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Quote# 104904

Hansen has said he keeps a Confederate battle flag on the wall where he writes his columns. “I fly it proudly in honor and in memory of a great cause and my brave ancestors who fought for that cause,” he wrote.

Nevada Assembly speaker-designate Ira Hansen would be one of the most controversial speakers in Nevada history.


Hansen tends to use the term “Negro” and often does not capitalize it. In one column, he described Washoe Republican Sen. Maurice Washington (whom he supported) as black but in the same column called President Obama (whom he opposes) a “negro”—lower case.


In an attack on public education and teacher unions, Hansen wrote, “The Democratic coalition would split asunder if the NAACP & co. actually promoted what black Americans truly desire—educational choice. The shrewd and calculating [black] ’leaders’ are willing to sacrifice the children of their own race to gratify their lust for power and position. The relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what’s best for his simple minded darkies. For American blacks, being denied choice and forced to attend the failing and inferior government school system is a form of involuntary servitude. Let’s call it what it truly is—educational slavery.”

He wrote that African-Americans are insufficiently grateful for being given their freedom: “The lack of gratitude and the deliberate ignoring of white history in relation to eliminating slavery is a disgrace that Negro leaders should own up to.”


“Considering only about 2 percent of adult males are homosexuals, the numbers show why homosexuals have been historically regarded as such a threat. Male homosexuals are grossly disproportionate in child molestation cases, and the youth orientation of male homosexuality drives this trend.”

“Yet, one fact of homosexuality deliberately downplayed is the grossly disproportionate numbers of child molesters, called ’pederasts,’ which fill their ranks. In fact, they are called, in the homosexual vernacular, ’chicken hawks.’ Many of these pederasts are not the least bit ashamed of their vile behavior and have adopted the militancy now so common with their fellow homosexuals.”

Ira Hansen, News Review 25 Comments [11/26/2014 6:09:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 39268

[Either way the reality is that people aren't monkeys... we are apes.]

So why aren’t you climbing a tree in Africa flinging your faeces at your fellow apes?

Akatsuki, Naruto Forums 46 Comments [5/14/2008 8:45:24 PM]
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Quote# 52293

[Proove to me, the existence of God, without using the bible.]

Prove to me that Iceland exists. You CAN use the Bible if you wish.

Albion, Christian Forums 91 Comments [11/15/2008 5:32:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Bizlow
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Quote# 104887

(Context: Kirk Cameron called on his fans to go to Rottentomatoes and inflate the score of his most recent movie, "Saving Christmas")

Keep storming! The gates of Rotten Tomatoes are falling!

You are A M A Z I N G! You just drove the Rotten Tomato rating to an all-time, soaring high of 94%!

Now the haters and atheists are coming out of the woodwork, attempting to hammer your good work (they rallied to drop your rating super low). They are attempting, once again, to ruin Saving Christmas for everyone. Look at their language, vulgarity, and spirit of hate. They can try to ruin a rating, but they can't stop you from going with family and friends to see Saving Christmas this weekend! If people continue to turn out, the theaters will hold the movie longer. YOU have the power, just like with Rotten Tomatoes, to keep Saving Christmas in the theaters.

Your support sends a very loud message. Films like Soul Surfer, God's Not Dead, Courageous and Saving Christmas are small lights in a dark world. Together, let's light up movie theaters this weekend and remind everyone this Christmas of the true reason for the season. Together, they can't stop us! Are you with me??

Kirk Cameron, Kirk Cameron's Facebook Page 61 Comments [11/24/2014 8:13:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: Kevin Klawitter
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Quote# 104913

All actions are the result of prior actions in an unbreakable chain. We are no different than a cog in a watch or a falling domino.

There is no difference between the embrace of a loving husband and the violence of a vicious rapist, the actions of a doctor trying to save a life and the mass murderer who kills at whim, the actions of our greatest leaders and the inaction of a lazy sluggard.

Both are totally the same in atheism.

"Justin S", Creation Ministries International 38 Comments [11/26/2014 6:12:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: the_ignored
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Quote# 104905

God has no use for fake. Honesty is what He’s after, and honesty is what He wants from you in every stage of the journey. Hating His guts, thinking He’s a monster, deciding He is cruel—these are all very valid places to be. It’s in these pit holes of pain and anger that we really let God have it with both barrels: hurling accusations at Him and throwing out all the pretty platitudes we clung to before. We join Job in saying that the way God runs His game down here isn’t right or fair. He blesses those who do evil while He kicks His loyal friends in the face. He is an Ogre with unstoppable power who gets off on tormenting those who can’t fight back. No, we aren’t going to love that. We can’t. God has wired us to find such a dark image of Him utterly repulsive. We can’t trust or love a God who we honestly don’t believe is good. Sure, we can obey Him out of fear of being punished, but that certainly is a lousy way to live. We weren’t designed to thrive in a state of cowering fear. For us, everything is anchored on confidence in God’s goodness—our peace, our hope, our sense of purpose in life. Once we lose that, we lose everything, and in certain stages of refinement, confidence in God’s goodness is the thing that He rips away from us.

