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[Apologies for sending in so many related Gab posts as separate entries, but Gab doesn't seem to do threading like Twitter does]

Annnnnnd Milo just blew it.

He lied and claimed that there's no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.


Massive opportunity lost.

Matt Forney, Gab 9 Comments [2/22/2017 12:08:16 AM]
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Quote# 124790

Capitalism is consensual sex. Socialism is rape.

(#metaphor #analogy #capitalism #socialism #taxation is theft #i do not consent #rape #consensual #freedom #liberty)

giographixnola, Tumblr 2 Comments [2/23/2017 3:58:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6
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Quote# 124792

[Anonymous: No, some people have a fetishists were they have no control over when they have sex. They even go so far as to have one of the people pretend to break in, but it is all consentual and there is a safe word and all that stuff.]

i don’t care if it’s your kink, or if it’s ~actually consensual~, you’re normalizing rape and abuse!!!!! stop!!!

phanfi-c, Tumblr 1 Comments [2/23/2017 3:59:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6
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Quote# 124793

Arguably rape is not as bad as consensual fornication because in rape only one person is in the wrong.

chaotic-truthful, Tumblr 1 Comments [2/23/2017 3:59:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6
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Quote# 124785

More on women and productivity :

It is not that women *cannot* be productive. It is that they hate being productive. Hence, when a strict boss holds a woman to high standards of productivity, she can often perform, but hates her job and her life. The reason has to do with the biological hardwiring of humans. When a woman in prehistoric times had to be productive, that means she did not have a provider of her own; even the alpha male did not think of her as worthy for a slot in his harem.

That is why when women dominate an industry, productivity drops, as the women are too numerous to be held to productivity. When a woman works in a male-dominated field and has a boss who is not a mangina or whiteknight, and holds her to the same standards as men are held to, she can perform, but hates it.

So in conclusion, it is not that women cannot be productive, it is that they hate it.

Anon, Dalrock 2 Comments [2/23/2017 3:55:38 AM]
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Quote# 124722

Sometimes my intelligence is hindering me from getting females hymen to carefully strap off

I have noticed it, whilst females are laughing about TV, I am thinking of parallel universes and Saddams torture methods, I truly am a man of magnificence. I think I was not meant for this world, I am a star that was destined to shine for a very short amount of time, and leave this earth in an amazing fashion.

I think my intelligence is just too much sometimes and I would gladly trade off 20 points of my IQ just so I could be on the same level as most normies.

SUPHAMSULU, /r/incels 26 Comments [2/21/2017 10:07:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 124743

Panspermia is false because it depends upon the disproved theory of evolution (see http://wretchfossil.blogspot.com/2010/02/human-leg-bone-fossil-of-300-mya.html )
Humans lived on Mars between 3 billion and 4 billion years ago. After that, God led humans to live on a planet in another solar system. Then, 360 million years ago, God led humans to live on this Earth.
Earthly humans visited Moon, Mars and Jupiter 200 million years ago at the latest, but never flew out of our solar system and never succeeded in colonizing any planet other than the one they were already living on.
Let me repeat: God physically led humans from Heaven to live on thousands of planets in the past. By "physically", I meant: God and humans were all in the state of souls when they started the trip. During the trip from Heaven to a planet, God and other gods transformed Himself and all humans from souls into physical bodies with souls. That's the story of the origin of humans on planets.
Before the trip to a planet, God would "prepare" the planet in advance by moving other animal and plant life onto the planet. That's the real reason why no moons ever had animal life, as animals live in this universe only to help humans achieve harmony on planets (not moons).

Wretch Fossil, Wretch Fossil About Past Life of All Kinds 9 Comments [2/22/2017 12:08:39 AM]
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Quote# 124749

At the center of every donut hole resides an archon demon who inhabits you when u eat it

Dunkin donuts...krispy creams... these names arent just coincidences folks

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 23 Comments [2/22/2017 12:09:21 AM]
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Quote# 124717

According to the rich white liberals that run things, racism in America beings and ends with white people from the South. It's racist to question bilingualism. It's racist to expect people living here to know enough English that they don't confuse oral sex terms with cannibalism. It's racist to expect foreigners to assimilate or learn American history and culture, even if those lessons include the American ideals of equality and opportunity for everyone. It's racist even to say America HAS a culture. Rich white liberals love to crow about California becoming a majority minority state, essentially bragging about how great it is that whites are dying off or being displaced. (Their standard refrain: "Are you Native American? Gee your ancestors should've asked permission before coming here. And you do know that California used to belong to Mexico, right?") Oh blacks? They don't exist in the CA narrative. Rich white liberals only talk about "people of color" to blur the distinctions, and keep people from wondering why CA is only 6% black if this is supposed to be the land of milk and honey for minorities. Rich white liberals are OK with these conditions because they live in those very expensive, 90% white communities that you are having trouble getting into.

