female bathrooms that are now open to males, the city’s pastors whipped up a petition that gathered 55,000 signatures – three times the 17,000-odd that were required to squelch the measure unless it were confirmed by a referendum.

The town clerk duly certified that a petition containing at least the required number of signatures had been timeously submitted and received.

However, one should not imagine for an instant that the word “Democrat” means “democrat.” The city attorney (replace the “c” in “city” with “sh” and double the “t”) decided to rule out just over 38,000 of the signatures on the arbitrary and capricious ground that they were legibly written in capitals, or illegibly written in upper- and lower-case.

With a stroke of his lying pen, this sniveling little creep decided – on no lawful authority at all – that just under the required number of signatures were valid.

Next, the “mayoron” (adding the suffix “-on” is the favored loopy-doopy method of neutering a word that was once healthily male or female, though it doesn’t work too well on words like “uncle” or “aunt”) arranged for subpoenas to be issued to the pastors who had collected the signatures, demanding that in future every sermon they proposed to give should be sent to the mayoron’s office for clearance...Also, now that a lesbian transgenderist who has cross-dressed its private parts and has then flaunted them in the female bathroom, horrifying ladies of good taste and breeding who had gone in there, and has then gotten away with it on the barmy ground that prosecuting it for indecency would be “discrimination,” guys now have the right to flaunt themselves in bathrooms all over Houston, and so do the gals.

Lord Monckton, WND 27 Comments [10/23/2014 3:17:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: PhillipaFry
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Quote# 104232

You are I suspect getting your analysis from Steve Sailer: He is a Nazi, therefore right on race, wrong on economics, and wrong on Jews. He thinks the trouble with the elite is that its full of Jews, and we should have instead the authentic, genuinely superior elite making collective decisions. He mistakes the Cathedral for the Jews, and the Jews for the Cathedral. It is true that the Cathedral is full of Jews, but the leadership of the opposition to the Cathedral was also full of Jews. Moldbugs analysis of Cathedral Jewry is more accurate. Cathedral Jews are converts away from Judaism, having converted into the post protestant religions of global warming and transnational progressivism, which conversion manifests as their hatred of Israel.

Jim, Jim's blog 15 Comments [10/22/2014 3:18:14 AM]
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Quote# 104273

It is astonishing that right beneath the ground upon which the United States has been constructed lies a ready weapon of judgment should the Judge of nations choose to wield it. We are literally suspended over a fiery pit that could swallow us up without warning.

It is a reality that should give us cause for deep humility. We should remind ourselves that life on this earth is transient and that even nations have an ephemeral existence.

But Scripture contains a word of hope for those who will take it to heart. God also spoke to Jeremiah of the possibility that a nation could escape from coming catastrophe: “At one moment I might speak concerning a nation or concerning a kingdom to uproot, to pull down, or to destroy it; if that nation against which I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent concerning the calamity I planned to bring on it” (Jeremiah 18:7, 8).

American Family Association, American Family Association 21 Comments [10/23/2014 3:17:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Dominic
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Quote# 96722

Dave MC:If you had been born in Yemen, would you be preaching Islamic presuppositionalism?

Dr. Lisle: No such thing. Nor is there atheistic presuppositionalism, or any other except Christianity. The presuppositional argument can only prove Christianity, because it works by the impossibility of the contrary, showing how non-Christian worldview would make knowledge impossible.

Jason Lisle, Jason Lisle's blog 40 Comments [9/24/2013 6:05:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 40
Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 104266

We have filed a free-speech lawsuit against the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA, for refusing to run our ad calling attention to Islamic Jew-hatred on buses in Philadelphia.

We are suing, of course, on First Amendment grounds. SEPTA has just filed its opposition to our motion for a preliminary injunction forcing the ads to be put, including a declaration from an “expert,” Jamal J. Elias, a humanities professor at the University of Pennsylvania, who says our ad is simply false. In fact, it is his claims about our ad that are false, while our ad is entirely accurate.

But even so, this is incredible. Now the government is taking sides, and rejecting our ad because it claims it contains false statements. Does it similarly vet every advertiser’s statement about every commercial product that is claimed to give you whiter teeth, fresher breath, your perfect match for life, and any number of other claims? Is the government really going to go into the business of judging the veracity of every claim in every ad it allows to be put up on its buses or in other public advertising spaces?

