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Gaymaxx theory

Gay people have the most sex.
If average male has 2-3 sex partners
The gay counterpart has about 70
Just go on March naked and fondle some cute guys balls.
Insant lay, also you will get some nice attention

Ubercel, incels.me 6 Comments [7/16/2018 7:38:37 AM]
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Quote# 138908

Peter LaBarbera Is Upset ‘Love, Simon’ Did Not Mention The ‘Judgment Of God’ On Gay People

Anti-LGBTQ activist Peter LaBarbera was, unsurprisingly, not a fan of the new gay teenage romance film “Love, Simon,” complaining to Religious Right radio host Janet Mefferd on Tuesday that the film fails to promote a “religious message” and does not warn audiences that gay people face a life of physical and mental illness “and of course the judgment of God.”

LaBarbera joined Mefferd on Tuesday to weigh in on the release of “Love, Simon,” which is a romantic comedy film that features a 17-year-old boy who reveals his sexual orientation to his friends and family and falls in love with a classmate. LaBarbera, who has long been livid about the entertainment industry advancing LGBTQ causes, shared with Mefferd what he saw to be “three myths” promoted in the film.

“Number one is that being homosexual—quote-unquote ‘gay’—is basically who you are, intrinsically who you are. You know, if that line just happens to be gay. That’s number one. Number two, that there’s a total mutual equivalence between homosexual romances and the gay lifestyle and normal, heterosexual living, so it’s presented as totally equal. Number three, that parental love, the way they love their son after he comes out and declares his homosexuality or they find out, the parents, is they just basically express regret they didn’t know earlier,” he said. “There’s no sorrow. There’s no religious message at all in the movie, Janet, and there’s nothing that says any disapproval.”

LaBarbera said he believed the movie was “like a Disney gay movie” that was made for teenagers before complaining that “there’s no aftermath after this boy finds his quote-unquote ‘gay’ romance.”

“We’re never going to hear later about the diseases associated with homosexuality that he likely would get, mental illness, and of course the judgment of God,” LaBarbera said.

Mefferd asked LaBarbera to expand on what he meant when he referred to mental illness, to which LaBarbera responded by promoting the book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality,” published by the anti-gay group MassResistence. He claimed that conditions like HIV are now “gay male diseases,” claiming that this is the case “because homosexual behavior is a perversion like God says it is, it is deviant, it is not normal.”

LaBarbera also said he was upset that “Love, Simon” posed the question of why heterosexual people don’t have to come out as “straight” to their friends and family. He answered the question by saying it was “because that’s the way God designed it.”

“It’s so basic and yet Hollywood is doing everything it can now. We’re going to see more and more movies like this. And Janet, this is the first major teen homosexual romance film to be a big box-office hit. And so this is, again, Hollywood is trying to mainstream sexual sin,” LaBarbera said.

Peter LaBarbera, Right Wing Watch 4 Comments [7/16/2018 7:38:20 AM]
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Quote# 2099

My son goes to a Christian school so he isn't indoctrinated with naturalism.

Apologist, Christian Forums 10 Comments [1/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Remember when they said that LGBT wasn't a "slippery-slope?"

This is what America will be forced (BY LAW) to embrace if you vote Democrat!

Republicans are your only rational choice for 2018!

#MAGA #Ghost


Ghost, Gab 5 Comments [7/16/2018 1:46:27 AM]
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Quote# 137735

Another example of David J Stewart’s sexist Protestant fundementalist heresy. He believes that his wife should have stayed with him even after he commited adultry and molested an underage girl.

If you saw my previous posts, here, you know I am a Traditionalist Catholic so you might be asking me about why I am condemning David J Stewart for his views on marriage, given the Catholic Church’s opposition to divorce.

Well the Catholic Church does indeed oppose divorce, but staying married =/= having to live together. If a wife has an abusive husband, she can leave him, take the kids, file a restraining order, and live far away, but still remain married to him. So domestic abuse can still be stopped without divorce.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT comments 42 Comments [4/14/2018 9:35:53 AM]
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I am trying to point out that women need to accept blame for their own actions.

If a woman walks to her car in a dimly lit underground parking lot, UNESCORTED then yes she has KNOWINGLY PUT HERSELF IN THAT POSITION.

I'm not saying this excuses her rapist, nor am I saying that its her fault the rapist raped her.