Kaphawoman, City-Data 20 Comments [2/21/2017 3:29:00 AM]
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Quote# 124768

If masturbation wasn’t demonic there would be no deliverance of demons of masturbation.

There are testimonies from people, such from Philip Mantofa, who have claimed to have visited hell and one of the sins that brought a person there was masturbation. Is his testimony credible? It’s up to you to decide.

JAMAALW27, Deliverance From Demons In Jesus' Name 23 Comments [2/22/2017 8:49:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Frogflayer
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Quote# 124747

Taylor Swift is a hypocrite in her music. In her vindictive song titled, “Better Than Revenge,” she is upset that someone has stole her boyfriend. The song is really a self indictment by Taylor Swift of herself. Swift's perverted sexy videos have stole the hearts of many men from another woman. Swift sings that her enemy is well-known for what she does (sex) on her mattress. Likewise, Taylor Swift is well-known for her sexually explicit music videos, which are as raunchy and as evil as the Devil. Taylor is certainly a phony actress, pretending to be a good role model for youth, while hurting teenagers and families with her sexually immoral videos.

What hypocrisy that Taylor Swift sings about taking revenge on a woman who stole her boyfriend, when in reality she is sprawling herself on the floor with her thighs open, underwear showing, bending over sensually, promiscuous as a dog in heat, wearing sadomasochistic attire and bedroom lingerie, making orgiastic facial expressions while stroking her hips in sensual ecstasy like a Hollywood call girl prostitute seducing a man in bed!!! Need I go on? I know my preaching will make a lot of people mad, because hardly anyone fears God anymore. Hardly anyone truly loves God nowadays...

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 29 Comments [2/22/2017 12:09:10 AM]
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Quote# 124774

Many people today think that fornication (i.e., sex outside of marriage) is acceptable just so long as no marital commitment is involved. That is demonic thinking. The only acceptable sex is within a marriage. That is what Hebrews 13:5 teaches. Fornication is just as wicked as the sin of adultery. Fornication is sex between unmarried people. There are preachers serving life-sentences in prison for having sex with one underaged girl, while Godless Hollywood celebrities brag of fornicating with several thousands of whores! In eternity, God will judge all mankind for every sin (Ecclesiastes 12:14), even for thoughts (Proverbs 24:12) and words (Matthew 12:36). Everyone is guilty of horrible sins (Romans 2:1). Don't judge others because they sin differently than you do!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 12 Comments [2/22/2017 11:57:01 AM]
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Quote# 124782

One myth that we have to break is the myth that women care about children. In reality, it is only the father who puts the children ahead of himself. Not the mother. To women, children are just social status props.

Evidence of this is everywhere (including from the fact that the few countries where the man can divorce easily without cost still have very low divorce rates, and almost no ‘single mothers’).

Anon, Dalrock 18 Comments [2/22/2017 1:21:00 PM]
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Quote# 117634

I saw #Zootopia today. Brilliant, excellent movie... sans the blasphemy of God's holy name & the cloaked promotion of the lie of evolution.

George Cain, Twitter 27 Comments [3/23/2016 3:23:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus
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Quote# 119156

If You Love Ice-Cold, Refreshing, Water— You'd Better Get Saved, Because There's No Water In Hell!

There is no water in Hell! There is no ice-cold, refreshing, thirst-quenching, icy water in Hell. Not a single drop!!! I LOVE WATER! I always keep two big bottles of cold water in my refrigerator. It's really cold! I keep my refrigerator set at the coldest setting. Whenever I am refreshed by drinking plenty of delicious, refreshing, very cold water, I am reminded of the suffering rich man burning in the fires of Hell, and I am grateful to God for both the satisfying water and His wondrous gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. If for no other reason, I wouldn't want to go to Hell just because there is no water there! Can you imagine?