Of course it isn’t. It is singling out our ad for this treatment because it doesn’t like our point of view. It violates the blasphemy laws under the Shariah. Under Islamic law, you cannot offend or criticize Islam. The government is enforcing the Shariah.

Pamela Geller, WND 26 Comments [10/23/2014 2:10:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: PhillipaFry
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Quote# 104247

Every living organism – including humans – is in a constant state of degradation or deterioration not evolution. From the moment something comes to be, it already is dying and will eventually die.

The entire living organic system is in a constant fight for survival. Unfortunately, there is nothing in its intrinsic composition powerful enough that would enable it to suppress the inevitable and fateful pull toward its own dissolution or death.

Otherwise, it would divert all of its energy into overcoming said fate by ‘evolving’ out of it, exactly like X-Men’s Wolverine manages to do. Why? Because the survival instinct is the most dominant one. Said evolving characteristic – if it were possible – would in turn be uniformly present in all of creation and entropy would be nothing but a bad memory.


On the surface, X-Men may appear to favor the theory of evolution, but once pertinent questions are asked, that whole facade crumbles like a butterless cookie leaving but a handful of apologetics that work in favor of creationism. [Emphasis added]

1) If according to evolution, mankind is the end result of animals evolving into a better species – hence the word evolution which Webster defines as a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state – how come many of the X-Men like Wolverine devolve into beasts? Let’s face it, that’s a step back. It’s no longer evolution, but degradation or devolution.

But, let’s just say that the X-Men are really in the process of being fully humans, then-

2) The writers of the series are absolutely right in parading these mutants amidst their fully human counterparts. It shows they have a good grasp of what true applied evolution would really look like. And said understanding raises the most obvious of questions: how come there are no evolutionary mutants running around for real?

The proponents of the Evolution Religion would quickly interject that it takes millions of years for any species to evolve.

How convenient! They can’t explain their cockamamy theory so they throw millions of years at it to confuse the poor-minded into believing a lie.

Biblicism Institute, Biblicism Institute 65 Comments [10/22/2014 3:31:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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Quote# 104201

SIX NATIONS, Ont. — ­ For Laurie Hill, resident of Canada’s largest aboriginal community, it’s just wrong to suggest that modern medicine is the only way to treat cancer and other serious diseases.

She stands firmly behind the Six Nations neighbours who took their 11-year-old daughter with leukemia out of chemotherapy, and are treating her with traditional, but unproven, native methods and other alternative health-care instead.

“There’s a fear of [aboriginal remedies] or denial of it. If things can’t be quantified or qualified, to them it’s irrelevant,” said Ms. Hill, as she shopped at Ancestral Voices Healing Centre Thursday. “Who are they [doctors] to say she will make it with their treatments. Just because they have a degree, that makes them more knowledgeable?”

Her perspective on what seems to be a widening cultural divide received some recognition from a surprising quarter Thursday: ­the judge deciding whether the cancer-stricken girl should be forced back into chemotherapy.

As an extraordinary court case in nearby Brantford moved toward an end, a lawyer for McMaster Children’s Hospital argued that child-welfare authorities should have used their power to require the young woman to stay in treatment. With chemo, childhood leukemia now has a survival rate in the range of 90%, and remains a likely death sentence without it, experts say.

But Justice Gethin Edward of the Ontario Court of Justice suggested physicians essentially want to “impose our world view on First Nation culture.” The idea of a cancer treatment being judged on the basis of statistics that quantify patients’ five-year survival rate is “completely foreign” to aboriginal ways, he said.

“Even if we say there is not one child who has been cured of acute lymphoblastic leukemia by traditional methods, is that a reason to invoke child protection?” asked Justice Edward, noting that the girl’s mother believes she is doing what is best for her daughter.

“Are we to second guess her and say ‘You know what, we don’t care?’ … Maybe First Nations culture doesn’t require every child to be treated with chemotherapy and to survive for that culture to have value."