I AM saying that it is her fault that she put herself into a vulnerable position.

I AM saying that women have choices and preventative methods that they can take.

I AM saying that women who choose NOT to take these steps, are knowingly putting themselves in a position where they could get raped.

But no doubt "because they're female" they're what... too stupid to accept control of their own lives? They should be able to walk around, female, and unescorted, and make poor decisions, and not have consequences?

Damn.... if I could live life without consequence... what a life THAT would be.

You're right. I didn't realize how wrong it was to walk to my car all by myself. :(

Whatever was I thinking?

Clearly, you weren't thinking.

That's my point. We don't live in an age of ignorance. Like USCAdad pointed out, this IS our reality.

Obviously you would choose to be a victim, just to uphold your "I can be everything a man can be" ideals.... you would walk to your car by yourself. You would knowingly put yourself in a vulnerable position....

Good grief, I actually had some respect for you until now.

Persiana, Canadaka 7 Comments [7/15/2018 11:58:18 AM]
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What's wrong with marijuana?

(The author argues against marijuana legalization. She says that marijuana is getting more potent, that it can cause disease, that "users showed an increase in violent and aggressive behavior," and that it doesn't really have medicinal qualities. Then she finishes with this as her closing point.)

A Physical and Spiritual Sin — Controversy over marijuana seems partially from confusion on the subject. Effects differ from person to person with the same amount of the drug and even occasion to occasion in the same individual. Some emphasize this and the pleasure of the high, to argue that everyone should be "free" to use cannabis. To clear the confusion, we have to open our Bibles.

(1 Corinthians 6:20) Scripture reveals that our bodies and minds are not our own to abuse. God commands us "Glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." An incredible, eternal future awaits each of us when we turn to God to let Him develop our minds and character. Intoxicating ourselves on the "pleasures of sin." (Hebrews 11:25) and the "lust of flesh" destroys this incredible human potential. (Galatians 5:16, 1 John 2:16). If you have a problem with drugs, you can beat it! Philippians 4:13 says all things are possible with Christ strengthening us. "Come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." (Hebrews 4:16)

Margaret Brackett, Newberry Observer 7 Comments [7/16/2018 1:48:42 AM]
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Life ends in your late 20s

There are no experiences worth having beyond this point. Life is just slavery, whether you're an incel or normie. The only difference is who we serve. Beta males will dedicate the rest of their cucked existence to their (((jobs))), ungrateful roastie wives, and Chad's kids. JFL if you envy them. JFL if you want to be grown.

I don't think we were meant to live this long. Youngcels, enjoy the small amount of freedom you have now because youth is everything.

fukmylyf, incels.me 6 Comments [7/16/2018 7:38:30 AM]
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But since, as the Bible says, a homosexual who becomes a Christian ceases to be a Christian, it is likelihood is that it would be considered 'conversion therapy'.

Martin, Premier 3 Comments [7/16/2018 7:38:15 AM]
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Quote# 138891

This is a particularly interesting article on the end of the Bilderberg era in light of some of the rumors that are supposedly coming out of the most recent Bilderberg meeting. And notice how it all just keeps going back to Leon Trotsky[.]


"Burnham renounced his allegiance to Trotsky and Marxism, in all its forms in 1940."

Sure he did. The Scarlet Pill, redder than red, is to grasp the fact that the Trotskyite communists, the World Revolutionaries, the Neoliberal world order, the New World Order, Bilderberg, the neoconservatives, the Never Trumpers, NATO, the European Unionists, and the Silicon Valley technocracy are all different aspects of the same thing. And their latest vision for global empire has observably failed, and failed faster and more conclusively than anyone would have imagined.

It will be very interesting to learn if the elite can learn from its failures or not. There have been rumors floating around that the European migration is to be reversed for fear that the whole thing will come crashing down amidst a series of large-scale civil wars. Maybe saner minds have prevailed, maybe the God-Emperor is behind it, or maybe it's just fake news.

Interesting times, to be sure.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 14 Comments [7/15/2018 8:39:06 AM]
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Quote# 138905

At a certain point we have to stop blaming people for their success. White people are in power because they were able to colonize non-whites. They were able to do that because they had better technology and military. How are either of those things bad? Better yet, aren’t both of things worthy of praise?