Now we get to that ten dollar question: WHY?! What is the point in God totally destroying our confidence in Him? Why does He morph into some terrifying Monster? Why does He go into death silence mode and refuse to utter one peep of encouragement to us? As usual, the answer is nonsensical: God destroys our trust in Him in order to make it stronger.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 19 Comments [11/26/2014 6:10:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
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Quote# 104907

God is always working with the eternal picture in mind. We humans act with now in mind. If I see a homeless man, my instinct is to try to rush in and fix his life for him. But God is working with that soul and He is using his current circumstances to teach him many important lessons. Perhaps He went to great lengths to drag that man down to the low point he is now at and perhaps He is trying to break some stubborn will in him. If I let my human logic lead me, I will only get in God’s way. If I let Him lead me, my timing will always be perfect and He will use me to greatly bless people. Only God sees the soul of a man and knows what he truly needs. Only God sees the future and understands how every life impacts every other. Compared to God, I am a complete fool filled with wrong instincts and flawed logic. If I really want to help someone else, I MUST listen to God, for He is the only One who knows how to do it.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 22 Comments [11/26/2014 6:10:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
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Quote# 104910

Remember that your personal bond with God is ALL that matters—not promises of special blessings or earthly ministries or anything else. The whole point of your existence is to develop a close relationship with your Creator and He is a very jealous Being. He values you so much that He can’t stand the thought of you prizing anything as much as Him. It’s not good enough for God to be first in your heart when He’s followed close behind by a hundred other second priorities. He wants to be way out in front on your priority list: so supremely important that you keep forgetting there’s anything else of value in this world besides Him.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 33 Comments [11/26/2014 6:10:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 104906

Suppose a husband walks into his bedroom and finds his wife making love to another man. He gets so furious that he grabs a gun and shoots her dead. This is an extreme form of anger—one that seeks to destroy anything that provokes it. This is the kind of anger God has towards those who die without submitting to Jesus. It is with this kind of hateful rage that God will throw unsaved souls into Hell.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 24 Comments [11/26/2014 6:10:29 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 104914

Father John O'Connor

Many Catholics have probably never heard of Fr. John O'Connor, but he was one of the first priests to acknowledge the cabalistic origins of Masonic Communism and to be expelled for opposing homosexual control of the church.

Born and raised in Chicago, Father O'Connor was a Military Chaplain during the Second World War. He became curious about Hitler and the "anti-Semitism" of the Nazi regime. Many soldiers asked him why, when they liberated Jews from the concentration camps, some of the Nazi guards were themselves Jewish and had even been former mayors of towns in Germany prior to the War.

Fr. O'Connor was ordered to be examined by a psychologist following a talk in which he named his Superior as a member of the Gay Rights Movement. His Superior barred young men from joining the Dominicans if they refused to accept sodomy and homosexuality as a viable life style alternative. He had been informed of this by several young males who had sought ordination.

O'Connor sought the advice of a Canon Lawyer, Fr Alfred Kunz. Fr. Kunz was brutally murdered in a ritualistic fashion after assisting in the investigation of a satanic pedophile cult connected to the priesthood.

In the summer of 1991, Rome informed O'Connor that he was dismissed from the Dominicans. O'Connor packed his bags and left the River Forest Priory forever. He lived with his widowed sister until his death of natural causes Dec.7 2006.

On Ash Wednesday, February 28, 1990, O'Connor wrote: "When I made my vow of obedience 40 years ago, it was first and foremost to Jesus Christ, His Mother and St. Dominic and in obedience to them only death will silence my witnessing to the Truth."

O'Connor exemplifies the fate of the true Catholic today.

(No name given), Catholic Counterpoint 23 Comments [11/26/2014 6:13:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
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Quote# 85934

[14-year-old testifying against same-sex marriage in Maryland]

Today is my 14th birthday and it would be the best birthday present ever if you would vote NO on gay marriage. I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it's fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on. I don't want more kids to get confused about what's right and okay. I really don't want to grow up in a world where marriage isn't such a special thing anymore.

It's rather scary to think that when I grow up the legislature or the court can change the definition of any word they want. If they could change the definition of marriage then they could change the definition of any word. People have the choice to be gay, but I don't want to be affected by their choice. People say that they were born that way, but I've met really nice adults who did change.