Back at Six Nations, meanwhile, Ancestral Voices employee Hayley Doxtater said aboriginal remedies are becoming increasingly popular. She pointed to a cancer treatment — a collection of herbs including slippery elm and turkey rhubarb root ­ — that she said one customer has repeatedly traveled an hour from Toronto to buy for a sick friend.
“We have people come in here who are so happy that something works,” she said. “They’ll say ‘That stuff is amazing.’ “

Laurie Hill and other Canadian Indians, National Post 61 Comments [10/20/2014 3:09:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 20
Submitted By: Naturalistic Worldview
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Quote# 10847

[Commenting on mysterious vibrations coming from inside the earth]

Ever think that it could be HELL ??? The bible talks about satan promising and tempting Christ with all the riches of the world if only Christ would worship him ? And, that heaven is always thought to be UP in the sky , in a celestial spiritual demension,and that satan was CAST OUT OF HEAVEN...where did he go ? There must be a place DOWN beneath ,and pit -like...why couldn't it be in the center of the earth. ? The rumblings / vibrations could very well be the unearthly moaning and crying of tormented disembodied souls that rejected God and Christ in this life. Many people who have after death experiences...some claim they descended into a pit where they were groped, abused, clawed. Not a pleasant thought for sure ! But POSSIBLE !! Those rumblings can't all be GAS !!!

clearheart7, Yahoo! Message Boards 26 Comments [4/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: MK
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Quote# 104260

I’d like to comment on where this column takes me. I don’t go straight to the aftermath of this crime and the “rounding-up” of men, I mean, I’m not all that interested in the separatism that you hypothesize would follow. I’m interested in the at-first strange notion of rounding up men for 20 miles around and putting them in prison when one man rapes a woman. I apologize if these thoughts are pretty tentative.

If a woman is raped by a stranger (meaning the authorities can’t immediately get the criminal off the streets and can’t identify the criminal), it can be said, thinking outside the system, that a crime against the CLASS of women has been committed, not just a crime against an individual. This is because every woman and girl for 20 miles (to use your cutoff) is injured by the crime. All women are once again confined. They already live in a society where their freedom to exist outside their homes is always under attack. Women have been kept from public life, the street, public spaces, anywhere but the family-hole, from time immemorial, and fear of rape has been one of the most effective tools keeping them confined.

It needs to be emphasized that women raped by strangers are in most senses of the word, randomly selected. The rapist may simply find an opportunity, a moment alone with a girl walking down a street. He may have some fetish about black hair. He may not like women who wear red shirts. He may be angry at losing his job. It doesn’t matter. The crime has a random quality, looked at from a larger perspective.

So this rape affects a highly vulnerable population, puts them into renewed fear, and restricts their freedom. If the individual rapist is not caught, none of these women can feel safe. It is the equivalent of all women for 20 miles being rounded up and put in prison, is what I’m getting at. This is the true scope of the crime, and the true set of victims.

So just to embellish your thought-experiment a little, let us say that this is a society which is not male-supremacist – and which fully understands the that such a crime is a crime against a class. Let us say that the punishment must be commensurate with the crime. What should this punishment be?

If it is to be commensurate, it must also treat men as a class. I believe this is where some of your words lead. It’s a revolutionary thought.

In short, men for twenty miles around should suffer the same fear of rape, restrictions on their movements, and fear of being attacked at any moment. This could (logically, but only as a thought-exercise) be accomplished by putting them in literal prisons, not that different from the metaphorical prison women still live in.

But I see a way to make this punishment better-focused and more realistic than rounding up all the men. That is, the authorities should attempt to identify the perpetrator, and if they can’,t they should RANDOMLY arrest a single male in the area. The punishment is then exactly as awful as a the original crime. All men for twenty miles around are placed in fear of being confined and raped (in prison), not knowing which of them will become the scapegoat for their class.

Savage, isn’t it? As savage as the crime, and the effect of women in the area.

One of the problems with trying to step outside the beliefsystem is that there are no words for doing so. For instance, I can’t think of an analogy here to make these thoughts simple. I can say, rape is like burning a cross on a lawn, having the effect of injuring all local African-Americans. Or I could try to analogize tribal warfare, like the Tutsis and Hutus, or kulaks vs serfs, etc etc.