Matthew Manning, Quora 8 Comments [7/16/2018 1:50:12 AM]
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Quote# 7068

In a book i read, a young woman was raped as a girl. a person asks why god would let that happen to her, and a young man replies that while the rapist was meant for the girl's destruction, she was now able to counsel women who were also raped, and in turn save many people from self harm. you see? god works like that.

SilenceBroken, Dance.net Forums 20 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 138902


Then the Lord God Jesus said to me “Look, listen and learn. This place, called the Outer Darkness of Hell, is full of the ungodly, the wicked, and the unrepentant and the lukewarm backslidden professing Christians that returned to sinning and would not repent of their evil works. There came a time when they died and immediately they arrived here. These are the disobedient professing servants of God who consist of hypocritical Catholics, Christians, Jews – “And my people are bent to backsliding from me” (Hosea 11,7), and also members of any other religious organisations. There are people of all races and religious backgrounds who are in this place which is now named the Outer Darkness of Hell this very hour.”

The Lord God Jesus said, ”Follow me” so we walked through the gate, and I began to hear what seemed like thousands of people screaming and crying. The smell of rotted flesh filled the air. There were small craters of dim flicking fire, which protruded out of the ground all around us. I was terrified. I began to hold on to Jesus. Then all of a sudden, dark shadows, forms and figures began to dart before us. Jesus said, “Fear not”. And he told me that He had overcome Death, Hell and the Grave.


Before I continue telling you what I saw, I want to say to all of those who read this, especially you preachers, please repent of your sins. All people of the Earth please turn from your wicked ways. Ask the Lord God Jesus into your heart and to save you so that you will not come to this horrible place called Hell.


Now I will tell you what I saw, a huge demonic dark angel, about 8 feet in height, with outstretched wings, holding a big black book. As he read from the book he began to identify different types of ministers that were in the jail cells, human souls that were inside those jail cells, male and female. He also named the different levels of the cellblock.

The dark angel said, “The 1st level contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical Apostles. The 2nd level contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical Prophets. The 3rd level contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical Evangelists (which included some Catholic priests). The 4th level contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical Pastors. The 5th level contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical Bible Teachers. The 6th level contains those who the Lord God Jesus called to feed the poor, and they did so, but their works were evil. The 7th level is the smallest level which contains the unrepentant lukewarm ministers who are evil, backslidden and hypocritical overseers; the pastoral Bishops.”

I continued to listen as He identified ministers from different church denominations and religious organisations, even some I had never heard of. The cellblock was packed from top to bottom with countless souls of the living dead. I saw skeletal forms reaching their bony hands through what looked like prison bars, and as I watched the entire call block ignited with Fire, and the skeletal forms began to SCREAM in pain and agony. The dark angel began to laugh.


I pleaded with the Lord God Jesus to let them out. He replied to me “These are the servants who, while on Earth, I called upon to be my ministers, my children, but they refused to serve Me with a pure and whole heart. They were hypocritical in their service to me. They stole from the poor, they took advantage of the sick, and they mocked those that were in prison on the Earth. They had complete disrespect for strangers that would come into the churches where they were preaching. I sent strangers, who were my servants to their churches to see how well they would be treated. As well, I sent my holy angels, often appearing as men and women (Heb 13,2), who were also treated with disrespect and came back to report about the churches activities.”

“The angel who keeps watch over the Apostle’s ministry, which is part of the five finger Church, the right hand of God (the 5 fold ministry, Eph 4,11 “He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers) reported to me that within the churches of the Apostles ministry was racism, hatred, and fornication amongst the people, which the Apostle’s allowed to take place. The angel who keeps watch over the Prophet’s ministry reported to me that within the churches of the Prophets ministry, that there were spirits of greed, adultery, and other sins that the Prophets allowed to take place. The angel who keeps watch over the Evangelist’s ministry (which included some Catholic priests) reported to me that within the churches of the Evangelists ministry that the Evangelists allowed unrepentant mobsters of organised crime to come in and pollute the church and also allowed strong drinks of alcohol, racism and homosexual activity to be performed on little children, as well as others sins.”

“The angel who keeps watch over the Pastors ministry reported to me that within the churches of the Pastor’s ministry, the pastors allowed witchcraft and other occult practices to take place. The angel who keeps watch over the Teachers ministry reported to me that within the churches of the Teachers of the Bible ministry, the Bible teachers, they were giving heed to doctrines of demons, and allowed lies instead of truth to be taught. This type of teaching caused corruption in the minds and hearts of its people. One particular church had given in to the use of illegal drugs.”