Sarah Crank, Towleroad 99 Comments [2/4/2012 5:16:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 112
Submitted By: Aspergus
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Quote# 74250

Any teacher that refuses to say the pledge of allegiance,should not be a school teacher.Any one that does not believe in GOD should not be let to teach our children.What say you?

ali, SodaHead 107 Comments [7/6/2010 12:23:10 PM]
Fundie Index: 125
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Quote# 7121

God is not mocked. We are to reverance and homor our Lord. Making fun of God is outright blaspheme and disrespectful to Him and He doesn't just sit back and laugh with it like I see many christians doing. God is a Holy God and deserves our reverance and honor, if we are reverancing Him and honoring Him, why would we want to watch T.V. shows and moives that make fun of Him?

the J Man, Bibleforums.org 7 Comments [8/26/2005 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
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Quote# 101251

With these two thoughts in mind, when the believer engages the unbelieving skeptic/atheist/agnostic, he will note an unusual fact about his opponent. He will begin to notice that the skeptic/atheist/agnostic lives contrary to his supposed belief systems. In other words, the unbeliever’s lifestyle is perpetually inconsistent with his core values and overall worldview.

For example, there are skeptics who will claim no absolute truth exists, so it is inappropriate, according to their philosophy of life, to place value judgments upon other people groups who do not conduct themselves according to our particular morals. However, at the same time, these skeptics do not live consistently with their beliefs about absolutes, because if any one of them had, say for instance, a stereo stolen by an individual from one of these other “people groups,” the skeptic who was robbed will all of the sudden have a high sense of personal property rights and protest against such an injustice caused by this person.

Another example is an atheist I once encountered who was an avid environmentalist. She spent much of her spare time involved in environmental causes. But, if she were consistent with her philosophy of evolutionary naturalism, the environmental causes she advocated are really a waste of time. According to evolutionary biology, species are only a product of environment, time, chance, and survival of the fittest. If survival turns only to the fittest, then why help lesser species that cannot improve the survival of their population without any outside intervention? Are not the forces driving evolution only weeding out those lesser species? An evolutionary atheist who is an environmentalist working to prevent the extinction of a species is truly a contradiction of the worldview to which he subscribes.

This perpetual inconsistency between the beliefs of the unbeliever and the way he actually lives out his life needs to be exploited by the Christian in a witnessing encounter. It is important that the Christian press the unbeliever living in contradiction to his worldview to give an account for such an inconsistency; to make him justify the presuppositions that under gird his beliefs. And, in addition to forcing him to justify his core presuppositions, the Christian must also drive the skeptic to the throne of his creator. The Christian must show the skeptic what he truly knows about God; that He exists and holds His creatures accountable. Then, the Christian must show from scripture how trying to earn God’s favor and pardon for sin is impossible and bring the skeptic to the foot of the cross; the only means by which man can be made right before God.

Fred Butler, FredsBibleTalk.com 44 Comments [5/30/2014 2:40:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 26
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 87815

All Men Should Be Castrated? - International "Castration Day"

Some Feminists have considered this as an option. It is highly controversial.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Krista, otherwise known as "The Femitheist". I am a female, a feminist, and someone who believes strongly in True Equality.

Now, I will begin explaining this entry before I post the actual article... for your discussion, of course.

Women MUST and WILL have equality, and this is the ONLY way to achieve TRUE equality. The testicles of all males, which produce the majority of their testosterone, are the primary cause of their violent behavior. The testicles also attribute greatly to many of the health problems men experience later in life (such as prostate cancer and, of course, testicular cancer).

~:The Solution... International Castration Day.:~

It is my belief (which I consider factual based on my research) that all men SHOULD be castrated. Not only for their own safety, but for the safety of all innocent women and children.

And, to achieve this...

The entire world should have an international holiday known as: "Castration Day"

Males of all ages will be brought to the public squares of their cities nude, to stand together in a circle, as they await castration by a woman known as "The Castrator", who will be a woman chosen from the public much like a juror.

Girls of all ages will attend, lining the streets to cheer and applaud the males as they join the rest of civilized society.

It will be a free vacation for any working woman. And, young girls will be able to leave school to attend this glorious ceremony.

The males will then have one hour to get to know their Castrator. Their female "spouse" will also be able to choose whether or not they would like to milk the male in order to retain a sperm sample.

If the male is too young for a "spouse", their mother or closest female relative will decide.

After this, the men will be given anesthetics. They will be placed on a table, where their Castrator will then slice open their ball-sack, remove their testicles, and the excess skin, stitch them up and clean them up.