But crime in U.S. jurisprudence is still considered a crime of an individual – there is no legal concept I know of that addresses joint culpability as I try to talk about it here. Maybe others can think better than I can on this point. I suppose that what I’m suggesting, following along with your words, is that the idea of a “class” crime could enter jurisprudence, and used carefully to describe certain crimes by one class against another, with the punishment directed against the entire offending class. A very few violent felonies, such as rape, with its eternal history of use as a tool of social control of a class by another class, would be eligible for inclusion.

tix8770, femonade 38 Comments [10/22/2014 8:45:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: skybison
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Quote# 103310

[On the movie "Frozen".]

I disliked this movie, but I watch all movies as though I am a detective, looking for the deception. Unless it is a spirit-led Christian movie, there is usually hidden agenda, etc to find.

The most shocking line of the movie was at the most emotional part. For some reason I didn't get as emotional as I normally would during this movie. I was bothered during the whole movie, although I couldn't tell why. Maybe the magic references. But the most bothersome part was when the one sister becomes frozen so the evil sister can live, and the evil sister uses the word 'sacrificed' to describe what her sister had just done for her. I'm sorry, there is only one human sacrifice, and that is my Lord Jesus. So to hear this line was a shock, and I had to tell the people (Christians) around me how awful that line was. As with most things, they just looked at me odd, and tried to protest that it (sacrifice) was only a word.

To me it was a slap in the face of Jesus, because the one act of this sister made everything right again. Too many things were wrong with this to me. But I'm too tired to make sense now, and I really didn't dwell on the movie afterwards, it bothered me too much.

Firefly, Rapture Ready 68 Comments [9/9/2014 3:28:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 40
Submitted By: documentingtehcrazy
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Quote# 104277

I am not an MRA because MRAs are manginas. We men could take down this system and bring back sanity by the end of the day. Women would not be able to stop us, since they lack our physical strength or access to weapons. Then we could make feminists and sluts into prostitutes, kill off all omega scumbag players and make a sane society with decent men and women. MRAs don't stand for that and erroneously believe that women are the problem when just looking at MRAs shows it is men who are the problem.

caamib, Why, God, Why? 60 Comments [10/23/2014 3:22:01 AM]
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Quote# 104278

'LGBT': The 'T' is for Tyranny

Tranny tyranny. Strike that. "LGBT" tyranny. Lesbian, gay, bisexual tyranny. That, generally speaking, is what's on display in Houston right now. But trust me: Unlike Vegas, what happens in Houston will, most definitely, not stay in Houston - not if Democrats continue to have their way.

Houstonians elected themselves, as mayor, an extremist lesbian Democrat (but I repeat myself). She quickly, and quite naturally, took to doing what extremist lesbian Democrats do. Annise Parker is her name, and spreading political Ebola is her game. That and trampling the U.S. Constitution. As you've likely heard, Parker's office has illegal subpoenaed the sermons and privileged communications of a number of Christian pastors who vocally opposed the city's ironically branded "Equal Rights Ordinance" (aka, the Houston Bathroom Bill).


This, of course, is typical Democrat corruption, as well as a gross violation of the First Amendment's free exercise clause - one of the worst we've seen to date. It is, unequivocally, "LGBT" tyranny.

And it's rooted in madness.


Anyway, because it's now illegal to "discriminate based on the basis of gender identity" in Houston, and since it's the only "tolerant" thing to do, men who sign up for the ever-persecuted "LGBT" class have secured the hard-fought "civil right" to fully expose themselves to, and otherwise ogle, your daughters in the ladies' room.

Yay "gay rights"!

But slow down there, Dad. According to the law, if you have a problem with Mr. Francis [Colleen Francis, a trans woman falsely accused of indecent exposure in a woman's restroom earlier in the article] baring all to your baby girl, then you're the problem. You're a "transphobe" ("homophobia's" evil twin sister, er, brother ... whatever). Deck this sicko for terrifying your first-grader and you're off to jail while "Colleen" is off to the "Human Rights Campaign" for a commendation as the latest victim of an "anti-LGBT hate crime."

Rosa Parks in drag, I guess.


The Alamo has returned to Texas. But this time, the bad guys are hoisting a rainbow flag.

Matt Barber, BarbWire 46 Comments [10/23/2014 3:22:10 AM]
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