The Lord God Jesus continued, “The souls that you see here this hour are being tormented in the Outer Darkness of Hell. They have been here for a long time, many years. They are ministers from around the world. They had plenty of time to repent of their hypocritical, unrepentant, sinful and evils ways, but they did not. I had given them much space to repent, but they ignored my loving grace. They were warned. They knew what would happen to them if they continued to blaspheme my Holy Word, and live hypocritical.” (Rom 3,21-24).


This prison block that you are looking at now contains two types of people in nature. The first kind is the unprofitable servants of God – Matt 25,30 …”And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” The second kind are another group of people who speak of the laws of my commandments, but have no fellowship with my Holy Spirit or my Holy Word which you call the Bible. – Matt 24, 50-51 … “the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him and at an hour that he is not aware of, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”


I could see and hear from the lower level of the prison cell in which the backslidden apostles were imprisoned, many voices began to cry out the Lord God Jesus, and a mans voice said “Let me out of here, Master Lord God Jesus! I am one of your good Apostles!” Then voices rang out from the second level, the Prophets saying ”Let me out of here, let me out of here! Didn’t I prophecy in your name?” Then voices called out from the third level, where the Evangelists were saying “Didn’t I cast out demons in your name?” Voices rang out from the fourth level where the backslidden Pastors were, saying “Did we not work miracles in your name by preaching your word, and did we not raise the dead?” Then voices rang out from the fifth level, where the backslidden Teachers were, saying ”Did we not teach your mighty word and do mighty works in your name? Did we not cast out demons and heal the sick?”

The Lord God Jesus said to them, “You Hypocrites! Truly, you did those things, but your works were for your own good.” They all screamed, “No my Lord! Those works were all done for you” Then the Lord God Jesus said to them, “Even in the Outer Darkness of Hell, you are still telling lies!” Then the voices cried from the sixth floor, from those who were called to feed the poor, a man cried “Lord, Lord remember me? Did I not feed the poor, visit the sick, cloth the naked and give shelter to the homeless?” The Lord God Jesus said those pitiful souls, “You Hypocrites! Surely you all did these things, but you only did them half-heartedly. The money that I entrusted you with to take care of the poor, you wasted it on other things, mostly yourselves!”

Then cries and unexplained woes of pain and grief erupted form the seventh floor, where the backslidden Bishops were. I listened in fear as Bishop after Bishop gave the Lord God Jesus many reasons why they should not be in Hell. The Lord God Jesus looked up at the pitiful souls on the seventh level with tears running down his face as He said “You Hypocrites! I gave you the highest office within my Church. I gave you perfect instructions (1Tim3,1-7) on how to love and care for the church. You yourselves I told to be holy and blameless and you lived a lifestyle of un-holiness and sin. Not only were you responsible for your own conduct, but also you were responsible for the conduct of the church that I placed under your authority. That is why you are in Hell, even in rank over all other souls in this cellblock. You are in cellblock level number seven. The number seven is the very number of perfection. You knew perfectly well what your duties were as a Bishop. Therefore, this hour I say unto you, your punishment for disobedience will be perfected this very hour. All of the souls that are here in these prison calls beneath you Bishops, they are now being punished because of a lack of responsibility and authority I entrusted you with in care of my five finger (5 fold) ministry in my right hand. I will let you out of here on the day of my Great White Throne Judgment (Rev 20,11-15 – to be sentenced to the Lake of Fire) but as for now you must stay and face your punishment for your unrepentant hypocritical and evil works. Depart from me, you that work iniquity, I know you not.”