I can't think of anything worse than the fires of Hell themselves, than to have an insatiable thirst for cold water, and be denied water 24/7 for the rest of eternity!!!!!!! HOW HORRIFYING!!! Friend, I DO mean to scare you horribly if you've never been saved, because today could be the last day of your life on earth. I don't care how traumatizing, miserable and hard your life may be on earth, or how horrible the afflictions you may have suffered through (I've had many myself), we've always been able to REST at some point. But there is NO REST in Hell. There is no rest DAY NOR NIGHT in Hell. Revelation14:11, “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” Everyone who goes to Hell will never have any rest again, neither day nor night, forever and ever! And did I mention, there is no water in the Lake of Fire!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 31 Comments [5/22/2016 9:06:03 AM]
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Quote# 124740

If Milo was purged for being a Jewish coal burning gay, that would be one thing, but being purged having sex with an older man at the age of fourteen is a different thing. Gay sex is disgusting and self destructive regardless of age, and thirty year old women are no more competent to make unsupervised sexual choices than twelve year old girls.

Purging Milo for “pedo” concedes the left position that consent is all that matters, that anything is fine if it is consenting adults that do it.

We should view sex with properly owned women as rape if her guardian does not consent to it (which is what “rape” meant a couple of hundred years ago) and sex with feral women as a form of regrettable but unavoidable predation regardless of whether they consent or not, which predation is best remedied by shotgun marriage or similar, remedied by ensuring that a feral woman comes into the possession of a man who can plausibly be expected to have good intentions towards her and treat her with kindness – if necessary without regard for her undoubtedly foolish opinions on the matter.

And, of course, if a man lies with a male, as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

We should not purge Milo for being a Jewish coal burning gay, for there are far worse on the left, and only after they get helicoptered or thrown from high buildings should we ask Milo to clean up his act. And if we did not purge him for being a Jewish coal burning gay, then we certainly should not purge him for underage sex.

If two people agree to exchange corn for iron, obviously the exchange must make both of them better off or else they would not have agreed to it. So state and society should not interfere in such agreements, and if everyone is free to engage in commercial trade, then state and society is better off. If two people agree to have sex, this is a very poor indicator that having sex makes both of them better off, because sexual impulses are volcanically powerful and deeply irrational. The converse can also apply. A woman’s decision to cease having sex with the father of her children usually has appallingly bad consequences for everyone, especially her children. A fertile age woman who ceases to have sex with her husband is always motivated by having received semen from a male more alpha than her husband, or excessively realistic fantasies of receiving such semen.

There are lots of good reasons why we should purge Milo. But this is a very bad reason. We are purging him for insufficient progressivism.

Jim, Jim's Blog 17 Comments [2/22/2017 12:08:30 AM]
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Quote# 124744

A Canadian man was twice unable to enter the U.S. after a customs agent read his Scruff profile.

The 30-year-old Vancouver man, André, was going to visit his boyfriend in New Orleans in October when he was selected for secondary inspection while going through customs. An officer then took his phone and computer and demanded the passwords for several apps.

“I didn’t know what to do. I was scared, so I gave them the password and then I sat there for at least an hour or two. I missed my flight,” André told Daily Xtra. “He came back and just started grilling me. ‘Is this your email?’ and it was an email attached to a Craigslist account for sex ads. He asked me, ‘Is this your account on Scruff? Is this you on BBRT?’ I was like, ‘Yes, this is me.'” BBRT is a barebacking hook-up site.

When the officer found a description in André’s profile that said he was “looking for loads”, he assumed it meant he was a sex worker looking for “loads” of money.

“I could tell just by his nature that he had no intentions of letting me through. They were just going to keep asking me questions looking for something,” explained André. “So I asked for the interrogation to stop. I asked if I go back to Canada am I barred for life? He said no, so I accepted that offer.”

But a month later when he tried to fly to New Orleans again and brought plenty of proof to show he wasn’t a sex worker (i.e. pay stubs, letters from his employer, etc.), he was denied entry again after customs officials found it suspicious that he had cleared his browser history and wiped his phone of dating apps.

“They went through my computer. They were looking through Word documents,” he recalled. “I had nude photos of myself on my phone, and they were questioning who this person was. It was really humiliating and embarrassing.”

“They said, ‘Next time you come through, don’t have a cleared phone,’ and that was it. I wasn’t let through. He said I’m a suspected escort. You can’t really argue with them because you’re trapped.”

André says he has lost nearly $1,000 USD on non-refundable flight and hotel costs because of the incidents.

Customs officers, The Gaily Grind 21 Comments [2/22/2017 12:08:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 124745

A British academic has said she believes feminism has deprived men of sex and predicted that many more European males will in future be openly gay.