They will be given thirty minutes to rest after the procedure.

Once the males have all been castrated, they will be grouped together again for one last look before walking nude back to their homes.

The women will then return to their jobs, schools, et cetera, and rejoice in the completion of yet another successful ceremony.

Any man who tries to evade this holiday, "Castration Day", should be murdered wherever they
are found (treated as a criminal, as it will be a crime not to attend). Or, forced to attend.
Regardless of age.

Any woman who disagrees should be provided therapy in order to free her from misogynistic indoctrination.

This holiday should replace the day known currently as "Father's Day".

If this practice were adopted officially all across the world, all war, crime, and violence would end.

We would have a true Eutopia, where peace reigns, and men do only what they exist for...





Likewise, the change of their hormones would make them less aggressive, and thus less likely to rape. It would also provide them with better health throughout their life, as the testicles are a major cause of health issues in males as they age.

All will profit from this...

And, I believe this will come to be someday soon.

Thanks for your consideration!

Femitheist Divine, The New Era of Feminism 628 Comments [6/14/2012 3:32:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 468
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Quote# 6446

Your question [about creationist dishonesty] is funny because the only one who will judge is Jesus if you believe the Bible...If I have the righteousness of Jesus all my sins will be washed away whether its lying or murder...Absent the righteousness of Jesus,I WILL BURN WITH YOU..The problem is TK is that you have no way of attaining heaven..if you are right, it doesn't exist..if I'm right you are going to Hell.

napajohn, Christian Forums 5 Comments [3/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
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Quote# 104902

A pervert creates a site called "Human Rights" that tramples on actual rights of actual human beings all the time, and cares only about the wants of perverts and called those wants "rights" that supposedly trump actual human rights. And police are surprised to learn that he's a pervert? Or were they just not expecting him to take it this far?

If he's willing to publish unlawfully-obtained private information about Dr. Michael L. Brown and Matt Barber on his website next to (very-distorted) composite sketches, painting them as vicious fugitives simply for disagreeing with him, whilst leading actual criminals to their front doors to endanger their lives at home, then why are police surprised to learn that such a sick and twisted man would also use such resources to molest a child / teen / whatever?

I saw HRC's hit piece, as well as their smear campaign to rewrite and replace the facts about Scott Lively with their dark fairy tales, to paint him as a monster, whilst insisting everyone turn a blind eye to the teen male rape victims that the government in Uganda was trying to protect from just such sickos as the mis-named "HRC."

My hypothesis: they didn't think that the SPLC's incitement of Floyd Corkins to violence went far enough. They needed to publish something even more incendiary, in the hopes that one of these pro-family leaders would be brutally murdered. They were salivating over it like starving pit bulls.

And this, for all you Bible skeptics out there, is why God was justified in destroying Sodom. Once thing that cannot be taken away, regardless of take-down requests: Obama and Terry Bean have been seen together on numerous occasions.

Then again, I'm betting Obama wishes he could just erase Bean right now, the way Stalin attempted to erase all memory of Yezhov.

IvanRider, KOIN 18 Comments [11/26/2014 6:09:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
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Quote# 28936

This is just an aside, but I was recently made to watch this "Japanimation" movie, Legend of the Demon Womb, that also inspired me in a related way. In the movie, there is this device, the Nazi Death Rape Machine, that could certainly be used as a punishment for women who abort children and especially heinous feminists. The machine looks not unlike a spider, and on each of its legs women are attached and molested. If we were to take the murderers that abort children and the severely God-less feminists and knock them over the head until they are sent into a vegetative state much like Terri Schiavo, we could then hook them up to such a machine. But this machine, unlike the one in Legend of the Demon Womb, would not be a monstrous rape machine, but would gently impregnate the sinners. I know most of you will be outraged at the idea, but you -- at least those of you that think it is okay to kill the vegetative -- are hypocrites; for why is it okay to kill brain dead, but not okay to turn their bodies into vessels for life? And that's the beauty of these ideas. We will be creating a culture of life, a culture so powerful that even women who in life turned their backs to God are brought under His wing. Perhaps this all sounds like science fiction, but even Christians have fantasies sometimes...

Nathaniel, Jesus Loves Everything 100 Comments [9/13/2007 10:29:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 28
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Quote# 10482

[How does Abdul Rahman's father feel about his conversion to Christianity and pending death?]

We are Muslim, our fathers were Muslim, our grandfathers were Muslim. This is an Islamic country. Imagine if your son told a police commander, also a Muslim, that he is a Christian. How would this affect you? It's very difficult for us.

He is my son. But if a son does not care about the dignity of his family, the dignity of his father, God can take him away. You cannot make anything out of such a son. He is useless.