– Matt 7, 21-23 … “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’


I looked to the right of me, and I saw a huge shadow racing across the ground. As it came closer to where the Lord God Jesus and I were standing, I saw it was thousands of tiny black spiders. I watched in horror as the spiders raced across the ground in masses, crawling up the bars to the very top of the jail cells, where the Bishops were. I noticed that they had teeth and red eyes. I watched as they entered the jail cells, and began to crawl all over the Bishops, attacking them and biting them all over their bodies with their teeth. There were masses of them; so many that they covered all the cells. You could not see the cells or the poor souls that were in them because thousands of those black spiders covered them like an enormous black blanket. Oh what screams and cries came from within the cells, from the Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, Pastors, Bishops who were disobedient children of God. Then the Lord God Jesus said to me, “These are the cursed ones, the disobedient children that I called into my Kingdom, but this hour they are here in this place of Outer Darkness, tormented and suffering for their disobedience”

– Romans 1,18-19 … “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them”


Then the Lord God Jesus said, “Look, listen and learn. Those spiders you see are demonic spirits who were assigned by the Prince of Hell to go to the Earth and seduce the ministers of God. Those demonic spiders have the power to cause men and women to be sexually seduced. They are sexual seducing spirits, better known as unclean spirits. They are part of the blame for those ministers that you see in those prisons cells to be here this very hour. These preachers became involved in all sorts of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, masturbation, pornography, lust, the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, sexually taking advantage of little children and bestiality. Had they gained control over their sexual appetite, they would not be here. If only they had not given heed to those seducing demonic unclean spirits that appear as spiders. All demons spirits do not look like this, there are different shapes and forms of many sizes.”

Roger Mills, Christ is Coming 7 Comments [7/16/2018 1:48:30 AM]
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Quote# 138882

First off, it ain't female genital MUTILATION. It is female circumcision. If you start calling female circumcision that, then I'll have every right to call male circumcision male genital mutilation. I suppose since I see both as absolutely abhorent (not to be confused with, "anyone who does this is stupid", but rather I would not consider it for me or my children), I ain't busy favouring one over the other.

All this double standard shit comes from some shitty multiculturalism. In tribes, the women do the female circumcision. Men aren't forcing it on the women so bye-bye 'sexism' or degradation of women (and the males in tribes may be circumcised as a rite of passage). Some female circumcisions are done at birth or a very young age and same with the male ones. Perhaps out of all of this comes the idea that AFRICA IS NOT A SINGULAR CULTURE. There are varying forms of female circumcision (total removal of external genital structures and the sewing shut of the vagina to removal of one external structure such as the clitoris). Also, I think it was the Nigerian government that tried to ban fat houses and female circumcision and utterly failed plus made the process more dangerous as it went underground.

Should we intervene? No. All intervening does is send over a bunch of fucking evangelical Christians to Nigeria so they can gain money off the witch-hunts of children. Get your nose out of other peoples' cultures because more often than not, nobody has any idea what the fuck is going on.

Lavi, The Escapist 7 Comments [7/15/2018 8:38:45 AM]
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Quote# 138904

here's also the religious explanation which has been missed out. Whatever your prejudices on this subject, for objectivity's sake, this one should have been included.

Pope John Paul II (died 2005) canonised as a Christian saint a carrot peeler nun (ie, very humble, low-level nun) who claimed in her diary that Jesus had told her that the universe is teeming with life. St Faustina.

The Catholic position is that there is no dogma on this matter, although the above makes it an informal teaching. But it's particularly interesting since a Catholic priest invented the Big Bang theory, Lemaitre, and a Catholic monk, Mendel, is considered the father of modern genetics. (Catholicism has never had a dogma of a literal interpretation of the Bible.)

Meanwhile, the ex-atheist, near-death-experience, Arts professor, Howard Storm (now a methodist), says that he was shown by God that not only is the universe teeming with life, but also intelligent life, and that we are either the only or one of very few that rebelled against God. All other planets with intelligent life receive God's blessings without resistence. Considering God's blessings to us include death, I suppose that's not too surprising. :)

The interesting detail in Storm's testimony is why outside life isn't communicating with us (radio waves etc): there is no need as, excepting humans, intelligent beings communicate without need of material means, particularly through 'union' in which they experience each other's existence.


Howard Storm, talking to some old ladies ina Church:


No, it shouldn't be included. This is a scientific discussion. Religion is for theologians and philosophers. Take it there.

Lol!! You're presumably an atheist. Only an atheist prejudice would make such a claim. The question isn't purely scientific. And no reasonable scientist would exclude this possibility. An atheist scientist would, however.