Dr Catherine Hakim, a social scientist and research fellow at London-based think tank Civitas, said she considers herself a feminist but explained that “radical feminism” – which is often taught on university gender studies courses – “presents an unremittingly negative view of heterosexual relationships”. She added that she believes this type of feminism, as opposed to “vanilla feminism”, encourages the view that women are “sleeping with the enemy” when they have sex with men.

When asked by the Conservative Woman website if she agrees with the idea that British men are “sex starved” as a result of feminism, Dr Hakim answered: “Probably, most men are, especially over the age of 35.”

She then joked: “However, Englishmen may have developed better methods of coping with it: cold showers, regular beatings with a cane at school or in religious retreats, and of course, the classic solution of homosexuality, where like minds meet and women become redundant.”

She went to say: “I forecast a rise in openly gay men across Europe, as a result of countries shifting from the historical surplus of women to the new numerical surplus of men throughout the world, according to the World Bank.”

Dr Hakim appeared to rationalize this by saying that the lack of world wars since 1945 meant there were far more men alive now than in the latter half of the 20th century.

She said: “This is the key downside of no World Wars – too many men!”

She then added: “Of course there is the alternative French (or Latin) solution: affairs, treated as an art form, with seduction, courtship, flirting, compliments, and of course lots of wine and elegant outings. This seems a more constructive and creative solution.”

Catherine Hakim, Heat Street 17 Comments [2/22/2017 12:09:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 124755

As an LGBT person, I hate the LGBT community. Most of them Marxist snowflakes who want to kill all white straight men. But, I suffer from Gender Dysphoria. I recognize it as a disorder (sorry snowflakes, It is.) and I am against minors editing their bodies due to that dysphoria. That being said I do intend on transitioning as an adult if this dysphoria doesn't pass. Thanks for the concern. But don't worry, I'm not going to degenerate pride parades. Which are truly a disgusting corrupted version of moral elitism.

Black mesa dagda, Reddit 13 Comments [2/22/2017 12:10:37 AM]
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Quote# 124779

Today on college campus, one of my kids sensed something out of the ordinary. He sensed, a place on the campus grounds, that was light. Airy. Positive.

This ‘place’ didn’t stay in one area, but moved about slightly, within the general grounds of the campus.

This was very unlike the usual things my kids have seen and sensed on this public school campus. Usually, it is like walking among the living dead, within a future graveyard. (Their words, not mine.)

But today, there shone such…joy…there, that it caused one of my kids to go out and hunt it down. He wanted to see what was causing such glory to be found in such a usually dead place.

So He hiked clear across the campus, to where he sensed it was coming from. As they got nearer, he could see a very bright, clean, pure light. This light easily outshone even the sharpest ray of sunshine, yet was soothing to the eyes and his spirit.

As he came up to the light, he could see that the glorious bright light was actually caused by several angels clustered together in one area. He could see that the angels were guarding a group of people.

Before my son could say anything to these people, one of them turned to him and asked my son if he would like a copy of the New Testament and its Psalms and Proverbs. The person held out a small green booklet to my son, who took it with a smile and then said thank you.

My son looked around, and seen several of the others also handing out the New Testaments, and talking to the students about Jesus. He even seen one of the teachers there who happened to also be a believer, talking to them.

My son stood there for several minutes, just soaking up the peaceful atmosphere.

Then the people said it was time for them to say goodbye and go home. (It was just after the dinner hour.) So they left.

The angels and their light went with them.

Dreams of Dunamis, Dreams of Dunamis 15 Comments [2/22/2017 1:20:34 PM]
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Quote# 124764

Contradictory normie advice

The common advice I often see here is to "approach a woman as a friend, an equal, without expecting or wanting to get any sex out of it". Apparently, the fact that we don't do this is why we're incel.

But then I also see people saying that befriending women is a terrible way to get laid, and you need to be direct with her about your intentions from the start.

randomaccount22223, /r/incels 23 Comments [2/22/2017 6:48:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 124763

"There are more meaningful things in life"

This normie lie gets told every time an incel mentions how frustrated they are about not having sex. It's incredibly ignorant and selfish when a normie who has sex daily with a woman who loves him, or even worse when Stacy who goes from Chad to Chad, tells incels that "sex isn't all that". You wouldn't tell a starving child that food isn't that great. You wouldn't tell a homeless man that having your own place isn't all you'd hope it would be. Yet for some reason, the only biological purpose humans have is "overrated". NEVER having sex tears away at you and destroys any self respect you had. Normies I beg of you, before you think about responding to anyone here with your bullshit advice, please imagine your life never having anyone love you or think you're good enough for them.

sadboi2002, /r/incels 17 Comments [2/22/2017 6:48:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 30450

Germs are something humans can manipulate ever hear of germ warfare??