Abdul Manan, Chicago Tribune 10 Comments [3/30/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 30939

[to a poster who tried to direct readers to accurate information about radiometric dating]

One should study BOTH sides of a debate prior to engaging oneself as a proponent of either side. You have not done this, per your recent posting attempts, Samphire. :-( Please either study, then come back. Or just save your typing for other blogs. We don’t want ignorant skeptics to hold us back any longer. I have made that clear. Start your own blog and I will be glad to post its address here. (Or study, learn that creation is true, then come back.)

P.A., CSE blogs 34 Comments [11/8/2007 2:35:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
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Quote# 12513

Ah yes! there is nothing more harmless than the summer solstice. Nothing nicer like worshipping the sun for those young hippies. After all sun worship has been used by so many notables as Hitler, babyloninans and egyptians, knights templar, illuminati, I could go on and on!

The power of the sun has been understood by those with occult knowledge throughout the ages. Sun worship is everywhere in the occult. The nazi swastika itself is the symbol of the sun (taken from asian traditions, original symbol of the sun).

What lies in the occult powers of the sun that the elite of our world use to manipulate and control us?

jhessel, Christian Forums 44 Comments [6/23/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
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Quote# 3386

I could also add noone can actually prove whether the earth revolves round the sun or the sun revolves round the earth either, which do you believe to be true ?

alien_syndm, UndergroundScene Forums 20 Comments [7/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
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Quote# 74389

I really do not understand the psychological process that goes into the making of an abortion mill worker. To participate up close in the daily murder and dismemberment of children takes an extremely calloused soul. The very dregs of modernity raised on a culture of selfishness and death find their ways to the abortion mills. Some are there just for money being indifferent to the moral questions involved or the politics surrounding the issue of abortion. Many of these are mediocre mercenary doctors wanting to receive as much money as possible for performing a relatively simple procedure. Then there are the ideologue abortionists. They are the lowest common denominator of extreme egalitarianism, the off scouring of liberalism. These people hate life, and they see maternity as a disability, placed upon women by nature and used by men to keep women in subjection. They see themselves as liberators breaking the chains of patriarchal slavery.
Nothing is more demonstrative of the degenerate nature of American society than the portrayal of the abortionist Lyons as an heroic victim. Abortion is the vomitorium of modernity, and the abortionist is the attendant who helps the bloated partiers disgorge themselves so they can return to the rotten feast of materialism and self-indulgence. And here the celebrants lionize, their wounded attendant.

Eric Rudolph, Eric Rudolph's Homepage 43 Comments [7/19/2010 6:46:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 46
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Quote# 104897

Atheism is the bloodiest and cruelest religion on God's earth is Satans attempt to destroy all mankind from the Kingdom of God before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to destroy atheism and their Satanic lead, and He will fulfil all unfinished prophecy according to His will.

Athiests are the worst murderers of mankind and are living in the darkness of their prison cells that only God in Christ Jesus can enlighten and save from their misery and pain and indwell by His Holy Spirit and then lead by His hand on this revolted province of earth. Come Lord Jesus, rule and reign in the midst of all thine enemies. Let them that hate thee flee before thee. Bless all those saved by grace through faith in thy finished work of Calvary, believing how you, Lord Jesus, were crucified for our sins and rose again the third day and overxcame death and hell and the grave and him that had the power of death, the devil. Who is like unto the Lord Jesus Christ? And who can make war against Him and not be destroyed? He alone is God the Son and He alone will defeat all His enemies when He will defend Israel for 7 years against all her enemies round the world. The final war against antichrist and all His armies at Armageddon He Himself will fight and bring in the 1000 year Kindom of Heaven on the earth on the last day of the tribulation. Let God be true and every man a liar, in order that you may overcome in that day. Who is he that overcomes but He that beleives that Jesus is Lord.

kindred, Free Republic 37 Comments [11/25/2014 3:04:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: physalis17
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Quote# 102940

Indeed to most normal men, 14 year old young women are attractive. If you’re implying that any man who perceives (most) such 14 year old young women as attractive is a ‘paedophile’, all you are doing is pushing the agenda of man-hating, sexually jealous, feminist hags

It was only relatively recently, even in our (now highly feminist dominated) society that 14 year olds were LEGALLY married with their own children and such legal marriages were not considered immoral, perverted or indeed as anything related to paedophilia at the time.
Feminists and their bitter, jealousy founded ideologies changed everything related to sex and marriage into the ‘taboo’ that most of our sex-obsessed society believes it is today.

Alan Vaughn, Emma the Emo's Emo Musings 50 Comments [8/25/2014 3:24:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
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