And while there has been an amazing loss of faith among the young, (mostly due to successful misinformation from atheists such as Dawkins), atheism continues to be a minority belief. Most people are at most agnostic, making no atheistic presumptions. And atheism is presumptuous since there has never been a proof of no god, and plenty of evidence that that might be one, starting with the fact that there are so many people claiming to have had personal contact with a god. Which includes myself.

itsastickup, ars technica 5 Comments [7/16/2018 1:50:02 AM]
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Submitted By: zyr

Quote# 45847

Lay waste to all Jews on Earth. Then let that be our last act of savagery before we attempt to regain our former glory. Inshallah.

maghra, Youtube 28 Comments [8/25/2008 7:39:18 PM]
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Quote# 138832

Something very significant that happened just now.

Very recently I was in my room and all of a sudden the door opened by itself. Out of the door emerged someone who looked exactly like me, holding a crucifix. He performed a Holy spell causing my soul to escape my body and enter his causing our consciousnesses to merge into one and have memories of both selves. It turns out that he is me from a parralel universe where Charles John Montague Manners became King of England, France, and as a result of him defeating the EU during the warfare, he also became Holy Roman Emperor.

I took my former body through the portal, entering a castle. There were guards who said that they will take care of the body and took the body away. The guard also told me to go back to this universe..

I came back to this universe and the portal closed.

In the parralel universe, Charles Manners was successful until his friend was seduced into having romantic extramarital sex which caused events which led to the Sword of Excalibur to be destroyed which caused England to be supernaturally cursed with a plague that wiped out England’s entire population.

I will be making animated YouTube videos documenting events in the parralel universe to promote the legitimacy cause for this universe since it failed in the other. The moral of the story is that you should not have extra marital sex.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT Forums 56 Comments [7/13/2018 5:26:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 45858

But I hear all these stories about people being molested as a child and that's why they chose the gay lifestyle. Woman say they can't stand the smell of a man because it brings back that bad memory. Some woman even change their appearance to look like a man because sub-consiously they don't want to attract a man.

I still think that's a cop out and it is a choice, my sister-in-law was molested as a child and she's married with a child. So, yes, I agree 100% that it's a choice. I just worry that something may have happened to my niece as a child that she is keeping bottled up inside.

How do I witness to someone who may have inner angry that I can't understand? If I ask her "did someone do something inappropriate to you to make you gay" ... my family will lose their minds. Some of my family believe that you are born gay. And my sister would NEVER admit that something may have happened. She left when my niece was little and still has the guilt.

RadiantSON, RR 43 Comments [8/25/2008 9:46:38 PM]
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Quote# 45861

[This was under an article about the Guadalupe Benitez/"California lesbian insemination" case, but you'll see DP kinda went off on a tangent.]

"homosexuality is the mark of a people who have rejected the revelation of God that is seen all around them."

In the computer world we call it a worm. It invades the system and then just works it's way through until nothing works right anymore. This is why homosexuals have such a difficult time seeing what is plainly written in the Bible. This includes several places in the new covenant. Eventually, the system no longer recognizes the rules by which it operates and then does what it wants. When unchecked a really bad worm will leave the computer completely unable to function until it is wiped clean and a new OS is installed. However, ALL traces of what was on the drive and in the CMOS (PRAM) have to be completely wiped. No trace can remain or it will just grow back. Not even a question of if any part was OK can remain. Everything has to go and be reinstalled or it just won't work.

This is the real need of the lost. First, they have to accept the Bible when it says something is wrong. Otherwise, it's like talking to a very confused machine that keeps giving the same obviously non sequitur answer.

Daniel Paul, Christian Post article comments 32 Comments [8/25/2008 10:01:50 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 138883

(Note: This Regards Roy Moore)

David Walker: Roy Moore for POTUS 2020!

xanxibar: you're dumb if you think anyone other than the Christian Taliban would vote for that scumbag.

David Walker: I knew the rabid Christophobes would show up here within a few minutes of each other once word was out on your websites. And I was right.

Rev. William H. Carey: Then try this: I'm a Christian, an evangelical, and an ordained minister. I wouldn't vote for Moore for dogcatcher, let alone POTUS.

simpleman36: then it only says to True believers of Christ, that you have turn your back against the Lord.

David Walker and Simpleman36, PJ Media 8 Comments [7/15/2018 6:52:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Me Thinks

Quote# 138796

Just be a police officer theory

Anyone ever dream about becoming a police officer just for the amount of power you can have over normies? Not only that you can do strip searches, plant evidence, shoot people, and the maximum penalty you’ll receive is probably a month paid time off. The police union would be behind your back all the way.