Demons are beings far superior to any Human in knowlege.So Obviously would be able to create weapons superior to humans weapons and use for their purposes.

So germ/viral possession or infection can actually be the same as
demonic possession. There are different degrees of this as there are to anything .

Carey, for.ums 24 Comments [10/27/2007 3:36:10 PM]
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Quote# 99627

The American Jesus blog wants to know if Brother Donny Reagan of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is the “most racist pastor in America.”

In a video recorded in 2013 and published by the blog on Thursday, Brother Reagan rails against interracial marriage and mixed race children calling the marriage “not right” and wondering why we can’t leave segregation “alone.”

“Today we have so much fussing and stewing about this segregation of white and colored and everything. Why don’t they leave it alone? Let it be the way God made it.”

Reading from a prepared text, Brother Reagan warns his congregation that he is probably “going to make some people mad.”

“There is a move in the message, of blacks marrying whites, whites marrying blacks.” Reagan explains “And folks think that is alright, but you know, my God still has nationalities outside the city.’

To the “amens” of his congregation, Brother Reagan read, “Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh how terrible. They hybreed the people. You know it’s a big molding pot. I’ve got hundreds of precious colored friends that’s borned again Christians. But on this line of segregation, hybreeding the people. What, tell me what fine cultured, fine Christian colored woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a white man? No sir, it’s not right.”

Reagan also told his congregation that “If God wanted a man brown, black, white, whatever color he wanted him, that God’s creation. That’s the way he wanted it.”

Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is located in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Donny Reagan, Raw Story 24 Comments [2/27/2014 3:55:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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Quote# 124757

“Anarchy” (literally, no-rule, or rule-by-none) is the shortest-possible-lived state of affairs: in a general population, once an overall rule by government is removed, myriads of local rulers will immediately emerge — rulers of one over another by who is stronger in any way and more willing to resort to coercion — from playground bullies to petty warlords.

All those abusive ex-boyfriends under restraining orders? An anarchy can’t and won’t enforce those — so guess who’ll be back?

Any armed yahoos in the neighborhood? Heck, any drug houses? You thought you might have trouble keeping your property before… consider it all “tax” to the new Capo. Yeah, that’s how fast the “anarchy” disappeared.

Totally ignorant comment about how anarchism actually works.

As I said just upthread, anarchists turn authority over to the people, themselves, in an organization based on community and worker self-management. It is self-governance from below, where no one is allowed to have autocratic authority over the people. People can be delegated (with mandates) to take on tasks on behalf of the community, but the delegation can be revoked and recalled at any time. Anyone who tried to impute authority to themselves would have to justify it to the collective assembly of the community.

The community assembly would have a militia to defend against any force that would try to impose authority from above. They would have layers of complex organization extending from the small local assembly to international federations, all answering to the people at the bottom.

There are examples of anarchism working. It is a highly organized social structure with safeguards in place to avoid the problems you have imagined would exist.
please cite specific instances where anarchy didn’t lead to warlords.

Please cite an anarchist society that factually did “lead” to warlords.

Closer to home in space if not in time, Bleeding Kansas before the Civil War, and most of Missouri during the War, where roving bands of partisans for both sides intimidated, extorted and murdered with impunity.

The Spanish anarchists’ inability to fend off foreign aggression, by itself, points out a fundamental weakness of an anarhcist society. Even if its internal workings were Utopian, it still could not resist a well organized assault by a ruthless authoritarian enemy.

You can of course use the “no TRUE Scotsman” dodge to avoid acknowledging that any of these fit your definition of TRUE anarchism, but then we’re back to arguing abiut hypothetical Utopias instaed of real societies.

No, Somalia is not really anarchist. Name any anarchist organization with any large influence in Somalia. You're applying not anarchism as a sociopolitical organization of socialism from below, but anarchy in the sense of chaos. These are not the same concepts.

As to the anarchists in Spain not being able to fend off a coalition of aggressive nations and forces that vastly outnumbered them, that’s just nonsensical as an argument, since a good social form of community organization does not magically make such a society omnipotent against massive forces brought against them.

ZhenRen, Daily Kos 17 Comments [2/22/2017 12:10:46 AM]
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