I know the police system is fucked in the USA but maybe incels can take advantage of it?

Just be a police officer theory
Not only that, but a majority of the population would be in support of you, effectively you could do anything you want

0764, incels.me 15 Comments [7/12/2018 2:35:02 PM]
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(Responding to another group member who wrote, in part: "In order to show evolution of man from another species or any type of evolution, you would have to see one species evolve from another. A brand new species does not show evolution or any type of evolvement. You won't find any. If it happened, evolution pushers would be shouting it from the rooftops.") Boldface mine:

Of course, there have to be intermediate species. No evolutionists denies that.

The fossil record, however, shows the first of every major animal phylum appears in the record fully formed with no evidence they evolved from anything.

The missing links are missing by millions. Evolutionists have lame excuses for all the missing evidence -- species fossilized by their intermediaries didn't or evolution happen in bursts, so fast that it didn't leave a fossil record but so slow that it now can't be observed.

Evolution isn't a valid scientific theory. The Cambrian Explosion and lack of fossil evidence for it proof God create species in their present form.

doggie47304, Realabortiondebate 11 Comments [7/14/2018 7:04:16 AM]
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“Firefighter prophet” and radical conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor appeared on “The NutriMedical Report Show” yesterday, where he and host Bill Deagle asserted that FBI agent Peter Strzok, Hillary Clinton, and those who oppose President Trump “are not human” and are, in fact, demons.

Deagle, a nutritional supplement proprietor and radio host who recently vowed to kill any liberal protester who dared to harass him, declared that he has an amazing “spiritual gift” that allows him identify “the names of the succubi and incubi inside Peter Strzok” just by looking at him.

“Individuals like Peter Strzok and Hillary Clinton, these are people of clay and iron,” Deagel said. “Clay being human flesh and iron being the trans-dimensional energy that is inside of them. They’re being avatared like a video game … These are not just normal human beings—your brothers and sisters—these are your bothers and sisters who are totally taken over by evil.”

“These people are not human,” Taylor agreed.

“These people like Peter Strzok,” Deagle responded, “when I saw him screwing up his face and leaning forward and making his eyes look really dark, I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, we’re not hearing a person talk, we’re hearing a demonic entity talk through his mouth.’ It’s disgusting.”

“It’s almost like the protests your are seeing now,” Taylor then added. “Those are not protests, those demonstrations; they’re demon-strations. … They’re flailing around, these are demon-strations, these are demons that are manifesting because they know that their time is short.”

Mark Taylor and Bill Deagle, Right Wing Watch 16 Comments [7/15/2018 1:30:15 PM]
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I'm not a Jew; so I'm ok to eat pork!
It certainly does come down to Biblical interpretation. Through a proper understanding of the Bible we get a picture of who God is; above all He is Holy, Holy, Holy.
1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is one of the clearest verses in the Bible in regards to this issue...
'9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.'
The Christian has been washed clean. They are a new creation. So it is not possible for a true believer to continue in a homosexual relationship if they have been washed clean. Im not saying that desire or attraction goes away, but to blatantly continue in sinful behaviour is not sanctified behaviour. Same sex relationships have no place in the Kingdom of God. (Not my words, but God's)

Paul, Premier Christianity 10 Comments [10/28/2017 11:18:09 PM]
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Continuing with my theme that science supports the teaching of Jesus Christ just as Jesus supports his God and that they all respond to righteousness, which is the science extracted from the Holy Bible, we can embark on a trip to modern sciences latest laboratory…The Hadron Collider.

Here they smash nuclear particles together and measure what happens…what they are finding is that atomic particles split into many parts…shrapnel…and they measure the electric traces this shrapnel leaves behind before they annihilate themselves…but what no one has realised is that without anything holding them together, these particles are returning to their natural state…An invisible, undetectable state, that is the original, universal, dynamic state, that existed in superabundance in Almighty God’s laboratory…the universe…before the Great, Universal, Hadron Collider sent it all in to wild, hurricane storm forces that created stars and atoms, galaxies and life, according to very special laws that is still outside scientific reach but which has been carefully structured by the highest authority in the universe for our benefit…that is if everlasting life, resurrection, repair, peace, happiness, harmony and good-will is your thing…if not, then I’m afraid, you need to read Revelation again because it’s all in there.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 3 Comments [7/15/2018 11:58:06 AM]
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